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  1. Iam wondering if someone can help me with the marriage requirements. I was told w need a certified copy of the birth certificates and passports. I was also told the copies must be notarized. Is this just a photocopy of each and then notarized. Because when I called googled certified copy passport, I contacted the department and was informed it would not be notarized only sealed by the state an it cost more than a passport. Has anyone gotten married and can tell me what and how they supplied the documents. Thanks a million.
  2. Hey Girls: I am getting very excited its only 3 months away before our big day. I can't wait to go to the island. I love this site and love hearing everyone's ideas. Congrats to those that just got married and had a fab wedding. That's so cool.
  3. Jen How long did you book the dj for and the steel drum player. I am curious because I was having a dj for five hours and am figuring out how many hours I would really need him to play at the reception and how many hours I could book the musician for
  4. I have stayed at ocean club west and loved it. Ia getting married there in 5 months. Back in April of last year we went on site visit there. Its beautiful. During my site visit i stayed in a junior suite which is perfect for two people. This time i will stay in an oceanfront 2 bedroom. I must say all of the views from the balcony are outstanding except for studio suites. They are the only room where the view is of the island. We have 25 people going for at least a week and all are staying at ocean club west with us. They have a wedding coordinator for the room and do offer discounted group rates which we were able to get and even received a free room for 5 nights for a guest to stay in a studio. We are also having our reherssal dinner at opus which is located at ocean club the sister property. The atmosphere and food there was great. The wedding will be on the beach of ocw and we are having a catered bbq on the beach the day of. I do have pictures of the junior suite and resort if you want to see them. I personally loved the resort it is not fancy schmancy lol but it is not crappy either. The condos are great. I cant wait to go back. If you have other questions about the resort email me
  5. Corey I have booked shenique. Her quote is 150 for hair and 150 for makeup for bride. Bridesmaids hair and makeup is 250 or just 150 for hair or makeup. She will come to your room the day of. I am using her and their are 8 of us. It may be pricey but it is so worth it. She's great
  6. Hey Lauren. I have been told by my coordinator it is cheaper to buy table runners or linens here and to bring them with you bc they can get expensive to rent there. I know I bought my linens table runners and linen napkins and my coordinator is going to buy them off me after the wedding. It's so cheap here. Look on line at wholesale linen stores you can get it way cheaper and just pack them with you
  7. Hey Tonkin In regards to shuttles the guests don't have to pay bc we are all staying bat cow and the rehearsal dinner is at oc so shuttles are complimentary. On the day of the wedding the reception will be on the beach. The etiquette is controversial on that bc I've read some places that the bride and groom should pay for transportation if its for the reception. If its for a rehearsal dinner you can invite them and let guest know that transportation will not be provided but that they are welcomed to attend. I know when I was on the island cabs run about 15.00-30.00 per person one way so that can get pricey. If you have a coordinator I would discuss that with them. Coco bistro is great. They are catering my reception on the beach which is known as kissing fish caters. In regards to music I am renting a dj for the full 5-6 hours so that way I can use his microphone during the ceremony so guests can hear and he can play the weddings songs I want during the ceremony. Then he can play for cocktail hour and reception. Let me know if you need any other suggestion bc they helped me in my planning
  8. Kim. They will send you pics also of the bouquets your looking at buying id they have them. For me they did. I hear they do great work so sont worry
  9. W. Corey: I love John. Wait until you meet him hes such a nice and funny guy. You both will enjoy working with him. I have actually went with Shenique for my hair and placed the deposit. She prices around 150 for hair and 150 for makeup for the bride but seeing pictures i believe its worth it. The bridesmaids are a littlecheaper but not much. We are using EA flowers which is who my coordinator picked. The bouganville is cheap and again it dependa on what flowers you want imported aome are much more expensive than others. I really think it depends on where their being imported from. Like i said mine are being imported from miami and honestly i would be paying the same here for flowers if not more as my selection would be way bigger. I too will have a different bouquet from the girls. However i wont be using flowers as my centerpieces because i hear that geta very pricey. I have looked at the beaches blog and you would be shocked to see the fake flowers becaise they do look so real. I spoke with aome brides that ordered fake ones from etsy and loved them. You have to do whats in your budget and what works for you. Im excited and i agree it is alot planning something far away because it is so different than planning a wedding from home. But it is exciting. Are you making welcome bags. If so what are you putting in them. I love hearing everyones ideas.
