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  1. I totally agree Tyre. And believe me everyone on your side will eventually come around. The more you get into it, the more they will. I am going to try to see how to upload the pics they are not great but they are of the ocean. We had like 3 cloudy days but the island was still beautiful. Some are of our resort so I'll show you what I have
  2. Kim the grocery store is about a blocks walk from the gracy bay club (OCW is next door to that) Maybe a little further but theres a round-a-bout (almost across from 7 stars) about one block from Grace Bay Club & OCW. Once your at the roundabout its about one block from there. I don't know the name of the streets but I could find out. I'm not sure where you are staying but if you are at one of them 3 its not a far walk at all. If not and you are renting a car you can drive there. Some stuff is cheap but some expensive but like I said it is worth it. Where are you staying?
  3. Personally, for me that is whyI went with Eyespice because its only Jon and I was guarenteed him. Some bigger vendor can't guarentee you a specific person they can pencil it in but I guess ultimately it depends. But it so worth a shot by writing them and seeing what they can say. Everyone is so helpful I know they will get back to you and let you kno what they can do and what the prices are like. I know what you mean about pricey because I felt like some things are so much money and then I realized that you really have to weigh out the things that mean the most to the both of you and that how you decide what you'll splurge on and what you won't. I am glad I can make you feel better but its all the truth what I am saying lol. I know what its like. When we first said we were going away everyone wasn't thriled with it. They acted nice but I think they really wanted something close. Then when guest list came into play everyone had someone they thought should be invited. Finally, I said the closest people to the family are invited and that's that. I mean i knew when we planned this everyone couldn't come plus honestly I can't afford for everyone to come. I mean I feel like I am doing alot for the guest and the more who come the less I can afford to do. It's tough but once you really start getting into it gets better. I think everyone is just starting to come around. We just had to start booking room from now until September in order to guarentee we all are at the same resort and people are starting to get excited. so in the end it works out. Just don't regret anything you have started. I know I did at first, I would see someone say something about a resort that was in my price range and I would think I picked the wrong one. I would see someone say somthing about a vendor I didn't book and I thought maybe shouldn't have done that. But you know what, it is what it is and I picked the places and vendors for a reason. That's what matters. You'll have everyone you need there on a beautiful island at a beautiful resort and you will have the best time plus your marrying the man you love in a beautiul environment. Ultimately what can be indecisive about that. These days, I love hearing what other brides do because really we're all so similar in our plans and wants. Just different venues and vendors thats all. I can't wait till we're all married and we can show each other and tell each other how are plans turned out.
  4. Tyre: Your best best is to send them an email and see what they say. I am sure Brilliant will be able to tell you if they would be able to do that or not. Don't second guess yourself though. Maybe you can ask and see if any brides out there from beaches would show you their pictures then you could see what their photography looked like just to ease your mind. You may love their photographer. Ask around thats what I would do especially before you put money out for a whole other vendor. Everything will work out fine. Sometimes all of this is overwhelminng. But it will all fall into place.
  5. I have some pictures I can show you of the island if you want. It's not much most are of the gourgeous Grace Bay beach and some of the place where the cofee shop is not far from the grocery store. I'm not sure if that is near your hotels or not. I think it may be a drive from beaches and Kim I am not sure where your are staying. But if you guys are renting a car I would definitely stop and check it out for coffee in the morning if possible. Let me know if you want to see the pics.
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