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  1. I will be sure to do a complete review, anything I can do to help another bride
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Tinkerbell82 We also used the payment deadline as our RSVP deadline (Final payments are due Feb 5, RSVP's are due Feb 1). Our deadline is November 15th - the wedding/cruise is coming up so fast.........
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Tinkerbell82 Thanks so much! We ended up doing: We will sea you for the cruise! Shore thing, but we can't sail. Sorry, we must wave the invite. Love this - its nice to tie a bit of the cruise lingo into the invites I also noticed you are on the "CC" site - I feel like there is so much to do ......
  4. We had three options on our RSVP cards All aboard It's a shore thing but we are not sailing Sorry we are all tide up Hope that helped; we tried to be a bit creative
  5. I just requested the flower upgrade (I want green Calla lilies, pink peonies and white hibiscus) I really wanted white pleumeria but they don't carry it - anyway, they said that they have asked for a quote from the florist and once I receive it (about 2 weeks) I can pay in full and the price is guaranteed. The DJ cost us 105.00 - if you really want the DJ book that right away, they only offer it tone wedding and you will have your reception in the Disco. hope that helped
  6. I wasn't able to pick the ceremony location; it depends on size of wedding - the only reason I know where the reception is is because we picked the DJ and it can only be held in the Disco Carnival stated that we will know the location of the actual wedding about 3 weeks ahead of time - then I think I will send out a quick mailer to everyone attending with some other fun info about the ship.....
  7. The DJ is a little over 100.00; keep in mind that they only allow one DJ per wedding day - we wanted to have the reception in the Disco so we booked the DJ right away....now we know where the reception is being held I spoke to Carnival yesterday and they stated that the photographer will come to the cabin as you are getting ready to take photos, also take some of the wedding/reception then after the non-sailing guests leave and the reception is over, they will take you around the ship for additional photos. The Carnival girl suggested that if you want specific pics (i.e. you with the entire family or you with your best friend) to write them down and have someone give them to the photographer right away so he can get all the pics you want Love having other brides to talk to
  8. OMG - same here, I put it of forever, then I went and now I am second guessing the dress that I bought; I can't return it but I may donate it and buy another one......I'm so upset.
  9. We are experienced cruisers (Platinum on Carnival) so if you have questions, let me know. We did a group booking, thinking it was going to be easier for our guests; it wasn't - I would recommend a vacation planner through Carnival, we have one we have used for years; if you want his number, let me know. He can make sure everyone is located near each other and connect the reservations for dinner and stuff. Personally I would do assigned dining; if you don't want to go to dinner, you don't have to but at least you know you will have the same wait staff and table each night - if you book through Carnival with a vacation planner they can also make sure that you are all at the same table or at least the same area of the dining room if you require more than one table. I have my dress and now I am second guessing it - I have turned into one of those brides
  10. Your pictures are beautiful - we are getting married on the Breeze January 4th - although we are doing it prior to sail away, hoping some of our Florida friends will attend and not feel they have to cruise Our reception will be in the disco - we did the DJ - did you have any music, how was it? Is there anything you would have done that you didn't think of prior? Congrats on your wedding
  11. We were originally booked on the Legend for our wedding and it was canceled (1/19/14) due to the ship going into dry dock; so we are now re-booked on the Breeze January 4, 2014 - our Save the Dates were already sent so we had to resend some additional information with the change.......so sometimes sending out information early is too early We are going to mail our invites in August and then will have the RSVP due by November 15th, so that we have time to remind people to send in their final payment. I love the idea of having three choices on the response card - I have to admit this is where I am struggling the most. I thought taking a cruise wedding would be less stressful; not so far
  12. We are platinum Carnival cruisers; 16 and counting We have never had an issue - I agree that some maintenance of the ships maybe in order but Carnival has also responded very well to the recent challenges. We live in Florida so we hear more than we would like! We were just on the Dream in January and loved the ship I guess the worse thing that could happen is that we get a few extra days of vacation Don't worry; enjoy planning the wedding - chances are very slim that it will affect your wedding
  13. Elarenee - So sorry this has been stressful, I have had a few issues with Carnival as well - however we love the cruise line and it would not be our wedding if we didn't cruise on Carnival After you book, they are a bit more informative but if you call the 800 number back and get someone else, you'll probably be happier. Good luck with whatever you decide
  14. What ship are you on, date? Congrats.....
  15. Kara - great way to look at it - its your day and it should be whatever you want it to be..... We are getting married on the Breeze 1-4-14
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