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  1. I am also bringing in an outside make up arist and i was told that they will just have to pay a guest pass, but for my ouside photographer I have to pay the vendor fee
  2. you dont need to bring your own centerpieces but they are not included in any packages, you can buy/rent centerpieces through tai floral but all the ones that I had wanted were too expensive so I opted to just use the flowers in my package and my wedding party bouquets and put them in vases on the tables. You can ask tai floral for some quotes they were great to work with just too much for me.
  3. I also found that true colors prices were too high, i found a girl named Stacey Clark and she will be doing my pictures in January and also recommended a videographer as well. Her website looks good, and her prices are much better; she also pays her own vendor fee which is great!!! her website is: http://staceyclarkephotography.com/
  4. Go to palladiumweddings.com and send fill out the wedding request form, I recieved a reply within 24hr, as was assigned a WC within another 24hr. Hope this helps, communication is a little slow in Jamaica!!!
  5. Im new vista print, how did you get the luggage tags and bags for free, I love them but dont wanna spend what they are asking for them. Let me in on the free secret
  6. Were getting married Jan 30, 2013!!!! I chose the Waves of Love package but changed my colours to green and purple. Were getting married on the beach @ 4pm and then reception to follow at the blue lagoon @ 6pm. I have still yet to determine my entertainment and pictures.
  7. where did you get your luggage tags and welcome bags? I LOVE them!!!
  8. I also have been having the same problem, I have chosen the GPLH, booked the date and have started on small things like flowers, etc.. I have been working close with my travel agent and we are now starting to see the prices drop more, we also will be flying from toronto and the last price that recieved was $1745. We however chose Jan 30, 2013 as we were told that the prices are slightly cheaper than in march; I have been told not to worry as the prices will slowly start to drop.
  9. I just booked my wedding for Jan 30, 2013!!!! I'm going with the Waves of Love package, beach wedding, and a private reception at the Blue Lagoon!!!
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