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  1. Evbaez- Sorry it took me so long to respond! My package with Jamie Dimitry cost 1600.
  2. Quote:Originally Posted by evbaez Do you have to pay per person for the buffet dinner at the wet bar? Yes it's 70/head for the buffett (buffett is the only option for a private dinner).
  3. Just in case some people would prefer to talk among ourselves here I thought I'd start a new thread. I'll start! My date is April 21, 2014 at Majestic Elegance. We are having: Ceremony at 5:30 at the Gazebo Private Dinner (Buffett) & reception at Wet Bar (7:30-11) We've booked: Jamie Dimitry for our photographer DJ Mannia for our DJ Thats about as far as we are planning wise. We sent out invites in Feb (electronic with paperless post) and our guests deposits for pre registration rates are due May 8th. I cant wait to have a better idea of guest numbers. The next thing I need to figure out is a videographer. I've contacted Cores films but have a little trouble communicating with them. I did get a response about the packages but when I tried to write back to confirm I got a form letter. Not sure if I should keep pursuing them or not. Anyone have any feedback on videos? Looking forward to hearing all about everyone else's plans! Stephanie
  4. Any information with this resort yet? I'm looking at April 2014...Id really love a quote!!
  5. PuntaBride- would you mind sending the info to me as well? Its steph_finn@hotmail.com. Thank you so much!
  6. Anyone with good perks from Canadian companies? Air Canada is offering the 26th guest thing as well. I'm wondering if the better perks seem to be from the american travel companies or if they come from Iberostar themselves and its just a matter of your TA negotiating? Anyone with any "perk" insight?
  7. Hi girls. Does anyone have the most up to date price list for add ons? (like prive per head for private receptions, bar, etc?) Also does anyone know if it is possible to get married after sunset...like a twlight or nighttime ceremony. Thanks in advance for any and all information! Stephanie
  8. Oops...still dont really know what I'm doing. I'm technically challenged. Nice to meet you MAIRELYS! Really enjoying reading everyone's plans. I am so anxious to flight information to come out ( aka prices) so my fiance and I can finally make a concrete decision on where our wedding will be. I'm so impatient!
  9. I'm in the exact same boat....Looking to get married in April 2014 in Jamaica. Have to wait for flights/prices to choose a resort...and I am from St. John's as well! Look forward to choosing a resort so that the planning can really begin. Happy to have a fellow NL bride in a similar situation
  10. Cant wait to see how this turns out. I'm also planning a vintage-ish burlap and lace theme except out colours are more blush, gray and ivory. I've found a ton of ideas on etsy. Please let me know if there is anything you are looking for and I might be able to point you to it. cant wait to see your pictures...I'm not until 2014!
  11. Hi Stiller, I have been looking at the Majestic as well. There is a really helpful Facebook site called "Majestic Colonial Brides" . You may know about it already but if not definitely check it out. I haven't made a decision on a location yet but this one is definitely in the running! Stephanie
  12. Hi everyone, I'm getting married Easter week 2014...that's the plan anyway. Nothing is booked yet because it's too far out and I don't think I can? We are looking at Jamaica or Punta Cana. I've only been engaged for 5 days so I'm definitely in the very early stages. Because we would like to go away for our wedding Id like to give family and friends lots of time to plan. We would like to get out save the dates as soon as we can book. Looking around for resorts and reviews is overwhelming. I feel like once I can set a location the rest will be more specific and easier. Like everyone I'm looking to stretch my budget as far as possible and get the most I can for the most reasonable price. Looking forward to getting to know you all better. Stephanie
  13. Hello Everyone, My name is Stephanie and I live in Newfoundland Canada. I am newly engaged (just last Friday!). My fiance's name is Jack and we are planning a destination wedding. So far we are thinking Jamaica or Dominican. I am looking for resort suggestions for now and once i can nail a location down I'm sure I'll be filled with questions about specifics. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed about where to begin so I would appreciate any advice or input. Some of our guests will be quite travel savvy and for others it will be their first time at an all inclusive resort (maybe even first time out of Canada). I'm looking for an affordable option but somewhere with really clean beautiful ground and rooms and great food. Ideally dinner and dance would be private but budget wise maybe just private dance is feasible. We'll see! Thank you so much in advance for all of your help! Stephanie
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