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  1. I can't complain about my communication with Mayte. It may take a week for her to reply, but she does. The only problem I have, is she doesn't always answer ALL of my questions that I send her. My ceremony and reception is done. Just waiting on her quote. I have confirmed Pastor York. All I have to do is find a resort to stay at. I would appreciate if Zogalak, could send me the 2013 price list too. I just want to make sure I'm dealing with the correct prices. sharon610ron@yahoo.com Thanks, Sharon
  2. I paid the $30. It was the best $30, I've ever invested. Paying the fee allows you access to all downloadable files and templates, without having to post 150 posts.
  3. Sorry ladies, I'm having a hard time attaching the link.......let's see if this works!! jellyfish APPETIZERS LIST.docx Jellyfish menu.xls Jellyfish WEDDING SERVICES FOR 2013.docx
  4. Im attaching what Mayte sent me recently..... Hopefeully it worked JELLYFISH.zip
  5. I have confirmed with Pastor York for my May 17, 2014 wedding at the Jellyfish restaurant. He replies very quickly to emails. Just waiting for his suggestions for ceremonies.
  6. Jenn, What made you decide on Paradisus Punta Cana? Sharon
  7. HI Jenn, I am still up in arms with the resort choice. I originally fell in love with Hard Rock, but when I came across the Jellyfish restaurant, I fell in love with that too. I want a resort that is fun and caters to all ages. I wanted my wedding and reception to be a private event. The Jellyfish restaurant gives me that option with out giving me time restraints. I am 40 and my FH is 50. We love to have fun and so do our guests. My only concern right now is the distance between Hard Rock and The Jellyfish restaurant. I understand it's about a 40 minute ride. I am also considering, Dreams Palm Beach and Paradisus Palma Real. Such decisions.....!!
  8. I have decided to do my ceremony and reception at the Jellyfish restaurant in Punta Cana. The Coordinator, Mayre, has been good with responding. She responds within 3-5 days. Now I just have to decide on a resort that is close to JF, and is a mid size, beautiful, and reasonably priced for my guests. If anyone has suggestions..........I'm all ears!! Thanks!!! My wedding date is: May 17, 2014
  9. Jenn, Thanks for the website info. I requested information. I had looked into that resort before. I want a resort that has activities for all ages. I had liked the vibe of Hard Rock, but found the resort to be very large. I do want to narrow down my choices to three resorts by the end of this year. I have so many ideas dancing in my head, but can't execute any of them until I find a location. Thanks, Sharon
  10. Thanks, I look forward to see how her November turns out.! What made you decide on Paridisus over other resorts?
  11. I am strongly considering HR as my resort for my wedding. I wanted to get married on May 18, 2014, but found out that it could only be a symbolic ceremony. I have moved it to the 17th instead. I have gotten some good information from the resort. What wedding packages are you ladies looking at, if any? What made you choose this resort over others? Congrats and Happy Planning!!
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