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    April 06, 2018
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    Azul Sensatori
  1. jkauther

    Post Wedding Items For Sale

    I'd be interested in the table numbers. Are they still available? how much would shipping be to Chicago? Thanks!
  2. jkauther

    2018 Brides?

    I'm nearly finalized on securing Azul Sensatori. I almost did Now Sapphire but the reviews on the smaller forums like this were better for Sensatori and the resort seemed nicer. I'm going through Shelli with Romance Travel Group. So far so good. If anyone has worked with her or that resort I'd love to know more!
  3. jkauther

    Azul Sensatori April 2018

    I'm in the process of confirming Azul Sensatori for April 6, 2018! Super excited but very nervous. Totally love that I've found this site! Thanks for all the feedback, ladies! I'd love to hear about your experiences at the hotel. We're doing a Sky Deck wedding. Please reach out with any tips, especially to keep our budget - $15,000 all in. Thanks again! -Jamie