  10. Hi W Corey: congrats on your upcoming wedding. I love meeting new brides. As far as the aleaxandria goes i never stayed there but friend owns one of the condos and from what i have heard its beautiful. I also know its so close to the coral reef where you can actually go snorkiling right off the beach and have lunch at this cute bar restaurant called somewhere. We are actually planning to snorkel there instead of renting a boat. I am not sure if you can walk to the supermarket from there thats something i dont know. But i personally think it is in a beautiful location. I see alot of girls get flowers from etsy.com. I have been lucky though i am having real flowers but im using the island flower and the only flower being imported are the blue and purple dendronim orchids and since they were coming from miami it really wasnt expensive. Im so excited for you and me. I can tell you about jon nickson bc he is my photographer for our wedding. Honestly i was stuck between brilliant and eyespicem i met with both on the island and they both do wonderful work yet different. While i was on the island jon was the photographer for a wedding at my resort and once i was home he sent pictures of that wedding and i was sold. Personally for me it was more within my budget for the number of hours i wanted. I would say look at both sites and contact both business. See what work you like best and what works for your budget. I found both vendors to be more than helpful. Hope that helps. Keep me posted i love talking about planning our big days
  11. Shae: I will say in regards to transportation cabs are expensive on the island. I took at cab to and from the airport and each time was 30.00 per person. So it does cost about 60.00 per person round trip. This time for the wedding I am renting a car. If a large group goes it may also be worth checking out a limo service or car rental service on the island which does airport transfer or if you stay at an all inclusive like Beaches-airport transfer is included. For me, I really did not think the island was so expensive but it all depends whats in your budgt and where you are from. I will say shopping at the Groumet Food (market) was expensive. Some items are pricey some are the same as in the US. I will say that if you do not stay somehwere that is all inclusive most of the resorts down there are somewhat like condos even if it is a luxury resort. Some are located within walking distance to many places and you can eat breakfast, lunch or dinner at a reasonable priced spot. But if you looking for a luxury dinner than your going to pay a luxury price lol I thought the island was beautiful and worth every penny. I personally loved the fact that it isn't party central and it is a place where you can enjoy the time with your guest and there really isn't much happening or going on. So it makes it very initimate unlike many islands in the caribean.
  12. Congrats Kim: I am so happy for you. I told you, you would know it was the one. You look beautiful in your dress. It's exciting isn't it. Where did you finally find the one?
  13. I thought this post was a great post. I think all of us go through this. I am going through this now. It's funny when its 1 year or more before the wedding everyone is going. As its not only 8 months away, I still have a large number of definites but there are quite who few who I feel like aren't able to go and just won't say it. the part I can't get the most is, if you can't afford it or don't want to attend I completely understand. BUT JUST SAY IT PEOPLE. The reaslity is as one drops another comes and to be honest I could care less if you come or you don't. Either way my day is going to go and its going to be a wonderful vacation for all who do come.
  14. Oh and P.S. the Sottero site after you look at a dress you specifically like has a link on the right that says "Find A Store" click that link and put in PA and NJ and you should find PA retailers and South Jersey retailers since only certain stores are permitted to carry the line.
  15. Also, DO NOT SHOW HIM THE DRESS YOU PICK lol. It's a killer. I have been dying to just show him. But you know what it will be worth it when he sees you and sees how beautiful and stunning you look because if you don't show him hes excited himself to see you. If he sees it, well you'll still look great and he'll love it but he has an idea of what to accept.
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