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  1. I'm getting married aug 2014 on the carnival pride out of Baltimore... I have 11 bridesmaids plus myself that will be getting our hair and makeup done the morning of. It's going to be an early day and I'm hoping to be able to book a salon to have their people come to the hotel to do everything.
  2. I booked my aug 2014 wedding recently on the carnival pride. So far I booked the dj and the videographer. The wedding coordinator already contacted me and was amazing. If anyone has any questions I'd be happy to answer with what I know so far and ill be happy to put any tips I find as I'm planning
  3. It's good to hear I'm not alone, how did you word your invitations? I was thinking of sending out a newsletter explaining everything now which is about 11 months from the wedding. I feel like I have to be careful with how I work it because I don't want anyone showing up in Baltimore the day of thinking they can come to the wedding. We are also planning on just the bridal party and close family to come but not cruise since they will be taking up the amount allowed.
  4. I am having an issue with wording because carnival is only allowing us to have a amall # of people come on for the wedding and then get off before we sail. We are inviting alot of people in hopes that most will cruise with us, but I am nervous with how we word the newsletter we are sending out in place of an invitation because I dont want more then our allowed # of people thinking they can come for just the wedding and leave, and then we end up having to turn people down. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  5. Hey Ladies!!! I am getting married on the Pride summer 2014... prices are supposed to be out tomorrow so we will hopefully be booked for our wedding within the week!!! How many people fit into the piano bar? I am expecting probably about 100 people so I was going to go with the disco. DST8... How much does it cost for the DJ? Since we havent been able to book yet I havent been able to get the prices on everything. I would also LOVE to see your pictures from around the boat as we will be doing a large package of pictures and if we can give the photographer suggestions that would be great. Thanks!!! Karen budgirl194@aol.com
  6. Congrats on your wedding!!! im still waiting for Carnival to open up their dates and prices for the Pride out of Baltimore an then we are booking our summer 2014 wedding! We are going to be getting married in the port before we leave so we are allowed to have up to 50 people come onthat are not cruising. We are inviting ALOT of people, Pretty much anyone that we would have invited to a home wedding will be invited so 200+ so we are struggling with how we are going to word the save the dates and invitations. Since there is a limit on the # of non cruisers that can go to the actual ceremony we can not offer it up to everyone. Any suggestions? Also I would love to hear all of your ideas an planning along the way as I am still looking for ideas on everything.
  7. I have no idea if theres a rule that says if your renewing your vows you shouldnt wear a ball gown but i feel a wedding is a wedding! Who cares what other people think, they aren't paying for it and even if they were its your day so alls that matters is what you and you groom want to do. You have the entire cruise to where a sundress so on your special day you should stand out.
  8. I am planning on doing the trash the dress photos. We are getting married in baltimore on the carnival Pride. When we get to the first stop I am going to just have a friend with a good camera come down and take pics. I am actually hoping to get all of my bridesmaids, groomsmen and groom to also do this with me... I think it would be so fun to have the entire bridal party in the ocean in our wedding outfits.
  9. Have any of you ladies received the upgrade pricing list from carnival yet? I am curious how much the extra flowers and dj are. If someone could email it to me I would soooo appreciate it! I am planning my wedding summer 2014 on the carnival pride but prices arent out yet for summer so I have to wait. Also has anyone done the carnival registry? What did you think of it? I dont plan on doing a large registry thru a store so I wanted to mainly register on carnival so we can get help with the pictures and stuff. Thanks! Karen
  10. Good luck with your planning! I am getting ready to book my wedding on the Carnival Pride and can not wait!!!!!! The passport save the dates are such a cute idea! I was considering doing a video dvd for our save the dates and putting all pictures of us on past cruises thru the years. Hopefully it works out the way im thinking. Are you getting married on the island or on the ship? We are planning to marry on the ship before it sails out of Baltimore.
  11. I'm ready to book my summer 2014 wedding on the Carnival Pride out of baltimore as soon as prices come out! Hopefully within the next few weeks they will be posted. I am looking for any advice or feedback on carnival weddings. I am looking forward to not having to plan a huge wedding down to every last detail but I would like to know some details. Has anyone every been on the pride before? had a wedding on any carnival cruise? Thanks for anything you have to offer! Karen
  12. I am thinking about planning my 2014 wedding on one of the carnival cruise ships and am looking for any helpful tips or feedback. Is there any wedding packages or extras i should stay away from? How are the cruise photographers? if we have a group of 30-50 people will we get any extra perks for such a larger group? I appreciate anything anyone has to share with me. Thanks!!! Karen!
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