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  1. @@nadiakat17 How was your honeymoon to South Africa? I'm really interested in hearing about this trip of yours.
  2. We want to go to South Africa. Has anyone gone or know of any great places to stay?
  3. I love vistaprint! They always have Great deals and are very cost effective. I love your save the date magnets. Here is mine created with vistaprint (front and back). We actually took the photos in Punta Cana when we got engaged there. It was during an excursion (the boogie adventure one) and the photos came out great so we used them as our save the dates/ engagement photos. Which resort will you have ypur wedoing at?
  4. Great choice @@Canadorecc ! I'm having my wedding there this May and can't wait! I had my site visit in August and loved every aspect of the resort. The welcome monitor was the best b I've ever had and we had a tour and lunch with the one of the wedding planning managers, Daniela and had an amazing time. The food at the buffet offered so many options and was beyond delicious. Everything I retired was good and everything offered was fresh. I've been to a few other all-inclusives and the food here was no comparison. (I've stayed at NOW JADE, the sister property to Now Sapphire and there really
  5. Im so happy with this review! Thanks for taking the time to wrote it. We booked them for our May wedding and I'm so excited to see what our wedding photos will be like. My finace is doing all the contacting for our outside vendors and he forwards me the emails d you are absolutely correct, Elena is very quick to resond. She is always on it which I love.
  6. @@dreamweddings How amazing it must have been living there. I'm sure everything is breathtaking. What are some must dos and cities to visit in South Africa? I know a few people who have loved abroad there and they loved it! I Want to do safari so bad!!!
  7. @@Anitam yay!!! I'm so happy everything worked our for yoyu. I too am in love with Sarani's photos. She was definetly on our top list but we chose to go with Fine Art Studio instead. I had no clue Royalton will negotiate on your behalf. My pre-wedding coordinator doesn't seem to do this. I'll have to check out Euphoria. I wonddr if that is the long page PDF file I was sent a while ago with all kinds of lighting options, sofas, chargers etc. Did you choose the couches pre wedding or last minute? I would love to see photos of the beach and of your wedding set up if you don't mind sharing. I'll P
  8. @@nadiakat17 have a blast and tell me all about it when you return! South Africa is high on my list. I know you'll have an amazing time!
  9. The owner of the bridal shop where I got my dress also suggested to bring your dress on as a carry-on instead of as checked luggage. She said it's better to pack it in a suitcase rather than use the garment bag. She mentioned that most of the garment bags are or very cheap quality. She is willing to pack my dress for me which is nice. I assume the gown would be easier to maneuver through busy airports with it being in a carry-on luggage than having to hold the garment bag throughout the airport. It would be nice to get the first class upgrade and the champagne as mentioned.
  10. My FI and I are considering a honeymoon in South Africa. (I want to go on safari) anyone planning a honeymoon to the country or has honeymoon or visited the area before?
  11. Any suggestions for honeymooning in south east asia? Cities, countries, good price? I'm looking for a unique honeymoon experience.
  12. @@ashhtayy thanks so much for the belp. I'll check them out! OMG!! such a great pricee. The resort wanted $95 for 1 table cloth and $25 per runner...this site is significantly less, 50 for the table cloth and 10 each for the runners. I appreciate the suggestion.
  13. I am looking for gold sequined table runners and two matching round table cloths...anyone have them available for a good price. There are way to many theads to comb through. I'm located in the US for shipping purposes.
  14. @@maybeoneday Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for your extensive review. My wedding is right around the corner in May and this helped to ease a few concerns. I did do a site inspection in early August but nothing compares to the sounds of satisfied bride on her wedding day. Congratulations on your recent marriage. You have me so excited for my big day Yay! Another Royalton May 2016 bride. I'm going to pm you! @@Ked
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