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  1. Just got back from RIU Clubhotel Negril. Our wedding was wonderful. Very few complaints--overall it was everything that I wanted. Any questions, feel free to ask!
  2. I am getting married May 28th. I have about 46 people going to my wedding. How did you go about ordering your food? Did everyone get to select what they wanted off of a menu, or did the bride/groom select what type of food that they wanted to be served? My reception time is set for 6:30pm. How long did it take for your wedding to actually be served the food? Any details you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea what to expect and the wedding is about 6 weeks away. aaaahhhh!
  3. My fiance and I just went to book our private reception at Shadows which was originally $1000 the last time we checked. We were now told that it is $2000 to have a private reception. Has anyone NOT had a private reception that they can tell me about. Is it worth having the private reception?? Or do any of you that have HAD a private reception feel that it is a necessity? Thanks!
  4. Inunez, Would you be able to send me the meal options? I would greatly appreciate it? Thanks!
  5. Hi, I would like to create a welcome brochure for my guests. I was wondering if any of you that had your wedding at the RIU Clubhotel Negril did these...and can you post yours? I would like to see how I should set mine up. Thanks!
  6. I am getting married at the end up May at the Clubhotel RIU Negril. We are starting to get our paperwork together and on the list of required paperwork it states 'notarized birth cerificate.' We took all of our paperwork items to the notary and the only problem was that they said they can not notorize birth certificates. Can anyone tell me what to do about this--and if any of you were able to have this done? THANKS so much!
  7. Did any of you get married at RIU Negril Clubhotel? If so, did any of you have your reception at Sir Andrews or Shadows? Can you provide me w/any info. about either. I am getting married in less than 3 months and need to select a reception location. Thanks!!!!!!!!!
  8. You look BEAUTIFUL!! I am so excited now for my own wedding! Your pics are GREAT! One more favor, sorry---do you have any pics of Sir Andrews? That is where we ae having our reception. And we only chose this place due to recommendations, I have no idea what it is like. Thanks again!
  9. I really appreciate your review. I am getting married in May and am SO nervous! Would you please be able to post picturs of the actual RIU resort? That would ber very helpful. Thank you SO much!
  10. Hi there! Thanks SO much for your review! You can ust upload your pictures to a photo website like Webshots - Photo Sharing, Free Wallpaper and Free Screensavers for example. Then post the link for us to view. I am getting married in May and am so EXCITED to see your pics. Thanks again! & Congrats!!
  11. Does anyone have any pics from RIU Negril I am getting married in May and need to start my planning and was wondering if anyone had pics I could look at? Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone...I am having my wedding in May 2009 at the RIU Club Hotel in Negril. All that I have done so far is that I have my dress!! We have roughly 50 people coming with and I need any ideas or suggestions that those of you may have. I think a catamaran charter sounds GREAT. I will look into this!!
  13. Hi, I saw that you had a wedding in July at RIU Negril. I am getting married there next year and was wondering if you had any pics or info to share? Thanks so much for your time...I am desperate! hehe Quote: Originally Posted by megansg Hi Steph...I'm another Riu Negril bride but I'm getting married in July so hopefully I can lead the way for you. I have just started getting in touch with the WC and I will attach what she has sent me in terms of options. Feel free to PM me for as much info as I can give.
  14. Petals, are you getting married at RIU Negril?
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