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    Turks and Caicos

    Which resort ? Tropical imaging is great for photography and video.
  2. I am April 2013 but I finally have everything done and I am so excited! My STD went out today. PICS- http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/79605/save-the-dates-pictures I have the Gansevoort for my wedding, guests are staying at Beaches, welcome dinner at Beaches, Tropical Imaging for photography and cinematography and Diane Guess for cake. Hair and make up people are traveling with me. DJ william for DJ. I can finally relax and watch time fly by! I am so excited!
  3. I finally finished my save the dates!!! I did them myself and I got all of my inspiration and ideas from here! Thank god for this forum! I had a mild attack because after they were done I realized the wedding location was Beaches instead of the Gansevoort. My guests are staying at Beaches and my wedding is at Gansevoort. Oh well! I am leaving it all of the correct info is on the website! I can't stress myself or reprint! lol
  4. I finished my maid and matron gifts! Check them out! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/78622/will-you-be-my-maid-of-honor-gifts-picture-heavy#post_1742845
  5. Okay I finally finished my maid and matron gifts! I got all of my inspiration from here! Thanks everyone! The 2nd page which you can't see too well has more questions and asks..Will you be my maid of honor/Matron of honor? Please say I do..open gift #3..I had to throw in the pink bling file, I thought it was so cute...lol The file I found at Old Navy and the necklace on ETSY. I made everything myself
  6. I am using a real touch bouquet because I want to be able to take it back to the states with me. I don't want to pay all of that money to trash it at the end of the day.
  7. I am trying to select my room today, which one did you guys choose for the Gansevoort? I believe they are starting around $650.00 Also when you got the room blocks how low did it take your rate? I am considering having my guests stay somewhere cheaper. I am also considering a welcome dinner at Bay Bistro. I did consider bringing a photographer but they must get a working license in order to shoot in Turks so it is cheaper to just use one there.
  8. I am having my wedding April 13, 2013 for 50 guests. My fiance and myself are the only ones staying there because it is too expensive for our guests. I am looking at Villa Del Mar and The Sands for my guests because they are more reasonable. I have not gotten any other details secured yet..lol I am still working on the rest! I am considering Brilliant photography though. The resort is PERFECT, I love it and they are so great to work with! How many are in your wedding party? What are your colors? It is great to have input from other brides planning their wedding there!
  9. I also went with Gansevoort! I had some issues with Seven Stars. Dorell at Gansevoort provided me with the most outstanding service! I felt way more comfortable with her and their resort! After a visit, I was convinced that this was the place for me! Can't wait!
  10. Here is my dress! My wedding isn't until April 2013 but I have my dress!
  11. These are beautiful! How did you sew these together? How did you tie the end of the string so that it didn't come apart and did not show? Did you use a regular needle?
  12. Did your guests stay at seven stars? Which resorts are close by that are less expensive?
  13. jenaya

    Turks and Caicos

    Oh wow! That is great you guys were able to get a good deal. I am still looking at several locations and narrowing it down. I will have to check out that one I haven't looked at it yet. Yes flowers are very expensive unless you use real touch flowers. I am thinking of using these because they don't allow you to bring real flowers back with you and if I pay 400 for my bouquet I want to keep it! lol I am still deciding on the flowers though. Once I decide on a location I will let you know. I have a stylist and makeup artist traveling with me. We will be staying around 7 days. I just started all of this crazy planning so I have not made a lot of final choices yet. I do love Tropical Images for photos (AMAZING) and I am also considering Eye Spice. We will have a rehearsal dinner but not sure yet maybe Bay Bistro. I have heard really great things about them. I will keep you updated!