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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Mamzaleg I'm getting married in April and due to our large group size, the white gazebo is our only reception option. I was thrilled about being near the water but all these posts have now made me super paranoid!! Will it be too windy?? Will my guests not enjoy it and get sandy food? Has anyone had their reception at the white gazebo? We are having a tent will that help? It won't have sides though? Your advice is appreciated!!! Also, can someone tell me if the resort uses key cards or actual keys? I am planning our welcome bags and we want a landyard in them. Thanks!! You'll be fine, we took photos on the edge of the saltwater pool which is practically in the ocean and not windy at all. Wedding at gazebo 55, not windy there either. Don't worry, you'll be fine. I would recommend wearing your hair up though, that will help you look "not windblown" if there is wind. Plus it'll be HOT so you won't want hair getting flat/frizzy with all that heat and humidity.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by AllieH thanks allie! and thanks so much for all of your help throughout the whole process!!! It wouldn't have turned out so well if it wasn't for everyone on this site!!
  3. Received my photos from Magic Vision yesterday and uploaded them to my shutterfly share site if anyone is interested! Also had some guests upload their pics. The share site is awesome, no need to have a shutterfly account to view them and anyone can upload by sending an email to a particular address to get automatically added to the album or by uploading on the site: https://holmanweddingmexico.shutterfly.com/pictures/1831
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by nbateman I can contest to this bag's usefulness. I borrowed a friend's Wally bag and could fit just as much and my dress did not need to be pressed either, not a single wrinkle and it was folded up and packed for 3 days!! I wish I was in the market for one because I would totally buy it! AAHHHHH, I DIDN'T MEAN CONTEST, I agree with the bag's usefullness!! Dang it!
  5. I can contest to this bag's usefulness. I borrowed a friend's Wally bag and could fit just as much and my dress did not need to be pressed either, not a single wrinkle and it was folded up and packed for 3 days!! I wish I was in the market for one because I would totally buy it!
  6. Please note that the color in the photo is not the color of the dress being sold. I am selling the same dress in IVORY! Size 8 Purchased as a reception dress for my wedding but did not use or wear. Dress is new with tags! Retails for $184! If you have any questions please ask!
  7. Hey Everyone! So just made it back from the beautiful EDR for our wedding 10/4/2013, last Friday. It was amazing and perfect! I wouldn't change a thing! Our guests and us booked everything through DestinationWeddings.com and had excellent service for everything and would definitely recommend them! We arrived on Wednesday and all of our guests arrived Thursday. Everyone arrived at the same time to the resort so it was a little chaotic! My sister, the MOH heard that our parents got upgraded for free so on a whim she decided to ask for an upgrade and BOOM they upgraded EVERYONE! Yes, everyone got a casita! That was awesome! Even with the casitas your still far enough away from each other that you may or may not see your guests walking around. You don't have to see them if you still want privacy because the resort is that big! We were blown away by the service at the resort, everyone was super attentive and happy to be there! Even the shuttle drivers were joking around the whole time and super funny! My new husband (AHHH!) even picked up some Spanish there! Definitely book the casita, they are so so so worth it! We got the swim up on the bottom floor and had our own private pool which connected to the lazy river leading to our own casita pool bar! super awesome! We were in the last block of rooms all the way to the right (32) but it would only take 15 min or so to walk to the other side of the resort if we wanted to. Did the trial hair and makeup day before the wedding and they are all awesome! Highly recommended! Then headed to the Health Bar for our Mexican wedding cocktail (donkey included) to celebrate everyone's arrival in Mexico. It was perfect! Passed appetizers and bar right there! We brought our own ipod dock instead of renting theirs (we're going to return it since we're done with it) and made our own playlist, sound was awesome! Plugged it in right at the bar! I would totally recommend this instead of your Cocotal group dinner when everyone first arrives, this was way less formal!! Purchased two suitcases from Goodwill filled with the OOT bag items, was not questioned