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  1. We gave our guest six months. Some do less but because its a destination wedding we wanted to give them some time to figure out if they can go.
  2. Hi can you please send me pastor york's email? the one i have for him does not work thanks
  3. Can you please send me the organize evbaez@gmail.com thanks
  4. i agree with you ladies. My fI dad brought that up and i was not happy at all. I gave my guests more then enough time to save and decide if they will be going to our wedding. My reason for a DW is to keep it intimate and thats my plan. Sorry to say but if they cant make it then they cant make it.
  5. Can you please forward me the organizer to evbaez@gmail.com thank you so much
  6. Jellyfish MArch 27 2014. Guest will be staying at Ocean blue and sand
  7. Hi I booked my wedding and reception for march 27 2014 at the jellyfish. cant wait.
  8. Its ok . I was not able to secure Dimitry for my wedding so im working with Photo Phil. Im losing sleep over decorations myself. I dont like the ones i have seen.
  9. No, I ended up going with Majestic Elegance. Wedding date is March 27 2014. We are having our ceremony at the gazebo followed by a private reception.
  10. i know how you feel about the decorations. Im not thrilled about that either. I dont like the plain look at all
  11. Hi Angelnjewels So sorry for the late response. I thought i replied back to your message (ooops) Pastor York's fee is $350. His email is ryork@claro.net.do. Please note that he will be out of town til Saturday, so if he doesnt not reply back before then you know why.
  12. Congrats Mrs.Smith2be Have you start planning? colors? dress? vendors?
  13. Hi ladies Would any MC/ME give us future brides some pointers on what to do, what not to do, what worked for you and what didnt. Also, who did your makeup and hair? Thank you
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