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  1. Try measuring the piece of label paper and reset your margins... I think my top had to be changed to 1" and the rest were 0.5
  2. Here ya go =) This one matches the chapstick labels from bulk apothecary with no seal! http://www.onlinelabels.com/Templates/OL421-template-microsoft-word.htm
  3. Try searching on that template website.. I found my chapstick one by searching by demensions of the labels. I'll look for you when I get a chance.
  4. Im not sure... is it set up the same way on the page? If the layout is the same for both labels i think it would, just dont put anything in the top tab area. Definitely try it out on regular paper first.. I made the mistake of printing first on my label paper and I ended up having to get more labels
  5. I printed my chapstick labels tonight and once I changed the layout of my page to have 1 inch top and bottom margins they matched perfectly!!
  6. I found this online and the measurements match the labels from Bulk Apothecary. I have not printed anything out yet so Im not sure it matches 100%. http://www.onlinelabels.com/Templates/OL1102-template-maestro-label-designer.htm
  7. I found this online and the measurements match up to the chapstick labels i received from Bulk Apothecary.. I havent printed anything out yet so Im not 100% sure they are exact. http://www.onlinelabels.com/Templates/OL1102-template-maestro-label-designer.htm
  8. I found these to add to our "hangover" kits.. I have no idea if they work but they are fun! http://www.amazon.com/Stacker-Vitamin-Hangover-Helper-Pharmaceuticals/dp/B005W2ZIQC
  9. Hey Ladies! Just wanted to share a site that I came across..www.totallyweddingkoozies.com I wanted koozies as a last minute addition to our OOT bags and the majority of the sites have a larger than needed minimum order. I was able to order 25 of them from here and they even threw in a "bride" and "groom" koozie! They turned out great and were pretty cheap =) They actually have a bunch of customizable items if you go to http://www.totallypromotional.com/
  10. I feel the same way! I feel like a creep just reading and not posting tho haha
  11. Thanks for the responses =) Our photographer is staying else where and my offsite wedding coordinator is aware that we have him, we actually turn in the check list in a few weeks..eek!! But our photographer was asking if there was anything the resort could provide that stated he was there to work just to make sure customs isn't an issue. As for doing the pictures there, I'm not opposed to it but ive never been to Playa so I didnt know if anyone had some hot spots =) thanks again!
  12. Hi Ladies! Im sort of new on here.. well I've been reading a lot but really haven't posted much ha. Okay so our wedding is set for April 20th and we are bringing our photographer from the states, I know I've read on here that as long as they only bring a certain amount of stuff with them they will be okay going through customs but has anyone ever received anything from the resort stating that you paid the outside vendor fee for you photographer to shoot your wedding that day? Also, we're doing a trash the dress type thing (nothing too crazy) the day after and I was hoping i could get some tips as to where to go for good pictures. He is staying at a different resort and I'd rather not be at the royal for those pictures but its all of our first time being in playa so we def do not know our way around! Any tips? =) ~Jessica
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