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  1. Tyre: In regards to your photography I know beaches does their own photography but if you really loved someome like Brilliant I am sure you could always invite Brilliant to your wedding as a guest and as a guest they can take picutres I mean I'm sure other guests at your wedding will take picutres. Granted, you would really have to professionals the vendor Beaches has and Brilliant but thats just a suggestion if Brilliant was someone you really wanted to take yoru pictures. Talk to them maybe they can work something out. Don't second guess yourself. Beaches is a beautiful resort and I am sure you day will be perfect. Just let them know the things that you want. You and your guest will have a wonderful time on the resort. Dont' worry your planning will fall into place.
  2. Hey Kim: Wow that is so crazy we have so many similarities lol. Personally, at first I wasn't sold on the Beach BBQ for a reception I wanted that to be the reherssal dinner and then have a regular reception at a nice restaurant. But on my site visit I went in the end of April, weather was beautiful about as nice as will be in May. The friday I arrived there was a wedding on the beach and we were able to witness the set up and the ceremony decor. At first, I wasn't too crazy how the beaches aren't private and spectators can watch but one I seen the set up and seen how most people respect the wedding on the beach and don't hang close by. I was over it. Then that night I noticed the ceremony on the beach with the DJ. My photographer was actually their photographer and he showed me the pics from the wedding in which you can see the tents set up with the tables and chairs and the chefts etc. Personally what I loved most about it, is that the guest and bride were all staying at our resort and so they were able to walk back and forth from their room to the reception throughout the night. I was then sold on it. I could hear the music from the DJ and believe it or not the guest were dressed perfect. Not too laid back but dressed just like a reception and I just fell in love with it especially since everything was right there ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. So I then decided to use Opus at Ocean Club East for the reherssal dinner as we did eat there and the atmosphere was incredible. We at outside the lighting, band playing and set up was absolutely beautiful and relaxing at what I found to be a not over the top price as some places can be. We did also eat at Coco Bistro whcih was to taste the food so that we would know whether we enjoyed and would want Kissing Fish to cater it. Fantastic. I did not eat at any more restaurants down there because I was only there for a long weekend. The resort I stayed at is close to everything such as shops, the grocery store etc. We did walk to the grocery store and on the way there are some really great coffee shops and there is also a great bakery which you can have coffee and cake at in the morning and sit outside. It was close to Maxime Salon which some people use for hair and nail. As for me I am going to use Shenique, there are some things I am willing to splurge on and others I am not. We also went to the Casino which I believe is called Casablanca. It was your average international casino, small with old slot machines surrounding 4 -6 blackjack tables. Security is strict no cameras, your searched with wands to check for weapons and the doors are locked once your in. Wasn't my favorite spot after such a relaxing dinner at Opus as it was a totally different environment. Overall, I can tell you the people were very friendly and courteous. I found the island safe to walk around and shop, etc. The grocery store is very pricey for certain items however if you staying long as I am (10 nights) I am going to do some food shopping and eat out other nights as restaurants can be very pricey.
  3. Hey girls: Tyre: I know the website doesn't do much justice. You can also type in http://www.nicksonphotography or you can just good Jon Nickson Photography. On that website you will be able to see individual photos he has done. This site does much more justice. For me, I was able to meet him personally and view his book. Like I said he does good work and so does Brilliant. However, they both photograph different. So its what works for you and what price is good for you. I would definitely check out that website just to have an idea and I would look at the blogs on Brilliant. Try reaching out to both and seeing what the cost are for whatever your looking for. Ultimately go with what you feel will be best. Kim: I am having a band at Reherssal Dinner at Opus with Open Bar. I did not want to have the band the wedding night for the same reasons you were thinking. I did see a band when I was down there and it was great although I don't think I would want it for the wedding. I would much rather have a DJ play songs that me and my guest want played. So for the reception I opting for the DJ on the beach. Believe it or not the Beach BBQ cost more than the dinner with band. I also want to have a dance floor layed down so it will be easier for all to dance with maybe with some tiki torches around it. When I went on my site visit I witnessed a wedding at my resort on the beach and they had a DJ and a great time. So thats it for me. I agree I just want everyone to dance and have fun and be relaxed. The reherssal dinner with band still give my guest somethign different than the reception. In regards to flowers believe it or not I was really happy with mine. Granted I am not going to have rose or lillies imported but my colors for the reception are blue, pink and purple and so my flowers will be the pink bouganville with blue dendronium orchids and purple dendronium orchids and I was quoted a reasonable price for me I beleive it was $200 for the bridal bouquet and for the girls I am just using freeshia bouganville as they are very beautiful. I believe EA will do the flowers. I did see many handmade flowers on ETSY that were really cute. But I just kind of wanted the real thing. Let me know what you girls pick.
