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  1. So I'll be up late packing tonight! I'm so excited to leave on Thursday!
  2. Congratulations! You look amazing and it looks like your wedding turned out just the way you wanted! Glad to hear you got there safe. Enjoy your wedding & vacation! Quote: Originally Posted by nsg4729 Hi Ladies! I am here and only a day and a half left before I go. Lots to share when I return. As every bride has said, everything was wonderful! If you have any questions or are wondering what an area looks like, feel free to PM me :-) Another beautiful bride and happy couple! There's so many now. Congratulations! Whoop whoop! I leave in 3 days too! This is so exciting!
  3. To the recent brides - Did anyone travel on airtran? What did you do with your dress? I just got off the phone with Airtran and the rep said that they don't have a place on the plane where I can hang my dress except for maybe by the cockpit. I don't want to take that risk that I can't hang it up. My dress shop said that they would pack it in a carry-on suitcase, but that doesn't even sound possible. I'm honestly not sure that it would fit. I have also heard of brides laying their dresses flat in an overhead compartment, but I'm pretty sure we have a full flight and I know most people avoid baggage fees whenever they can. Do you ladies have any suggestions?
  4. Yay! That's so exciting! Best wishes to you on your wedding and I hope you have a wonderful vacation!
  5. Only 12 days until we leave! I have a ton left to do and my living and dining room look like DIY central, but it will all get done. Next week is my last week of work. Thank goodness I thought to take off for a few days before we leave to get last minute things done! Happy Planning Ladies & Gent!
  6. Congratulations! I hope your wedding is great! Have a safe and wonderful vacation too! Mrsbruff2b, Duckiedoo,Lurkerdan - They cannot force you to pay in advance. Just make sure that you communicate that you want everything charged to your room. Linda1972 - I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you too. Unfortunately, that happened to us too and they did nothing but send us some crap email saying that they've never heard of something like this happening before, it wasn't their fault and they are sorry. It was complete BS! I'm not satisfied with the folks in the Miami office at all. I want to go above the weddings department and make sure that someone else knows that this is happening. Welcome back! I'm so glad to hear that you had a great wedding! Thanks for sharing that the rooms inside for the receptions are nice too.
  7. Yay! Have a safe trip and I hope you have the wedding of your dreams! I'm giving luggage tags, maracas & a personalized photo book to each guest.
  8. Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs.! I'm glad to hear your wedding was wonderful and hope the small things didn't put a damper on things. I'm looking forward to reading your review.
  9. Congratulations! I'm so glad to hear that you had the wedding of your dreams! Thank you for sharing with us.
  10. Thanks for the contact info! Zuniga will let you charge the extras to your room. You just have to let them know and make sure your coordinator knows. They say their policy is to shred the credit card info immediately, but someone definitely did not do that in our case.
  11. Congratulations Jamie! I hope that you have the wedding of your dreams! There were a couple of reviews from early this year where the couple used the dinner reservation for their reception. I can't remember the names exactly, but if you go to the Moon Palace reviews, you should be able to find them. I did ask my sales rep when I first started the process about what's allowed in the restaurant and they said that you can do the first dance & have toasts. I was told the only thing they don't allow is decorations. I believe one of the restaurants has a piano, but don't quote me on that. If you are having a cocktail hour, another option would be to do your first dance there. That's our backup plan if we end up not having a private reception. Side Note - It's great to see a groom so involved in the process. You are absolutely, without a doubt, welcome as the token male! Linda, what info are looking for? Some of the answers may be in the forum already or maybe we can share some info to help out. We have Joannis too and she does take a few days to get back to us, but she does eventually respond. It could be that because you're past your 30 day mark, she's no longer the main contact for your account. I think it switches to your on-site coordinator after that, but I can tell you we haven't heard from ours yet. In any case, post your questions here and maybe we can help. We also had that problem with the fraudulent credit card charges. I sent an email directly to the supervisor and got some crap response saying that they were sorry to hear it happened to us, but it wasn't their fault. It definitely didn't make me feel any better, but we're in the same position as you are being so close to our date. We can't cancel, but I did make it clear that I wasn't paying them anything else before we get to Mexico. I didn't get confirmation that they were okay with that, but I have not received any requests for payment since. If they do ask, I have some few choice words in response to them. It's just terrible that they lie this way and treat their customers like this! Maybe we can complain to the better business bureau or something. Side note: Our wedding is on June 24th and we get there on the 21st. Maybe I'll see you there. Smart move! Please make sure that you confirm that with your coordinator and any MP vendors as well. I made sure I got that in writing from each one. Congratulations Debra! I hope that you have a fabulous wedding as well! I would suggest that you get what you can done & in writing now. Based on what I've read and the info I've received from our coordinator, I can only imagine that the prices will go up from here. As long as you can get your date reserved, you should be able to pin down the 2012 pricing for your 2013 event now & get that in your contract. Some of the brides on here that started early were able to do the same thing and not get hit with the increases that happened after they signed their contracts.
  12. I wasn't going to do a TTD session initially. I keep thinking how could I destroy my dress?! After seeing all of the pictures and thinking it through, we're going to have one! I'm never going to wear the dress again, so why not make some unique memories for us to admire years later? I'm nervous because I'm not a good swimmer, but I'm also excited to have these photos!
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