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  1. Hello girls, I need your help!! I need an officiant for my wedding!! I want some recommendations for a nice officiant that gives a personal ceremony with deep meaning. We are not exchanging rings but our own vows and a sand unity ceremony. We were going to have a friend but last minute he cannot come. Please help me! Thank you Yzzel
  2. Yzzel


    Hi, can I ask how much are you paying for flowers? I know it depends of the flowers and number but I just want to get an idea. I'm having 50 pax. Thank you
  3. Thank you Jessi, Sara is unavailable on my wedding day. Any more suggestions? How good it is to have airbrush? Can I just get normal 100% MAC? The airbrush prices are way more expensive and I don't even know if it is worth it!!
  4. Hello girls, I am getting married in a month and I still don't have a makeup artist!. I didn't expect it to be this expensive (500 usd upwards)! Does anyone has any suggestions of more affordable make up but still good? I have good quotes of Tania Tagle and Angie Velasquez but I haven't found any reviews about them! I'm stressing out and although I know Fernando is amazing I don't know if I can afford him or Styling Trio and MVP is asking me for 2 extra services from my guests (and I cannot commit to it). Any recommendations will be great! Thank you!!!
  5. Yzzel

    Fireworks - Cancun

    Hi BridetobeABCD, I'm pretty sure we have talked in another thread but not sure which one. About fireworks, I recently hired ProEventos and Raul has been wonderful! He has replied to all my emails in time and he has been very attentive and I find the prices reasonable in comparison with other vendors. My wedding is in a month and then I can tell you if the fireworks were amazing, so far I can just recommend him in regards to price and service. Good Luck with your planning!!!
  6. Dear Melig, Thank you for your answer! Im so happy you hear that! Last time I spoke with Luis he told me that he's open to any suggestion I made for the menu but still I wasn't sure if it was good food!. My FI and I are very picky on food and obviously would like to have a delicious dinner! Can I ask you another thing? Did you went with the DJ Diego Alvarado? He is the option of Grand Coral but I haven't heard much from him! Dear Sophia, I haven't received the final quote on the tables but they will send it to me within the next few days. As soon as I get them I'll post it for you!. I'm using the same tiffany chairs for the ceremony in the reception. And I'm thinking of having small round tables of 8pax. I'm getting really excited but also a little bit nervous as I dont really know some of the vendors!. I'll keep you posted! Thanx, Yzzel
  7. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if someone can help me! I am making a welcoming party in a condo for those coming to our wedding. I was thinking of having real tacos for food but I'm trying to find a supplier. Do you know about a taco supplier?? If yes, please let me know!! Thank you!
  8. Thank you!!! Can I ask you if Luis prepared your tasting? or was it just his staff? We are getting the tables from Banquetes Margarita which are the suppliers of Grand Coral!. My wedding is in a month, so if you need info about how it went or recommendations please let me know!!! If I can be of any help I will!!!
  9. Yzzel

    Canadian TA

    Hi!!!...The planning has been pretty smooth, although now I'm starting to get stressed! So far I'm happy with the decisions I have made and the vendors..I do not have a wedding planner and have done everything by myself, I guess it helps that I speak Spanish. That's why I can give you some advice of places and research I have done!. I didn't wanted to get married on an "all-inclusive" and had look at several places.. How´s your planning going? Talk soo
  10. Hello girls, To those that have visited and had a tasting at Grand Coral, could you please share your opinion regarding the food? I'm getting married there but haven't been able to have a tasting and I'm getting a little bit stressed and concerned about it. Thank you
  11. Yzzel

    Canadian TA

    Hi BridetobeABCD, Not sure if you still need the info on TA but I bought couple of tickets from selloffvacations.com. They have couple of offices in Toronto and found the prices to be pretty good!!. I live downtown Toronto, if you want to meet we can share some ideas!! Im getting married this December 2012 and I'm Mexican but is always nice to help other brides...Anyways, let me know..Happy planning!
  12. Photography is of the utmost importance in any magical moment. A candid photograph is authentic and produces diverse feelings indescribable by words. There's laughter, passion and emotion; kindness, sweetness and devotion. By looking at Samuel's pics I came with the inspiration to write a poem that shows my admiration for those photographers that truly capture a momentum. I love a man, He loves me back, we share our lives and we'll make it last. We'll marry soon in an afternoon we'll soon kiss as bride and groom. We'll have a cake and a first dance, with family and friends making us laugh, we'll have a toast for our love, and drink and dance until is dawn. We'll celebrate with our friends, we'll drink champagne for our day, we'll thank them twice for coming by, wishing it never had to end. So, what would be without memories? without those pictures to relive? as I grow old I can remind that once I was young and did it right as I'm still married...to the love of my life. By Yzzel
  13. Hello Marilili, I am not sure what hotel are you considering. I am in the same position as you, want to have a nice hotel but not the reception there. So, I look into this places: Blue Venado (my mom visited the place and said is really nice, a little bit rustic but the food is amazing!!), Kool Beach Club, Alux Restaurant (it's a cave and it seems amazing. Again, my mom went there for a site visit and she loved it!..). Another place is Lolita's Beach for ceremony and reception on the beach or..Restaurant Pavo Real (this is a Palapa and really nice but is far away from the beach). This are some of the places I look...if you find something else let me know...
  14. Hi bella7c, I see you are having your wedding in Grand Coral Beach Club. I've been looking at the place for my wedding and was wondering if it is too small or if it can fits around 80 guests. Also, did your mom notice if the beach was kind of private or pretty busy?. There's not that much info about the place and would appreciate any info you have. Also, do you have pricing? and how's the food??..It would be great to hear from you!. Thanx in advance!. Yzzel
  15. Yzzel

    Newbie looking for a non resort venue!!!..

    Pierre, Thank you for the tip about Blue Venado. I actually love the place and already contact them. Do you happen to have some pics of the place as a wedding venue?..