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  1. Thank you ladies so much! I actually accidentally posted it on my personal account - here's the link to my Frugal Fun & Fabulous account. I'm working on a follow up video with more info & the TTD pics! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg799mzzr6XmPOC3XgPbbdw
  2. Hi everyone! I'm back! I wanted to do a youtube video to explain how I got my dream dress for less than $250. It took WAY longer to film and edit than I thought, haha. Here's the Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrdpyuUTT5I
  3. Actually, I decided against it. Once I tried the dress on at the alteration shop with the shoes and everything, I prefered the way it flows vs. having a poofy skirt. They did send me a cheap hoop one, but I never even bothered to put it on since I was happy with the way it was (plus it was one less decision to make).
  4. Hi everyone! I can't believe this week will put us at one month away!! Ahhh! I have to give my final guest list to Carnival tomorrow- it was such a pain getting everyone's license numbers and dates of birth haha. Our final headcount is 92 - 36 of those are sailing. We're getting our pre-wedding mailers out this week with the welcome dinner invites. I'm also finalizing our OOT bags. Everything is purchased and just needs to be assembled. I can't believe we are so close!!
  5. Invitations Next up on the “to-do” list were the invitations. I knew that we wanted to do something really fun and memorable to set the tone for our wedding cruise. After many weeks searching I finally found the perfect invites! The only catch was that they were DIY, but I was willing to take on the project as nothing else could compare to the ones we found. The template was purchased from Vanessa’s Destination Wedding Invitations. As soon as we bought it we downloaded a free trial of Adobe Illustrator and got to work right away. There were many sleepless nights and hours of work involv
  6. Well, we’re finally about one month away from our wedding! I can’t believe it’s finally my turn to share our planning story. We’ve had so much fun DIY’ing our hearts out. These boards were SO helpful to us – hopefully I’ll be able to return the favor! The Story of Us Billy and I met about two and a half years ago. We worked in the same building and ended up chatting at a happy hour at a place close to our work that everyone frequented. Little did we know that 6 months later we would be dating, and a year and a half later we would be engaged! We both know in our hearts that we are soul
  7. Definitely go try on styles before you order. The style I thought I wanted ended up not being what I ordered because I didn't like it on me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi ladies! Sorry it took so long- but here they are! Pics of my dress from babyonline. I need to get a crinoline (and some spanks lol) but this is it! Sorry for the bad pic quality. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi ladies!! Just wanted to check in. We're about 40 days out and time is flying! I'm just finishing up our pre-wedding mailers to go out next week. Everything else is pretty much done!
  10. Hi ladies! Just wanted to report back that I have my dress from Babyonline and it is beautiful!! I will post pics soon. I am on the hunt for undergarments this week so I can try it on correctly. From what I can tell, few, if any, alterations will be needed.
  11. Alright ladies- dress #2 has been shipped. One more word of advice when ordering from DH Gate- it is very difficult to change your address! I originally planned to have the dress sent to my work but my last day is this Friday, so I tried to change it to my home address and was unable to. Luckily I have a friend at work who is going to get the package for me, but its still pretty stressful. Any way, I will be posting another review of my Babyonline dress as soon as I get it.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by baezsolano I am hesitant to begin doing any alterations/changes based on all the feedback on this blog. Seems that all issues reported with any vendor were size and alterations. Maybe it's just me but once I start expecting perfection I may just be disappointed. Instead if I get a cookie cutter size I know I have my alteration options at home. Also based on my measurements it is very close to their charts. Am I crazy?? Have you tried on any dresses in a store? I did, and they all had to be clipped / fitted to see what they look like on me. You have to ex
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by flo628 @Tinkerbell82 Wow, that looks REALLY good. I noticed on some dresses that lace edging is sewn in, but sewn so well you can't tell it's a separate fabric from the chiffon. You should check with the seamstress and see if it is indeed separate, maybe she can still shorten it. Or she might be able to shorten it from the waist. I think your dress actually looks better than the inspiration pics. Thanks so much! Yes, I was really impressed with the lace on the bottom. It came out better than expected. Quote: Originally Posted by CdnBrideJoanne
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