  4. Hey Kim just so you know I did hear you can rent a dance floor to b put down in the sand. I was quoted 1200 for a 12 by 12 including set up and breakdown. I'm thinking of using it.
  5. I heard of eye spice while on the island. I met with them and brilliant. They both do great work but different. For us it came down to pricing and hours. I was able to get more time for less money and his work is great plus were guaranteed him which is awesome. You can google him and see some of his work. I felt like I had and still have to determine what things are more important to me than others. I choose photography to be one of the lesser expenses because I would rather spend more money on events for guest and the reception.
  6. Hey all: I am wondering if anyone had a Beach BBQ wedding reception. We are getting married in May of 2013 and I am curious as to how they were if any brides have had one or are having one. I also want to see if anyone will be having a dance floor made in the sand so that guest do not have to dance IN THE SAND. We are planning on having Kissing Fish cater the BBQ. Any info could really help. Dani
  7. Hey Kim! Thats sound great. I love hearing everyone's ideas. We are getting married at OCW on the beach. But I have set up a catamaran cruise for our guest. theres only 31 of us and this will happen 2 days before the wedding. Reherssal Dinner I am going to have at opus and have an open bar and band and then the reception catered on the beach. Originally I was going to do the reherssal dinner as a beach bbq but when I went on my site visit we were able to witness a reception held on the beach and it was beautiful and convenient for all guest. I actually was shocked because the bbq on the beach is more pricey than an actual reception. I have alot of plans made for guest like deep sea fishing excursions for them men and spa treatment for the women. I'm excited it will be a great vacation. We were also stuck between Brilliant photography and Eyespice. They both show some beautiful pictures on the site. In the end, Eyespice was more within our budget as were able to book him for not only the wedding but the catamaran cruise. The more we plan the more exicted I get lol. As you plan more keep me posted. I love meeting brides and I can't believe our weddings are just a week apart. That's so cool. Daniella
  8. Hi. I don't know much about Island Harmony but my wedding planner is Luise from Nila and I love her. We booked Nila as our planner 1 1/2 years before the wedding date and she has been great. We have even met her on our site visit at which time we met different vendors. I love her ideas and how allows metro do a lot of the planning. They also really helped me work with a budget.
  9. Hey girls. How's the planning coming along. We are getting married on May 17, 2013 at Ocean Club West. We are really excited and have booked Eyespice as our photographer and are having a beach BBQ reception catered by Kissing Fish. It's nice to meet 2013 brides on here.
  10. Yea I don't think I am going to do a trial either becase honesty I am paying for me, the bridesmaids and the mothers hair and makeup which as you know is pretty expensive. So I really don't want to put out another 250 for a trial. That's why I was curious to see if you gave her a picture and if it turned out the way you expected. Wow, what do you mean your planner increased prices for you guys. I would be upset to. I was planning on doing exactly what you did and all of my favors and gift bags and things like that I am just going to take the extra suitcases with me. Did you have any problems with customs since you brought so many suitcases and did they charge you any taxes for bringing it in or no. Thats what I want to do. I heard Ileanna was really good and that is who I want to book. My planner said to make sure when I book I tell them that and to make sure that she will actually do the wedding because sometimes it doesn't work like that. I would love for you to send me a pm of your pictures. I bet it was beautiful. For the reception I originally was going to have it at Opus but when there on our site visit was lucky enough to see a beach bbq reception on beach and I chose that for the reception and my reherssal dinner at Opus. So we are going to have kissing fish cater the beach bbq. So I am really exicted that you had them and loved them I heard so much about that. Did you have a DJ or a band and who did you use. Also for your actual ceremoney did you use any music for you or the wedding party when walking down the beach? Thanks so much for your help.
