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  1. Our WC told me the sunset starts at 5:40 and just after 6 it's completely dark....I'll be there next week and then I can let you know for sure!
  2. I got the same email from my WC....getting married in Nov. just emailed the address she gave and gave them my wedding date and set up a morning appt. I have the strawberry package but am doing my own hair and makeup so I just made an appt for that morning for a mani and pedi....they email you back within hours to confirm...super fast and had no probs
  3. Michigan....it's really no big deal. I was just going to toss them
  4. Nothing at all ...just give me your address and I'll send them out to you
  5. I got the key holders off a seller on eBay. I'm using the spiral coil wristlets instead of land yards. I got those at walmart- 6 for like $3. If you want pm me your addy. I have 17 key holders I won't be using . You can have them. I also saw the key holders at Walmart and when the price was pretty much the same as what I paid off eBay.
  6. Hi Ladies! Hoping someone can offer some insight. I'm in the process of trying to make key holder cards using vista print. I have the image saved off of a powerpoint I got from this site. When I upload the image it says it's low resolution and recommends creating a higer resolution image. Did anyone who has made these key holders do that? If not and you went with low resolution- did the key holder business cards turn out ok (ie, clear and not fuzzy images?)
  7. Hi Ladies! I need photog advice....how long of a time period did you book your photographer and what times were your wedding and ceremony? I can't decide how many hours to book for. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  8. You can book via the barcelo website - you pay for the room but put his name as the reservation. Whomever your photographer is I'm sure will let you know when he will arrive.
  9. In order to get quotes you need to email the barcelo and a wedding coordinator will get back to you. Your date is on hold until YOU book...meaning you and your fiancée only. You do not ( at least I didn't) have to give a final count until about a month before your wedding. We didn't go through a travel agent persay because it's super expensive. If you want to save $$$$ go through an online agent like orbitz, Expedia, cheap carribean etc...
  10. I chose Lorie- minus the sleeves and the sash it comes with. I will be using a rhinestone sash instead. Her dresses are amazing! Out of my top 5 in choosing, 3 were her designs!
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