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  1. Chloe & Isabel Jewelry has timeless, one-of-a-kind designs, to perfectly ehance your wedding look!
  2. I loved your reading your planniing thread. Really brings me back to planning my own. I personally LOVED the JCrew necklace you shared. Perhaps something like this will work better, and very affordable !
  3. Definitely dazzle up your ears, and don't forget your something BLUE !
  4. WOW! I am so impressed! I thought I was thorough and organized, but you are FABULOUS, WOW! Just a thought, perhaps your bridesmaids would be interested in some of these for the big day:
  5. Hi Linz! I absolutely know what you mean about finding that perfect jewelry, for your perfect day, that looks expensive, but not tough on the budget! I wish I had known about Chloe & Isabel for my wedding. I am now a Merchandiser for them, and they have perfect options to accessorize any bride's style, in a very affordable way! Visit my site: www.candiwithellegee.com GOOD LUCK! Like what you see? Make sure you don't forget something BLUE:)!
  6. Perhaps some other options to dazzle your neckline, that match the silver bracelet
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    Bridal Jewelry

    One-of-a-kind jewelry to make you sparkle on your special day!
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