  11. Hey Jen: Yes we are lucky to have ahead start. Believe me I have been researching and planning for a while. I thought the message in a bottle thing was cute too. I actually bought the bottles when they were on sale from the The Knot wedding store. As far as the decorations in regards to buying local or taking with us I am going to do both. As I said before we have the bag and i am actually going to pack all the bags and the stuff already bought in a suitcase when we leave and just pay that fee rather than ship it ahead of time. However, I do know Luise told me before that if you really wanted to you could ship things to Nila as your day gets closer and they would hold it for you however I don't know what the shipping cost are I do believe the cheapest way is buy boat but it takes a long time. I am not going to do that. As far as other items such as small local rum, and maps of the island and thigns like that I am going to buy on the island. I actually found a shop on the way to the grocery store when we were there on our site visit and I would like to get some stuff from her. In regards to the DJ know I have found who is the one yet but I do trust Nila especially my planner in guiding me and finding that person. She has found the catamaran guy and recommended the same caterer I had wanted so I trust her. Last but not least, I am planning on using Brilliant. I actually met with Andy on our site visit and he gave me alot of info including prices and I am going to send them an inquiry on line because I would love to use them but I want to see if I can have ileana do our pictures and I wanna see if I can actually make sure she does them not just book and someone else show up. Plus I think I need a custom package not just one of the set packagaes. Who did you use. I don't know if Spa Tropique does hair and makeup but i do know they do nails and massages. it takes a while but they'll get back because as I said they have offered group rates as long as more than 6 are coming. Turks Bride- I have spoken to Shenique and am planning on using her for not only my hair but the mothers and my bridesmaid and I was wondering how you liked your hair? Did you give her a picture or did she just do her thing that day. Also, did she or does she do a trial or just wing it the day of. Daniella
  12. Oh and I almost forgot. I actually already ordered my welcome bags. Since my colors are blue, pink & purple. We purchased large monogramed canvas bags for everyone. The men's monogram is in blue and the women's bag are divided between pink and purple monograms. These bag are large enough for us to put all of our goodies in. We will be arriving a few days before all guests and therefore I will have the bags made up and already in their room as they arrive. Inside the bag I am placing items such as monogramed bottled water, a map of T & C, we are purchasing small bottles of rum for each bag, travel tyleonol, OFF spray to keep mosquito away and we have also purchased small glass bottles in which we will have a welcome message in the bottle for each guest. The bag is great and big enough for each guest to use for the beach. Hope that helps.
  13. Hey Jen: I also am getting married in T & C but in May of 2013. Luise Bayley from Nila is my coordinator and I have been planning this for the last year lol. We also have met with her on the island in April for our site visit. We met with photographers and are also using Diane for the cake. I believe we will get our flowers from EA and i am not having any special flowers flown in I am using the island bouganville. I also am using Shenique for my hair and make up along with paying for my 2 bridesmaid and the mothers. (Yes it is pricey but I do believe it is well worth it, so I choose to go with the pricer option) I do hear that Maxime Salon which you can walk to from Grace Bay is cheaper but I believe it cost 50.00 every 3 people to come out to your condo which basically works its self out to be around the same price. I am staying next door to Grace Bay at a 4 star resort due to the fact that it was affordable for our 31 guest and that we are paying for many extra events for the guest. For instance we have a catamaran sunset cruise set up to take everyone out the night before my reherssal dinner. My reherssal dinner will be held at Opus and I will have a DJ with an open bar for all guest and then the wedding night will be a beach BBQ catered by Kissing Fish with open bar and dj. We are also going to charter a deep sea fishing excursion for the guys and I am treating the mothers, my bridesmaids and self to a sweedish massage, scalp massage and eye treatment at Spa Tropique. To answer your question in regards to mani & pedi. I have contacted Spa Tropique and they do offer group rates at least they did for me as long as there was over 6 people. They were even willing to speak with your guests directly. Try sending them an email and let them know that you are a bride (they love brides and will tell you that) and that you are planning on have 7 of you get mani pedi and you want to know what group rates they offer. I believe they are definitely one of the more reasonable spas. When I went for my site visit I was lucky enough to see a beach bbq reception held on the beach which was coordinate by Nila and they had a DJ for their reception. I will say they had a blast and I as a bystander was wishing I was at the reception. The music was current mixed with some oldies and everyone danced the night away. I say that because originally I was going to hire a band for my reherssal dinner and changed it to a dj even though I am having a dj for the reception because their dj was so much fun and they really had an awsome party. Good luck and let me know if spa tropique works for you. Also I believe they are located next door at Ocean Club West and they also come out of your condo but I am not sure if they do that for a mani/pedi or just for massages. best of luck to you both.
