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  1. We got married Jan 4th in Jamaica and aren't having our AHR until June 1st. We booked an old barn and we want to take advantage of the outside. I was happy that we didn't do it right away because only now am I starting to get back into planning...I was planned out after Jamaica!! My issue is day or night time? Night would be more of a party but the day time would be easier...
  2. $200 for the AV equipment which does not include a projector if you wanted a slide show. I do believe all the restaurants close at 10:30 besides the Cajun at the beach which is open 24 hrs
  3. We were going to do a beach open bar for our guest on a Saturday night but since we were just after NYE they switched the beach party to the Saturday as the suites hosts the NYE party. We opted to take part in the beach party and than around 10 pm our guests went down the beach and lit off wish laterns. It was a fun night, party starts around 8pm with dancing on the beach and than the fire dancer. They have the pool bar open. I think the bar shut down around 11pm so I'd save your money and join in the fun for free!!
  4. Congrats! Jan 5th was one of our choices also. I will attempt to answer all your questions... We flew with Sunwing , if you can DO NOT book with them. I was not happy with there services. We brought 4 suitcases and got charged $120 over weight. Alot of it being the weight of candles. The look I wanted was soft lighting but candles everywhere so I brought alot unfortuntely they didn't use all of them. I left more than half with the WC's. I bought lattice laterns and smaller laterns to place ontables, paper laterns, blue & off white candles. 60 starfish and 24 glass globes. We used Roan Robinson as we only wanted a small package and I was very happy with the pictures he has put up on facebook. He told me he sent off my pictures in the mail already this week. Which is nice since I've heard other brides have had to wait much longer from other photographers. The resort photographers will stop you around the resort to take pics. You can than go view them and purchase some. I liked a bunch that they took but they are just riduclous with the pricing. One 4x6 $15!!! We did not go with any other flowers except with what canme with the package. I loved my tropical bouquet. I bought my bridesmaids real touch flowers for $18 a bouquet, which looked beautiful. We had a private dinner and rented out Uncle Tony's for $800 which I was fully prepared to to have it private. We brought the projector for the slide show as it would of had to be rented from an outside vendor. I have one so it worked out well. They played it on the pull down blinds. We danced the mother/son, father/daughter dance during appitizers with the steel band playing. I loved that as we didn't know what song to play. The buffet of apps was soooooo YUMMY I barely touched my dinner, I think alot of guests filled up on the buffet. Chic Weddings is an outside WC that we hired day of. I decided to hire her as I did not want to be stressed or getting my friends/family to keep in contact with the beach WC's. They are understaffed so although they do amazing & their best they can't give you 100%. To me I'm happy we spent the money. They charged us an extra 33 people at $18 plus 5 outside guests at $75 each! Ouch! We tipped our servers, outside WC and photographer. The way we tipped was if they did an outstanding job they got it. They present you with an itemized invoice day before which must be paid by noon day of wedding. There was nothing hidden and like I said the WC are amazing and lovely to deal with...I loved them all! We put it all on visa. Oh we had them lower the lighter so it was just the side lighting scones and candles which I'm glad I asked as I had seen a wedding the night before and hated how bright the reception was. If I had to do it again I would change my wedding time to 3:30 , it allows for some room to not stress over photos. At that time of the year sunsets at 5:30. Also I'd try to get my guests to stay at just one resort. We have a 50/50 split between beach & suites which makes it tougher on us. I will try to do my review this weekend but if you have more questions please ask
  5. No it ended at 10:30 but we started dinner later. We danced a few songs while the steel pan played between courses but I didn't keep track of time but it flew. Cake was caught few songs on the iPod and then they were packing up everything...FAST! Lol
  6. We went with a private dinner but I saw another wedding cocktail reception at the pool...it looked nice as there's a raised area behind the bar and it's well lite. I would go with that option as it's also more private. I'll see if I have pics. We went with the steel band over dinner and I absolutely loved it!!
  7. We had 49 people so we did a private restaurant at Uncle Tony's. We had our first dance on the beach and had our mother/son, father/ daughter dance during dinner. We rented the steel band that played during dinner. By the time dinner and speeches were done there wasn't a lot of time fir dancing....about a half an hour
  8. Yes the Rockhouse is but totally worth the indulgence,however it is not AI. I would totally recommend going to Negril, it's more Jamaica...local food, outdoor nights!! Food at both resorts were great. I enjoyed the buffet more than the ala cartes but I like to eat small portions of everything! Weather was great, cloudy around 4:30 but always warm. I was going to buy pashmina's for the ladies but I'm glad I didn't because you don't need it at night
  9. Hi Brides, We just got back yesterday and wanted to share a few highlights. We got married at uncle Tony's at the beach but stay at the suites. I'm happy we chose the beach for the wedding as it's off to the side so more intimate. We loved the WC's Santena and Kymoya. What we also realized they also are guest services as well as WC and are short staffed right now. wedding was at 4:15 around, we should of done 3:30 with us being late, our fault not theirs. That's the only thing that stressed me getting enough pics before dark. We hired Chic Weddings for wedding day....love her also. She allowed me to not worry at all. We had them turn the lights off only using side lighting and candles for a more intimate feel. We hired steel pan for an hour at dinner. We did our mother/son, father/daughter dance at this time. We played a slideshow and was surprised from my sister and husband with a taped speech from my brother that couldn't make it. By the time dinner, speeches and cake cutting we barley had time for dances. We danced a few songs than went to the lobby bar. We honeymooned at Rockhouse in Negril......Amazing!!! With only 35 rooms and views of the ocean while seeing dolphins play it was the perfect spot after our wedding week. I will give a full review but please ask away. Oh and we brought 2 suitcases of decorations
  10. I don't believe the WC will accept a package being held as they don't want to be responsible. I have also heard it is very expensive to send parcels over there. For me I decided what was important to me and what I'm ok without ie not ordering extra flowers just what comes with package but really wanted a steel band. Hope that helps a bit as it does easily add up.
  11. Hi Jaqui, Thanks for the review. I'm getting married at the Beach Resort Jan. 4th and now I'm wondering do I bother with the bonfire? We wanted it as our welcome night, we have 45 guests. We are having our rehearsal dinner at the Japeneses restaurant so that makes me happy. Did you or the WC make the reso? Can you send me pics jbchomski@hotmail.com
  12. We put a deposit of $600 to reserve 30 rooms so for once something in Canada is cheaper!! haha But like the other brides said it will sell out in December.
  13. We are covering their wedding day pass but the other days they are on their own.
  14. The beach offers a kids meal....4 choices so I'm sure the suites does also
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