at the airport even though I had roughly $400 worth of stuff in them. Had my receipts ready and I was so nervous, but it was just fine! PFEW! Made up the bags after we arrived and then left the suitcases at the resort once I was done with them! Plus it saved us $50 of luggage fees on the way back! Everyone especially loved the sunglasses, lanyard/key card holders, aloe, the canvas bags themselves, chapstick, pepto, and advil! If anyone wants to know where I got anything, let me know! We handed these out at the cocktail party since we couldn't put them in the rooms before the guests arrived. Wedding was Friday evening 6pm, went off without a hitch! Wedding coordinators were always checking in throughout the day to make sure I didn't need anything! Fortunately I was able to borrow a garment bag from a girl who got married in Puerto Rico that I work with (Wally Bag) and my dress didn't wrinkle at all! No steaming necessary! Plus it was discrete at the airport and easy to carry! Did pictures before the ceremony with our wedding party and close family then headed over to Cocotal for our reception style dinner at 6:30pm. Perfect! Formal enough for a wedding, but relaxed enough where we could sit in groups, chat amongst ourselves, everyone could see each other (4 tables of 8), I wouldn't do it any other way! Service there was impeccable! It was about 3 hours, but didn't even seem that long! Everyone went back to their rooms to change into something more comfortable and we headed over to watch the fireshow and to Guacamayas for some drinks. Overall, I didn't even miss the formal reception, the dinner at Cocotal was formal enough for a wedding dinner because you selected your menu already, and everyone had a blast at the donkey cocktail party. I can't believe everyone was upgraded to Casitas! Can't hurt to ask! We used Cancun wedding video for our videography and Magic Vision for our photos. We received the video before we left and its awesome! Love it! So glad we did it! Haven't received any of the photos but there was footage on the video of us taking photos and I'm sure they'll be great! I couldn't have pulled off a smooth wedding without everyone's help on this site! Thank you so much everyone!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by jnitschke Great ideas, fiance is out getting printer ink so we can make copies of everything
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by AllieH ok, good to know about the ipod and the steaming, yes having it steamed there and having his steamed as well. thanks!!!!! I'm pretty calm because I have been prepping for so long, just need to understand that i'm taking a vacation too and need to stop worrying about little things!
  10. Ok, leaving for EDR on Wednesday, anyone have any last minute pointers? I have all of my OOT bag stuff packed in two suitcases (one carry on and one large) purchased from Goodwill and we're going to leave them there : ) I have copies of my receipts for my OOT purchases Have my ceremony written out ipod playlists setup important WC emails/DestinationWeddings.com emails printed wedding spreadsheet printed hair and makeup pics printed rings are ready dress is ready, his outfit is ready facial done, hair is tonight and wax on Saturday license on Friday, legal ceremony on Tuesday Anything else important I need to know or have readily available? Any advice for when we meet with the WC at EDR? Do we give them the ceremony write up and ipod for the ceremony at the meeting?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by sarahandjake13 I'm sooo worried about the weather!! I think I need everyone to tell me that things will work out!! LOL. I'm leaving on Friday, and the forecast for next week looks horrible. Fingers crossed!! You can't look at the forecast, it will be fine, don't worry!!!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by raelay Getting married October 12th, 2013 at Riu Negril. I think most the big things are done but I am starting to over think and wonder if I am forgetting stuff. I have the dresses, OOT bags, hair/make up booked, travel plans, reception party planned and ordered some items to take with me(chair sashes etc.). Now just looking at little things. I am excited!! I just need reassurance that I am not forgetting anything!! AHHHHHH ME TOO!!!!! We're leaving next wednesday!! I really want to start packing since I'll likely not be wearing anything I'll be backing in the next week, but I've got a facial tonight, hair on thursday, wax on saturday, all these appointments!!!! Make sure you bring a pen with you on the plane, I've heard the customs form needs to be filled out on the plane and everyone will be borrowing everyone's pens, so it'll make your life a little easier if you have one. : )
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