  14. ShaeShae18: I have been lucky enough to have all 31 of my guest stay at the same resort Ocean Club West for our May 2013 upcoming wedding. I was given great discounts for wedding guests and it is definitely possible to book within your price range. I picked that resort because there are room for everyones budget. The cheapest room is a studio with no view except of the island or the most expensive is the 2 and 3 bedroom ocean views which are beautiful and just perfect for us and our guess. We went for a site visit in April and stayed in a Junior suite and it was definitely big enough for two people. For my reception I am having a beach bbq catered by Kissing Fish and a dj for 4 hours with open bar for 4 hours. We are holding a rehersal dinner at Opus which is located at Ocean Club East (we dined there and the atmosphere was perfect) also with a dj for 4 hours and open bar for 4 hours. The night before that we are renting a catamaran cruise for everyone along with also chartering a private fishing boat for deep sea fishing for the men and we are paying for spa packages for the women. By staying at the resort which is one of the resorts which is not too expensive we have been able to include a ton of event all of which we are paying for for the the guests. All of this has been affordable and withing our budget. Our wedding coordinator is Luise Bayley of Nila Destination and she is wonderful. If you plan in advance and speak with coordinators and the hotels and find out what deals they can give you for blocking out a certain number of room for a wedding party they normally will work out some type of discount for you and your guest. Good luck with you planning. Daniella
  15. Yes you can check them out if you want its Ocean Club West but its nothing like seven stars or Grace Bay. Its more like the price of the sands and its not a hotel like i said before so it may not be what you are looking for. I like Tropical Imagaes also and because of all the photos I have seen believe I too will be using them but I am not going to get into all that until April when I am almost 1 year away. Definitely keep me updated and as I continue to plan I will update you. Its cool to find another bride getting married there because you see so many getting married in jamica and bahamas, punta cana but I have not found any in T & C until I came on this site. Best of luck and congrats again.
  16. Actually Ocean Club West is where I am having the wedding but on the beach and then cocktail hour and then I am thinking of doing cocktail hour on the new deck they just made at the seaside cafe but only cocktail as far as the actual reception I am not sure yet when we go in April we are going to look around and do some tasting and also meet with the flower and cake vendors. The date is May 17, 2013 which is a Friday but we are going to leave May 10th and return on the 19th. I think seven stars is beautiful so is grace bay club its just that my future father-in-law knows the owner of Ocean Club West and we were able to get an awsome deal on the rooms for our guest and it probably is more within our guests budget. I agree with you that if the hotel or resort you are looking at does have a coordinator I would definitely not hire an additional one. Unfortunately as I said before Ocean Club West is not a hotel and they do not have an onsite coordinator so I had to go with one from the island or do it myself which I didn't really feel comfortable with. Although I still have looked at certain vendors and do know of certain things I want like I will get me, my bridesmaids and the mothers' hair and makeup done by Shenique (it is expensive but i beleive well worth it) so there are vendors I new I wanted to use before hiring Nila. Do you have any idea of when you guys are looking to get married? I am so excited and not just because of the wedding but because of it being on the island. I am looking forward to going this April to site see and by then I should definitely know whats going on. I do know that as I was looking through these blogs the other day I seen that the flowers on the island are very pricey and one bride who was married a couple years ago actually bought flowers made of clay from an online store that were beautiful and identical to what she had wanted. I am debating if I would consider that. lol. What kind of things do you want planned for your wedding and how long will guys be staying?
  17. I am getting married in 2013 and am using one of the off site coordinators name Luise Bayley from Nila Destinations. So far I love her. However, I have heard that all 3 wedding coordinating companies on the island are all good. The reason I chose Nila was because I am staying at Ocean Club West (which is not a 5 star luxious resort but rather a 4 star intimate condo resort) and they do not have an onsite coordinator and suggested Nila to me. I looked at their website and received an estimate from them long before I ever hired them as my coordinator. So far everythign is going well in my planning. I do suggest having a coordinator whether your hotel provides one or you hire one because mine has given me many wonderful ideas and has been able to schedule appointment for me with their vendors during my site visit which is schedule in April of this year. My coordinator even informed me that during my stay on site visit she will be coordinating a 60 person wedding at Ocean Club West which is exciting to me because maybe from a distance I will be able to catch a glimpse of the ceremoney decor. My wedding planner responds to every email I send and is quick with a response. She has even given me ideas for my cocktail hour, welcome bags etc even though its over a year away. I have been very impressed with Nila thusfar. To be honest it was worth hiring a coordinator to me because not only do they know all local vendors and work with them daily, i beleive they also will help your guests book their accomodations and book whatever extracurricular activities or excusions they may be interested in. Plus their able to give you an estimate before you even hire them of what your looking at in expenses for what you want. Hope this helps
