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  1. What are oot bags? I'm sorry im so wedding illiterate! lol i'm still learning all the terms
  2. I kind of prefer that arch for the wedding than the white one, i feel like the white one is a bit tacky.
  3. How much was the catamaran trip per person? That sounds like something fun! I want to look into that
  4. I'm so excited to book my wedding at riu negril! do you have any pictures we could see?
  5. I love reading posts about the Riu Negril, it makes me that much more excited to book my wedding there!
  6. We are trying to book our wedding for July 2013, but it may have to be in August. I hope it doesn't rain! Although going to Florida many times has shown me that most tropical rain storms last about a half hour and then move on!
  7. I am also bringing my own photographer, and we are doing our wedding at the riu negril, and as far as anyone knows, he is our "friend"
  8. What my fiance and I are doing right now is talking to travel agents. They are able to give us "group rates" for July 2013. Even those those prices aren't "set" they give us a general idea of the price, and they also give us a general idea of how much the price can fluctuate. You could ask your TA about this. We haven't looked into the GP but we have looked into quite a few others and they have been able to give us group rates for our wedding in July 2013. Generally they won't have room availability or actual prices until 1 year prior, so you probably wont be able to get "set" prices until 1 year before, and you can make your decision then, and send your STD's as soon as you decide. That is our plan right now, hope this can help!
  9. I've also been looking into these two resorts, and I have heard that it it about $200-250 price difference from our travel agents we've spoken to. I guess it depends on what you want your guests to pay, but I have also read that the only major difference noted is that the Riu Negril is more kid friendly with more kid related activities. Both the resorts are side by side so you could go to either beach I am sure. I just feel as though you're going to basically the same area and any hotel you go to it's going to be an amazing experience if you are going to Negril. I am personally going with the Riu Negril. The Riu Palace Tropical Bay is a bit "higher end" type of resort, if that is what you're looking for.
  10. I wish I could read the newsletter! I would like to do something similar for my wedding
  11. your photographer is amazing, can you send me their contact information?
  12. I'm not sure what to get my bridal party as a gift, I've had a few ideas but I'm not sure how to put it together. I thought about maybe giving sunglasses to my girls, or something else beach themed? What do you guys think? Any really good ideas out there? Any help is appreciated!
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