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  1. My sister and her family used their credits for the spa and a couple of excursions, my parents used theirs for a romantic lobster dinner on the beach. My husband and I had issues with our resort credits due to us staying less nights than originally planned. We used our credits for the spa and a photography session the day we left the resort.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by RachelHolmes21 Thanks! That makes me feel a little more at ease. I'm glad I could help :-) This really was one of the best experiences I've ever had... And if they could deal with me and all of my chaos and still assist me in bringing forth the vision for my day, I'm sure they will do the same for you. My parents have traveled all over the world and they both said they have never experienced the level of customer service and professionalism that they encountered at Playacar Palace. Your day will be great!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by EVKnowsitall Such good advice. I have a case of the "shoulda, coulda, woulda's" because so many things went wrong or undone. I am a school teacher but I bartended for the wedding- so I was working 7 days a week. I also had an AHR. There were so many things I wanted to do that got cut bc I didn't really have much help planning my wedding. After my experience and a close friends wedding I went to this past weekend (I had inside info on what went wrong and it was similar issues I had with my wedding) I realized there is no wedding that goes off without a hitch
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by traylynn Beautiful dress Thanks!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Xarocas your dress is beautiful! Thank you!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by mrlddst Thanks!! Your gowns were gorgeous! I love the bling. Thank you! I went from no theme to a bling theme! lol
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by mrlddst I love the red dress!! Thank you!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by gricezhai This dress looks nice Thank you!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by RachelHolmes21 I booked my location about 90 days out, but I wouldn't worry too much I was so indecisive and last minute with some things, but they make sure you get exactly what you want :-)
  10. I recently got married and I used this dress as my 2nd wedding gown for the reception. Beautifully made and designed and still in excellent condition. It was a hit! :-) Dress was worn for less than 3 hours. Asking $500 OBO. Also selling accessories (shoes, jewelry, head jewelry if interested). Dress would be perfect for a wedding, prom, or any other formal event. Size 18, but of course that's formal size not street size. Also my ceremony gown was a Sottero as well and it was a size 14 just to put the size into perspective. Attached a size chart for this gown as well. Both dresses have a corset
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