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  1. Yes, I was thinking about that 3am thing too.... What's the age range there? What kind of music do they play? Is it really as spectacular as it looks? Maybe for the stagette portion... rather than the reception?
  2. Hi all, We are getting married at Majestic Elegance in April 2014. Our ceremony is at 4pm. We're having a private reception dinner at 7pm at the Wet Bar. We have been told that we get the area for 3 hours. We didn't really want to rent a DJ and all that. We were planning to head to the discotheque at the resort, but I don't think it opens until 11:30. I stumbled across this bar called Imagine in my web searching. It looks awesome. It's in a cave! They have deals that for $60 the bus will pick you up, provide you with an open bar, and bring you back to your hotel. My question is, has anyone been there? What's it like? Would it be appropriate for people in their 50's and 60's to attend? I don't really want to alienate my parents and extended family. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated!
  3. I'll chime in here... We are getting married at Majestic Elegance on April 1, 2014. I let him pick the date... life is certainly going to be interesting... April Fools! We are having our ceremony at the gazebo at 4pm. Private dinner at the Wet Bar at 7. Luckily managed to make it down there last March to check it out. I preferred the Parrot Bar as it was a bit more secluded, but had to pick the Wet Bar since our guest list is wobbling between 30 and 55... Better safe than sorry since Parrot Bar can only accommodate 50. Invites went out in May. We did an airplane ticket. Replies were sent in through our wedding wire website. I hated the idea of no communication between RSVP and wedding so I made some passports with information about the resort. As people replied, I sent them out. Everyone loves them. I put in all the bar and restaurant locations/hours, kids area info, simple spanish phrases, etc. They turned out great! Oh and a page for them to write down room numbers when we get there since those are also likely the phone numbers between rooms. Easy for arranging things. Colors are a bit of a mish mash. I love all colors so we're having a table of each color. Picked the decoration package with the Tiffany chairs so they'll provide me with a runner of my color choice and flowers for the tables. We're pretty laid back so decorations aren't my biggest concern. Doing OOT bags as my favors. Bringing my own bouquet (Plumeria Bouquets by Sandy - which are amazing). My sister in law had destination wedding with teal as her color... their idea of making her "free" bouquet teal, was to spray paint it... which got ALL OVER HER DRESS! ugh. I'm not taking that risk. Having photo souvenir as our photographers. Super excited about that. They have been an amazing help in organizing everything. Doing the wild trash the dress with them as well the following day. What else... got my dress, just have to get alterations done. I feel like I'm pretty prepared.
  4. The They didn't take too long to get back to me. But that was back in Nov or so. Sandra did say that April was busiest time. Could always try one of coordinators directly. Mine is Yanette. Her email is weddings3@majestic-resorts.com
  5. Nice! I'll have to watch out for you if we end up getting there before your wedding. I'm just trying to get my invites done. Waiting for some package information. Already got my dress. Found a crazy sale in Dec 2012 and I fell in love with the dress so I bought it. We have booked the Wet Bar for our private dinner. We have invited about 80 people. If many of them aren't able to come though, I think I might see if I can switch it to the Parrot Bar. I'm torn about the idea of decorations though. I love the look of the paper lanterns that they have in the pictures. I notice that they don't have any info on those sort of decorations though. I will probably bring some from home. Like the other ladies said though, the cost to have someone set up your decorations is so high. I'm curious what the best way to hang a lantern is if we do it ourselves though. Anyone have any ideas? Judging by what I have read above, there are tons of people getting married there right now or very soon!
  6. Yay! Where are you having your ceremony/dinner? We went down to check the place out in March this year. It looks gorgeous. Prices are killing me though, because I forgot that it's the week of Spring Break.
  7. Hello Ladies! We officially booked for April 1, 2014 at Majestic Elegance. Ceremony at the garden gazebo at 4pm, dinner at 6:30pm at the wet bar. Photos will be done by Photo Souvenir - both ceremony and wild trash the dress.
  8. Hello Ladies! We officially booked for April 1, 2014 at Majestic Elegance. Ceremony at the garden gazebo at 4pm, dinner at 6:30pm at the wet bar. Photos will be done by Photo Souvenir - both ceremony and wild trash the dress.
  9. Undecided about where to get married. Have been leaning towards La Romana lately. Does anyone know any great photographers out that way that I should check out?
  10. Morning ladies/gents, Quite undecided about where to get married, but as of late it is being narrowed down the the Domincan in 2014. We have been exploring La Romana, Punta Cana, etc. - leaning towards La Romana though. Since photography is really important to my FI, does anyone have any suggestions that I should look at? Thanks!
  11. I'm in the same boat! We are looking for April 2014. I'd rather have the wedding and dinner off the resort, but the only place that keeps popping up is the Jellyfish restaurant. I know someone that got married there already so I'd prefer somewhere different. I can't find much info online though.
  12. Hey! We are looking at roughly the same idea, not until April 2014 though. If you hear of any great ideas/venues please post! Thanks!
  13. Morning, I know it's probably a little late to chime in for you Yzzel, but in case anyone else is interested, I found this crazy secluded/beautiful place. It's quite a bit out of our price range, but definitely worth looking into if you want "rustic". Never posted pics, so I hope this works.... 1.bmp 2.bmp
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