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  1. I'd also like the organizer sent to me! My email is kelseyfrazier2010@gmail.com
  2. We're gonna try for Dreams Palm Beach as its a smaller resort and our older guests can't handle the bigger ones. I just hope we can get a great group rate.
  3. Have you seen some of the wedding setups at their Facebook page? A lot of them are really beautiful but I'm not stressed out as we got our date confirmed with Mayte and we won't get a quote from her for a while. I guess it will ultimately come down to cost for us.
  4. The owner of Huracan Cafe got back to me with their wedding brochure which outlines costs for appetizers, menus, and alcohol. If anyone doesn't have it then I can send it but we're still considering the location for our wedding. I'm not gonna make a final decision till I have a quote in hand from both places as prices are very comparable.
  5. Has anyone ever seen a wedding done at the Jellyfish with bamboo chairs? They are a really big part of my theme and I just haven't seen them done, I really hope they aren't expensive.
  6. Congrats to the ladies who have their wedding dates confirmed! Time will fly by
  7. Prompted by curiosity, I am also interested in seeing the copy of the Jellyfish wedding invoice. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could send it to kelseyfrazier2010@gmail.com Thank you!
  8. Flowers are usually the last thing that Mayte quotes as prices fluctuate. I will tell you that the only thing we want personally is orchids and they are the most expensive flowers in the Dominican Republic so we're budgeting a lot in terms of flowers. She will work with you on suggestions but I think I've read somewhere on this thread that Mayte can do real touch flowers as well, it just really depends on your taste and budget. It's as she's always told me "whatever you want, I will get for you."
  9. And the bank deposit, based on what she told me, is a minimum of $500 but you can deposit however much you want after that. I have also contacted Huracan Cafe several times and they take longer to get back to me than Mayte.
  10. Hahahahahaha, thats definitely the way to inroduce myself. So sorry ladies, my wedding is in 2015, not 2013.
  11. Hi ladies! My fiancé and I are confirmed at the Jellyfish for June 25th, 2013, though we havent't sent in a deposit yet. I've kinda fallen in love with the place since last June but we kept looking elsewhere. We almost settled on Roatan Island, Honduras but after speaking with our guests, we came back to the Jellyfish and we're hoping to stay at Dreams Palm Beach but it depends on cost. I've been conversing with Mayte for a while now and turn around time for emails has never been more than 2 weeks so be patient ladies, she really knows what she's doing. She really wants to give all her brides as much personal time as possible but there only 24 hours in a day and due to her high demand right now, she's just been completely swamped and she has a daughter as well so just trust her. She hasn't failed a single bride yet and I certainly don't expect her to start failing now. Happy Planning!
  12. It was a very tough decision, by the time we'll be married we'll have been engaged for five years so it was so important that we not have to settle for a destination but we actually really fell in love with the Jellyfish before Roatan so it's not a bad substitute.
  13. After a much needed heart-to-heart with my fiance and hearing feedback from my family, we've decided to move our wedding to Jellyfish Restaurant in Punta Cana. It's much closer to the US and flights are cheaper plus we absolutely love it so it just seemed like a good decision. It was hard for us because we completely fell in love with Roatan, it truly is paradise and we're actually considering it for our honeymoon or for a vow renewal but it will always remain dear to our hearts. We're planning on putting down a deposit this fall for our date of June 25, 2015, we couldn't be more excited!! Now just to decide which resort is the most affordable and the best fit for our family. Hopefully we'll have STDs out by January.
  14. Same here! Our entire wedding centers around these flowers.
  15. I wish I was a spokesman for the island because I definitely would! Seriously though, my FI and I just adore the island and we've never even been but you should definitely check it out. West Bay is breathtakingly beautiful and it makes for some awesome snorkeling considering the world's second largest barrier reef lies just off the coast. The people that I've met who've visited the island absolutely love it and the culture of the island. My WC's name is Camilla and she owns and operates her own wedding business called Roatan Events. She has the hookup with all of the vendors on the island and she can literally get you anything you want. Her services are completely free and she works with any budget no matter how small. Her website features several different venues and all of the rental equipment she uses as well as she will always email you back within 24 hours. All of the larger resorts such as the Mayan Princess and Infinity Bay offer all-inclusive plans and every room has a full kitchen. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me, I'm happy to help in any way I can! Happy Planning
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