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  1. Also...FYI - I had my rehearsal dinner at Poseidon which was really good. It's dinner though but just an fyi.
  2. IMPORTANT READ: For anyone having doubts about having your wedding at GPLH, STOP DOUBTING AND JUST DO IT!! :-) I just had my wedding here on 12/8/12 and it was wonderful. Everytime I think about it, I start smiling. We had over 50 guests and had SO MUCH FUN. Our guests ranged from 3 years old to 85 years old and everyone had a great time. So many guests have told me that this was the best vacation, let alone wedding, they had ever been to. We would definitely return to this resort. Excellent choice for a wedding, especially for a larger wedding party like ours. See my review here.
  3. Hi Lindsay, I just had my wedding here on 12/8/12 and the Negril Buffet was really the only one that was open as far as buffets go. The food was so good and they were accomodating to large groups although we had to split between tables but we were right next to each other. Negril Buffet is central to everything.
  4. Hi. Did she charge you extra to cover up your tattoo? Also did you have to bring dermablend as well?
  5. Thanks CourtBestBride! Are you getting married legally at home first or will your legal marriage still happen in Jamaica?
  6. Hi Fellow Brides, Can anyone tell me if GPLH requires you to buy one of the wedding packages even if you don't want anything in that package and will still have to customize? The cheapest package is $1800 and it seems like such a waste to me.
  7. Beautiful video Sharita! Did you use their DJ services as well? If so, how was it? Thanks.
  8. *bump* Anyone have reviews or suggestions for videographers in Jamaica? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi venus909, Beautiful job on the invites. How did you get the reply tags in the shape of luggage tags? The edges are so nice and sharp.
  10. The hotel claims that they haven't heard anything about this and there won't be any construction during my wedding in December. This guy didn't sound too confident though.
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