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  1. Hi all! How are you or did you find your guests at the resort throughout your trip?! Any ideas would be greatful! We have guests coming in at various times and days and I have no clue how we can find each other since we won't have our cell phones! I had an idea to print out a list of guests for everyone and they can write in room numbers as they find them out to leave a message for each other if needed? We are planning a 'welcome party' gathering one night and the wedding the next night but that is about it.
  2. Hi! My wedding is on Friday, November 30th at the Royal and I recently read some reviews on Trip Advisor that said there is construction going on at the resort. It said something about they are adding swim up bars by a few of the suites. Does anyone know about this or any information on what kind of construction is going on and for how long? It is making me a little nervous! Thanks, Naomi
  3. Hi all! Are you using the sound system for the ceremony and/or cocktail hour? If so, is there a fee to use the sound system? Is there a fee to have someone at the Royal work the sound system for you? I think I read you can bring a CD or an I pod---can you use a Nano? thanks!
  4. hi! does anyone know if the Royal has the ability to set up a webcam for the ceremony? sadly, my grandmother won't be able to make it and it would be fabulous if they do something like that. it breaks my heart that she won't be there. i know some of the other resorts offer it. also, have you heard anything or have experience with the violinist at the Royal for the ceremony? a duo? any information would be helpful! i haven't found much on here about it. thanks!
  5. Hi all! We are getting married in Mexico in November and almost 30 family and friends will be joining us. After the ceremony we will be having a mini-reception (dinner and dancing) that evening. We are then having an AHR in January and expect about 150 people. I was wondering if you have any recommendations/comments about sending the Mexico invite and the AHR invite together to all 150 people? Do you typically send the Destination invite and AHR invite separately and at separate times? The invitation would include: -Mexico ceremony -Mexico 'reception' - menu choices and response card -AHR Information -AHR Response Card I was thinking about sending them together so those that can't go to Mexico don't feel left out and they know that there will be a party to celebrate. The fiance disagrees haha. Any help is appreciated!
  6. Wow, I was just going to post the same question! I really like their work as well but cannot find any reviews on them. Do you think they recently changed names or something?
  7. Just wanted to say HI! I am a newbie getting married at the Royal Playa del Carmen on Friday, November 30, 2012! It looks like I have a ton of information on here to read through. Maybe I can get done reading it all in time for the wedding haha. Looking forward to communicating with fellow brides!
  8. hmm strange, the email came back to me as 'undeliverable'. I can't seem to find anything on the internet to contact this place either. the other phone number listed on a website did not work haha.
  9. Hi, do you have the contact of the person you are working with at Xcaret? Thanks!!
  10. Crystalwaterwed - did that group have to stay at the occidental resort to have their ceremony there? my group is staying at the royal playa del carmen. thanks!
  11. Hi! I was wondering if you could email me the pricing information as well to naj0707@yahoo.com? We are interested in a symbolic ceremony and cocktail reception (20-40 people) for an hour afterwards....then we will most likely head back to the resort (The Royal Playa del Carmen). I am hoping we won't need to pay the rental fee for the location if we are just doing something for an hour or so. Thanks!! I am trying to look into other ceremony and/or reception locations other than the Royal Playa del Carme.
  12. Hi! does anyone know if they are booking new weddings with the changeover to hard rock in the november 2012 timeframe?
  13. Hi! Does anyone know or have pics of the wedding terrace at playacar? I am specifically interested in what the entrance/walkway looks like for the ceremony. I thought I saw a pic online of a bride walking through a sliding glass door? Thanks!
  14. Hi! Does anyone know or have any pictures of a ceremony on the terrace? I am particularly interested in the entrance that the bride has---is there a walkway? I could have sworn I saw a pic online of a sliding glass door that you step out of? Thanks!
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