  18. I am getting married in Turks in Caicos in 2013. I began researching the island back in 2011 and looked at many resorts, vendors and coordinators. I think as far as what you can get on your budget your best best is to narrow down where you are thinking about staying during your wedding. Once you narrow down your locations you should call them and ask if they have on site wedding coordinator and if not who they may use. I know those that do not have onsite coordinators usually recommend 1 of the 3 coordinators on the island and if they do not have an onsite ask if you can use any one of the 3 coordinators. I say that because once you know where you are staying and whether a coordinator is on site you will be able to know more about what you can get for you money. If they do not have an onsite coordinator and you can use any of the 3 you should go to their websites and look at their pricing. I know that Nila Destinations, Island Harmony and I forget the third all have pricing on their websites and will give you a free estimate. In the estimate you tell them what you want and they tell you what an estimate of the price is that way you'll know at least an estimate of where you stand within your budget. I am staying at Ocean Club West which is not a 5 star resort but a 4 star and it is not a hotel rather it is condos. I am also using Nila Destinations as my coordinator and I have approximately 30 guest and have been able to get an estimate. Granted the estimate if not a definite and can be higher or lower depending on what you want. I know so far including ceremoney decor, flowers, 2 tier cake, hair and makeup for me and bridsmaid, coordinator, rehearsal catamaran crusie with drinks prior to a bbq on beach with band and open bar, reception with open bar and dj I have an estimate for 18,500. Now my budget is 22,000 but it gave me something to go by and of course that estimate will go up for other things I have realized I have wanted and then those I may do without. So I really would suggest starting there in order to find outwhat you can get for your money. Also you need to thinik about if your hotel stay is included in your budget and how long you will stay. I do know that in March is is more expensive anywhere there and I know Grace Bay which is right next door to where I am staying is expensive. So if that is included in your budget you'll need to deduct that price. I was able to get a great group rate for my guest and money is due in September and it was very reasonable like I said it is not luxurious like Grace Bay but its intimate and homey and just what me and my guests will be looking for. Hope that helps and please let me know what you choose as I love talking to Turks & Caicos brides because I couldn't find any until I joined this site.
  19. OMG! I am so happy to have found bride getting married in Turks & Caicos. I am getting married there in 2013 also. We will stay for 8 night 9 days however the date of the wedding is May 17, 2013 which is a Friday that way guests who only come for the wedding itself can leave on Sunday and relax the day after the wedding. I know that it is definitely cheaper to go in the end of April than March. I do have a wedding coordinator and I used Nila Destinations not for any other reason other than where I am staying does not have a coordinator as it is not an all inclusive resort and it was who they recommended. To date I have been extremelly happy with my coordinator and will be meeting her for the first time in April at our site visit. We are staying at the Ocean Club West which is not a 5 start luxury resort rather it is a 4 star and is not a hotel but rather condos. I got a great deal there for a group rate and all 25-30 of my guest can afford it. My budget is 22,000 for 30 guest and I have already paid the Nila. I can tell you this I do believe it is worth hiring a coordinator because no matter which of the three you choose they all are familiar with the island and the vendors, have been around for years and have done many weddings. Mostly all of them use the same island vendors and they can give you alot of insight on what is normal there such as what the island flowers are, pricing etc. I also know that unfortunately Nila Destinations does not have a package deal for a wedding party of over 12 guest therefore you do have to pay al la carte for everything. However, all of them will give you an estimate as to what cost you are looking at for what you want. For instance, On the rehersal day I am taking all 30 guests on a catamaran crusie with snack and alcohol and then returning to the beach for a BBQ with open bar and the day of the wedding having my wedding on the beach with cocktail hour served on a beautiful deck before the reception at a seperate location close by. The reception will also have open bar along with a DJ and so far my estimate is still 5000 below my budget. That also includes ceremony decorations etc so I suggest hiring a coordinator whoever you choose and having them give you an estimate of the cost for what you are looking at. Personally I don't think Beaches is worth it because its overly expensive, you have to use their photographer and its like kiddie city and I believe thats the all inclusive resort. I do have children and still would not get married there. Let me know what you do choose because I would love to hear what other brides getting married there are doing.
  20. I am going tomorrow to the Great Bridal Expo in Philly at Lowes Hotel on 12th & Market Streets. I will let you know but I am not planning on finding vendors there as my wedding will be in Turks & Caicos and my vendors are from the island. However, I do plan on watching the fashion to view dresses for me and my girls and I plan on signing up for whatever I can. So I'll let you know soon.
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