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  1. My welcome dinner is the free dinner reservation which I was entitled too, so I'm doing it at the Tequila Restaurant since my group size is small enough. We didn't qualify for a free welcome dinner based on our total room nights, and I didn't want to pay extra for a private dinner
  2. Yes, because I fought them on this. There was no way I was letting them get away with the 'ol switch-a-roo. I had tons of emails stating they were going to charge me $500 so they had no choice but to give it to me for the price they originally said.
  3. I thought the prices for the photobooth were on the high side. Especially since I keep getting Living Social deals for photobooth rentals here in the states for dirt cheap. LOL.
  4. Yes, they signed the contract exclusively with Palace last year. That's when I booked with them. It was not announced until Adrian told me and had it reconfirmed by Palace. Adrian is doing my hair/makeup and his team will be doing my bridal party and mother. I honestly didn't even bother negotiating since the fee was just so much cheaper. I didn't get the dance floor b/c I saved the money to get fire dancers and a cigar roller instead. I've seen the photos of the dance floor and think it looks amazing on the beach, but I think it looks kind of weird on the Sky Terrace (jmo), plus it's money I'd like to use somewhere else.
  5. I also fought with the resort regarding the vendor fees. In the beginning they told me I had to pay $500, then switched to $800. I almost had a heart attack. I fought this and they agreed to give it to me for $500. In addition, in the beginning they said all I had to pay for photographers was the day pass, then they turned around and tried to charge me the vendor fee. Again, I fought them on this. I am now only paying the day pass for my photographer and his assistant. I never spoke with anyone from Palace throughout the entire planning process for this exact reason. All of my communication was via email, so I had a paper trail in case I needed to reference anything. In the end it worked out, b/c when they tried to switch prices or anything we previously agreed upon, I reference a previous email and they could not argue that. My advise to any future bride, save all of your emails. They come in handy.
  6. I was told that they would charge the vendor fee for makeup artists. I have booked Styling Trio to do my hair/makeup and they have just signed a contract with Palace Resorts so you won't have to pay the vendor fee or even the day pass. Check them out. I booked DJ Doremixx and even with the outside vendor fee it was still cheaper than going with one of the Palace preferred vendors. I read tons of great reviews about them prior to booking
  7. We're having a cigar roller set up in a designated lounge area and hiring fire dancers! Where are you getting the churro cart from?
  8. Wow you looked gorgeous! The details are beautiful too. I can't wait to read your review. I do have a few questions: - Where did you get the sparklers? - Where did you get the chargers?
  9. Do you still have the stamp available? Or is it sold already?
  10. Beautiful Brandi. Thank you for sharing. Did you feel there was enough light on the terrace at night? Or did you rent lights?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsPeele2B Have you all been quoted any rates from JSAV? I'm working on a budget and I haven't been able to find any prices or packages Inbox me your email address and I'll send you what I received.
  12. I am also using wedding to coordinate my group travel for my May 2014 wedding in Cancun. She has been amazing! She always answers all of your emails right away and is very thorough in explaining things if you have questions. I highly recommend her if anyone is looking for a TA for their destination wedding.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by NJBride2014 That's the same style I'm going for too. My guests are going to be mostly in their 20's and 30's and we are from NJ so we love to party, I want the right party atmosphere no cheesy wedding music. We are also hispanic so we need a good mix of spanish and english music. I'm going on my site visit in a month so I was hoping to meet the DJ that JSAV had or at least see some videos of weddings they've done before I book them since it's a pretty big expense. I would like to go with the vendor that the hotel works with to avoid paying the outside vendor fee. Oh can you please let me know how you make out?
  14. Does anyone have an actual contract from Palace that has all the legal jargon in it? Not just the package you chose, location and date? Like a real contract?
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