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  1. I figured out how I upload some pictures just have to do it one at a time Key west westin resort ceremony set up
  2. We all had anytime dining and just had to go down together. They wouldn't seat us until everyone was there but it was usually 40 people divided between 3 tables next to each other. A lot easier than I thought it was going to be. If you have early or late dining I know your assigned tables so it is probably different!
  3. Hi Ladies!! So I just got married on the Carnival Breeze on May 6, 2013.. I know theres not much information out there for carnival brides so I thought I'd share my experience! Our entire wedding day was perfect! We got married in Key West at the Westin Resort which was beautiful and right off the boat, then went to the beach for some pictures. From 2pm - 4pm we had a cocktail reception in the piano bar. I debated having it here or the club incase my guests wanted to dance, but the piano bar was perfect. It was elegant and everyone had a great time. I had 47 people in there. They announce
  4. The coordinator at the westin looked it up for me - I forget if its port a or b but she said its the one where you don't need to take the trolley into town and you can just walk. Ive been there before and had to take the trolley which is like 5 minutes. Hopefully shes right! My plan started out as simple but somehow turned into more haha- I initally wanted the beach but my family was so concerned with rain and no back up and then the carnival 2 hour reception ended up being cheaper than any bar packages i could find in Key West- so here we are! Im really excited though. We have about 8 ca
  5. Hi Monique, I was looking all over for information to find a way to live stream my wedding in May.. Any info you have would be great.. I havent booked a videographer yet!
  6. Were getting married at the Westin dock right off the boat. The planner from the Westin set up my ceremony I but am booking my own music, photographer, and officiant from their vendor list. When we were originally doing the beach I think I was looking at Ez weddings in paradise- they had good reviews and seemed affordable.
  7. Hey! I am getting married on the may 5th sailing on carnival breeze. We have about 20 guests and are doing a ceremony at a hotel in key west at our first stop then having a 2hour reception in the piano bar followed by dinner. All of our guests not sailing are allowed on the boat with us for the reception, but have to be off within an hour of the boat leaving. Planning was pretty easy. If you wanted a video, I heard carnival does a really nice one with pictures, pre interviews, wedding, and time on the boat. Their only allowed off of the boat on certain ports tho and key west isn't one of
  8. We didn't use the Carnival hotel. Were getting married at the dock at the Westin Resort which is right where the ship is docked then having a 2 hour reception at the piano bar. We have about 6 rooms booked so far, Hopefully more soon- we just sent out our save the dates. Our plan is to party all night -I'm sure ill see you on the boat!
  9. BAE0879. - I am getting married on the Carnival Breeze at Key West May 6th as well! soo excited! Were getting married at a hotel off the port then having a reception back on the boat.. I wonder how many brides there will be
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