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  1. Hi Kiara, Everything that MarieSam said! There are some really great options but there are other factors that would decide whether or not it would be a fit for your group. Wright Travel can definitely help you and they don't charge an upfront fee!
  2. Hi Marissa! I am so late to the party with this. It was truly such a pleasure working with you and I LOVE that I got to meet you and your friends! I definitely could've hung out with you guys the whole time. And thank you again for the awesome t-shirt. You both deserve all the happiness in the world 😍💘
  3. Thank you Shelby, you and your group were a pleasure to work with!
  4. Thank you SO much Mrs Lyons! You are your guests were so easy to work with. Thank you for making my job fun and easy :-)
  5. Hi Rocio, Congratulations on your engagement! Jamaica is an amazing place for a destination wedding. The resorts you have chosen are all very different so it really depends on what you are looking for. Azul, Hyatt and Moon Palace are the same in terms of luxury and pricing. Azul is about 1.5 hrs from the airport so you will want to take that into consideration if guests are only coming for 3 nights. But their beach is unbeatable. Hyatt has an adults only section which is nice and it is only 15 min from airport. Moon Palace will give you the most in terms of wedding perks and guests get resort credits to use for excursions and spa treatments. This resort is also about 1.5 hrs away. Feel free to email info@wrighttravelagency.com to get more personalized assistance with deciding on your venue. We never charge a fee for our services :-)
  6. Hi Kelliemarie! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! I am a specialist for both areas. Feel free to email info@wrighttravelagency.com so we can better assist you! Thanks! Babs
  7. Hello and congratulations on your engagement! You can email info@wrighttravelagency.com and one of our amazing agents and work on group rates for you as well as recommend other times of the year that may be lower. Please let us know if you have any questions!
  8. Hi @@Mfinberg716! Welcome to the forum, you will find so much valuable info on here and tips from the experts- the brides themselves! It is extremely overwhelming at first trying to narrow down options. Wright Travel Agency are experts in destination weddings having been doing this for over 11 yrs now! We can help you narrow down options based on what is most important to you. Feel free to contact us! Babs
  9. Hi Jamie, Congratulations on your wedding! You are going to love the property and so are your guests! Karisma has the most amazing food. Wright Travel Agency offers a lot of great perks for the Karisma properties. Feel free to email info@wrighttravelagency.com for more information! Babs
  10. Hi Ladies, Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! Besides being a huge fan of Generations, Wright Travel Agency are Karisma Diamond 4 specialists and can offer special perks to our brides. A good friend of mine just got married on the pier here so I am happy to answer any questions or email info@wrighttravelagency.com for more information on group rates. Thanks! Babs
  11. Hi Ladies! I recently stayed at The Hideaway Riviera Cancun and got some pics of various ceremony and wedding locations. We are happy to answer any questions or assist you with getting your group block in place. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
  12. TA Babs

    Royalton Riviera Cancun

    Ceremony and Reception Locations
  13. Congrats on your engagement! What about Jamaica or Punta Cana? Moon Palace Jamaica Grande is absolutely amazing and the Royalton or Dreams in Punta Cana are fantastic as well.
  14. Hi Brandie, Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Secrets WO is one of my favorite resorts! Feel free to contact us at info@wrighttravelagency.com with any questions regarding travel arrangements. We have a free air promo going on right now!
  15. Hi Kristen, I am a Top 50 booking agent for Jamaica and would be happy to assist you with any questions you have about resorts. Feel free to PM me. Thanks! Babs
  16. As I read this review, I often wondered if we were in the same conversation. Your version of the events is misleading and far from truthful. Let's start with where you claim you were handed off to another agent. Kelly is the reservation liaison to the supplier and partners with me. It is a more efficient system but we work as a team so you were never just handed off as you were still able to contact me. When guests make a reservation, they are sent an email confirmation with all pertinent information including name, dates of stay, room type, rates, insurance and transfers. It is all spelled out in the simplest way possible. As guests haven't yet paid in full, we do not send travel documents. I am pretty sure that is how ALL agencies work. You did not feel it looked professional because it did not contain our logo. Noted. "After talking with a few different travel agents, USUALLY round trip airport transfer is included in the all-inclusive price". I'm not sure why "usually" is in caps as it isn't a definitive answer and doesn't support any claim. It is true that often times, package rates are given that include transfers but these are rarely included in the hotel's all inclusive rate as the transfers are typically provided by an outside company and NOT the resort. We always include it on the confirmation (the line where it says "round