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  1. i agree there is no information on them anywhere! I just want to hear some music examples
  2. what venue space was your reception in? When I did a site inspection I never saw this area? Do you know the capacity as well? Thanks
  3. DID anyone use the playacar palace dj - J&S audio visual? I cant find any information on them or examples of their music. Are they good?
  4. I didnt check out Beach Palace because I personally I despise Cancun. I dont like it for so many reasons. Feels like a commercial american mall with las vegas neon on the water. not classy to me. BUT i like to explore, if you plan on staying on location in the resort the whole time, my opinions about the town are a moot point. I liked how Playacar Palace is right near the town of playa. PLaya is more village like and quaint. the vibe is much smaller and mexican feeling. I liked that my guests could walk out the front of the resort and explore town. I have been to Riviera Maya 6 times, twice in cancun and 4 in playa. We just prefer playa hands down, and thought my guests would like it better too.
  5. We checked out 8 hours worth of places up and down the coast. These were our priorities: 1.Beach, rock and coral free great for swimming 2. Food Quality - rare cases of the common travelers diarreha at most places in mexico 3. Customer service - knowing that our guest would be well taken care of 4. Small - so that it felt lik ethe resort was "our party" if everyone was going to travel we wanted to see everyone. (unlike Moon palace which is like its own city) Playacar Palace was all these things. When we had our site inspection there weren't many kids. The resort doesn't have all that much for kids to do, if i were a parent i would choose elsewhere. I can't speak for everyone but spring breakers usually are on a budget. (approx $1500-$1800 pp including flight) is quite a bunch of money for a spring breaker, whereas for an adult... worth the quality of service you receive. PLayacar is great too for all the free add ons. If you have 60 people coming you will basically have a free wedding and all free private events for up to 40 ppl. I really liked the Royal but it was $$$$. And I love Ibersostar, but its a 3 star so you take the risk of food, quality customer service. Iberostar Tucan was a perfect vacation but I would be nervous to have my wedding there. Does this help?
  6. You are awesome!!! Changing into a white bikini, brillant! I will email Doremixx;)
  7. Great review. I too am a event planner, insane type A! hahah Are you interested in selling any of your decor? I would love to see it. Did you happen to see the ballroom? We are having our recepetion in there, as our wedding is in June, when its hot as hel, and I really dont want to be a sweaty bride;) We plan on being beachside all week. Why did you choose doremixx? Did you have concerns about the resort dj? thanks, and CONGRATS!!! Jessi
  8. i kind of think the swim up rooms aren't available because they are not done being built. in terms of mexico being scary people need to do their research. The nearest drug cartel drama is over 9 hours away. depending where you live in the US, our backyard cities are way more dangerous. For privacy at a reception we chose to go inside the ballroom. We figured we would be partying hanging outside all week that one night indoors would be fun for dancing and privacy. what else?.... as much as I love PP i also have a few things I dont like. It is small. There isn't greenery on the beach (something i love) but the truth is, we walked the entire coastline 8 hours, looking at every place, its hard to find the "perfect resort" you have to make your list of priorities and work down. Ours were: Beach, customer service & food quality. We decide to have "outings" Guys golf trip to moon palace..... snorkel day over at cozumel palace. you have full access to the sister hotels. we are going to take advantage of that. Plus with the resort credit guests can go one tours, again more time away form the resort. Happy PLanning. My date is 6/6/14 so excited!
  9. My wedding is in June too! June 6, 2014 Whats your date? We sent our STD out this week. We are going to send out our formal invites August/Sept. I booked 35 rooms, and to get a full refund they have to be reserved or let go of by december (six months) I wanted my guest to have enough time to get organized and book their rooms. I also am having a beach ceremony and indoor reception. I was wondering about plated vs. buffet. Both menus look great.
  10. That is not true. I put a hold on 30+ rooms, that required a $250 deposit on each (approx) This can be refunded in full if canceled 6 months prior to wedding. Depending how far you are from your wedding dates, that should ne enough time for your guests to reserve their rooms. I'm using a TA.
  11. Hi Ladies! I am a 2014 Playacar Palace bride. June 6, 2014. We are having the 6pm beach wedding!. I'm so excited.
  12. Do any of you have photos of your reception in the ballroom? We are having ours there and I would love to see it set up.
  13. Was your arch part of the complimentary, or did you have to pay more for them to decorate with fabric? It looked beautiful! Was TrioStylist and outside vendor? Anddddd who is your photographer? Thank you! Jessi
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