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  1. mimiq, how did you get the clipart to all be the same colors? I really love your timeline and want to do something similar!
  2. I agree with you, it's defintely better to order from a known site for your dress. I already have a dress for the wedding, the dress I ordered online is for my trash dress - I didn't want to spend much on it - it cost $140. They have been communicating with me via email so far, so I hope it all works out. I will write a review once I get the dress.
  3. I'm sorry - I think I got confused - I thought that the baby online vendor from DH gate is the same as babyonlinedress.com - but now I'm realizing its not Today I ordered a dress from babyonlinedress.com. Has anyome ordered from this site? Now I'm scared as to what kind of quailty it is! Yikeeeeessssss
  4. Hi ladies, Wondering if anyone could help me. I am in the process of ordering a dress from babyonline.com and when I went to pay they wanted my credit card information through some third party website "Alipay". I have never heard of this befoore, and I prefer to pay via paypal for online purchases. Have any of you ladies paid using Alipay or had any problems with entering your credit card info into their website? Thanks!!!
  5. For those who have not yet seen what the new beach gazebo looks like. I like it! Much more classy
  6. I heard it's done and ready for use. I am waiting for more information from my WC..
  7. i would prefer something new... i went to Davids Bridal but didn't find anything. I am really picky
  8. Hey ladies, Can anyone help me out with where to find an inexpensive (under $200) dress for my trash the dress session?? I am in Toronto and would prefer to be able to try it on and no order online. Thanks!
  9. I booked Diego.....I thought hes video's very good and there is no outside vendor fee. Also we asked to get the raw footage...my FI likes to edit videos and stuff - so that way when he has time he can make our own wedding video
  10. Quote:Originally Posted by melcrna80 Michigan....it's really no big deal. I was just going to toss them Thanks!! I sent you a PM.
  11. Thanks so much for the photo - it does look really close to the online color and the dress it super cute!! Thanks for the offer of sending it to your place - I have a friend in the US that will be coming to visit next year, so I think I will just send it to her house and she can bring them with her - that was a very sweet offer though!! Thank you so much!!!
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