trip transfers") and guests can simply let us know if they are not needed. Your contract very clearly stated the nightly rates and then the transfer rate was listed so not sure where this idea of us double charging comes from but it is definitely a very creative claim. "Before signing a contract I made my wishes clear - which was to have a direct flight out of my hometown." I really wish I could predict what the airlines flight schedules would be. Unfortunately, when you signed in January, flights for end of March were not yet available and would not be available for 3-4 months. Not sure how we are to blame for the lack of non-stop flights everyday of the week out of Milwaukee but I will be sure to pass your complaints on to the airlines. You and I both know that I never told you that we can ONLY book flights out of Chicago. I asked you if guests would be open to flying out of Chicago as they offer non-stop flights that are much cheaper. I just had a 35 room wedding to Azul Beach and a handful of guests had me price out Chicago so I knew it was an option depending on where they lived. This is exactly what Kelly sent your mother-in-law (note it is out of MKE and the 2nd is a non-stop return flight!). Please also note that the stated travel time of 13:59 is the TOTAL travel time for BOTH ways. Here are 2 options I found; the first has 1 stop and the second is nonstop on the return. Adults $676.86 each Total Travel Time 13 hrs. 59 mins. United Airlines flight 5415 Monday March 28, 2016 Published Total Outbound Duration 5 hrs. 25 mins. Operated by SKYWEST DBA UNITED EXPRESS 7:25 AM Depart Milwaukee, Wi 8:08 AM Arrive Chicago, Il/ O'hare 0 stops 0 hr. 43 mins. Connection 0 hr. 52 mins. 2 Seats, Coach, U Class, No Meals, Non-smoking, Canadair Regional Jet United Airlines flight 1198 Monday March 28, 2016 Published 9:00 AM Depart Chicago, Il/ O'hare 12:50 PM Arrive Cancun/ Riviera Maya, Mexico 0 stops 3 hrs. 50 mins. 2 Seats, Coach, U Class, Food for Purchase, Non-smoking, Boeing 737-800 United Airlines flight 1011 Saturday April 2, 2016 Published Total Inbound Duration 8 hrs. 34 mins. 7:00 AM Depart Cancun/ Riviera Maya, Mexico 9:29 AM Arrive Houston, Tx/ George Bush 0 stops 2 hrs. 29 mins. Connection 3 hrs. 31 mins. 2 Seats, Coach, H Class, Food and Beverages for Purchase, Non-smoking, Boeing 737-800 United Airlines flight 4105 Saturday April 2, 2016 Published Operated by EXPRESSJET AIRLINES DBA UNITED EXPRESS 1:00 PM Depart Houston, Tx/ George Bush 3:34 PM Arrive Milwaukee, Wi 0 stops 2 hrs. 34 mins. 2 Seats, Coach, H Class, Food and Beverages for Purchase, Non-smoking, Embraer Embraer Jet Adults $778.76 each Total Travel Time10 hrs. 34 mins. Delta Air Lines flight 2539 Monday March 28, 2016 Published Total Outbound Duration 6 hrs. 50 mins. 7:15 AM Depart Milwaukee, Wi 10:22 AM Arrive Atlanta, Ga 0 stops 2 hrs. 7 mins. Connection 1 hr. 53 mins. 2 Seats, Coach, X Class, No Meals, Wi-Fi, Amenities subject to change, Mcdonnell Douglas Md - 90# Delta Air Lines flight 535 Monday March 28, 2016 Published 12:15 PM Depart Atlanta, Ga 2:05 PM Arrive Cancun/ Riviera Maya, Mexico 0 stops 2 hrs. 50 mins. 2 Seats, Coach, T Class, No Meals, Television, In-seat power source, Wi-Fi, Amenities subject to change, Boeing 737-900 Delta Air Lines flight 700 Saturday April 2, 2016 Published Total Inbound Duration 3 hrs. 44 mins. 10:50 AM Depart Cancun/ Riviera Maya, Mexico 2:34 PM Arrive Milwaukee, Wi 0 stops 3 hrs. 44 mins. 2 Seats, Coach, M Class, Food for Purchase, Wi-Fi, Amenities subject to change, Airbus Industries 320 Your MIL's response? She said you told her that flights would be $400 and asked if flying out of Chicago would be less expensive. Not sure if things were lost in translation when speaking with your future mother-in-law or you exaggerated/confused the facts to better support your claim that we told you we can "only book flights from Chicago" and the "flights are 12 hrs each way" and also "$800pp". Additionally, I never told you to coordinate flights for 50 people. I said if people want to book Southwest, they can do so on their own. People book their own flights all the time, there is no reason you would need to coordinate this and I never suggested you do so. You never expressed wanting to cancel your wedding to us, but it would seem that you underestimated the cost of flights for guests and it is much easier to blame us to get out of your contract. Per your contract, if you wanted to cancel completely, you would have had a $750 penalty imposed by the hotel (not by us). Your guests would've been able to get their deposits back but not the cost of insurance. We used our contacts to allow you to book directly with the resort and still be able to use your initial deposit as this is what you said you wanted to do. You simply cannot blame us for flight costs that we are unable to predict or control.
  17. You are going to love this resort! They have amazing incentives for wedding groups too. You can email info@wrighttravelagency.com for more info!
  18. Thank you for your review Whitney! Your group was a pleasure to work with. The massage and wine credits were supposed to be communicated to the guests by the hotel. As soon as I got an email from a guest about the hotel not being aware of it, I immediately contacted my rep who ensured that all guests had the appropriate credits and would be made aware of it. I do apologize that not all were able to utilize it. Thank you again for trusting us with your group!
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