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  1. I really can't thank you guys enough. The pictures are all you have after the day and I am still making canvases and posters and loving every minute of it. My photographer, Israel, was amazing and captured everything and my videographer didn't miss a thing. The job he did on editing my video was awesome. That was Israel who posed us for the shadows behind the umbrella....one of my faves. You are coming up so soon -so exciting I know u are using them also and you are going to be so happy. I saw you were writing about the TTD. I didn't do it and I am a little sad about it. But my hubby was not going for it lol. he was already on overload with the hours of regular pics and we were very simple. You can use the piers and the grounds and they wanted us to do all kinds of beautiful poses but my husband said he was too old and too "big" lol for rolling around and sitting on the floor but my photographer, Israel, made the best out of what my husband was willing to do and I still got gorgeous photos without it. but if your man is willing I would definitely do the TTD. The pics from it are amazing. Look through photos from the BDW site and print out a few of ur faves or even email them they are sooo accommodating. Best of luck and have the best time xoxo
  2. You ladies who have been on for a while know how happy and thrilled I was with smile market. they went above and beyond and because they are the resort photographers they can make anything happen. I also posted this renewing to give u an idea. They were awesome to work with and my pics and video and even the cd case make me so happy lol http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/t/78753/smile-market-photos-at-moon-palace good looking out girl
  3. hmmm i don't know if you can see it because I can not play it so if you want you can put this in your browser http://vimeo.com/38444841
  4. Hi girlies I miss all of you. Those of you who had your weddings -you looked absolutely gorgeous and congrats. Now on to married life lol but you miss that planning process big time lol. I have to put all my efforts into a new project- house hunting . I have lots of questions in my inbox about the songs and I had many questions about the songs and when I saw diamongirls gorgeous video on here I thought that it would be helpful if I put up a copy of my video that they had on webcast for me -it is not my real video but you can see exactly how everything goes at the Tucan Gazebo and how long and how many songs they play. The music you hear from the beginning is the actual music and ceremony from the wedding. You can fast forward the ceremony part and you will hear more music and for how long during the sand ceremony and the signing and than when we leave. I wish i would have known this before my wedding because I stressed it so hard and no one even pays attention except me of course. i gave too much music and they wound up mixing up a song at the end but it was really fine and no one noticed. they take your cd and you need to have the tracks labeled and they put those numbers on a little sheet they have so say for instance you want track #4 for the bride entrance her little sheet has: Groom entrance #1 Carriage Ride #3 Brides maid &Flower girl entrance #2 Bride Entrance #4 Signing #6 Sand ceremony #5 Processional #7 This is just to give you an idea of how the CD will work - they will use the numbers of the songs you want so the order on the CD doesn't matter. They used my grooms song for the carriage ride also because i didn't specify and that was fine but whatever you tell them they will do but remember it doesn't use up much of the song and you will probably only hear a little bit for the sand and signing. You can see exactly how much of the song and how long you get on my video and how they just cut it off lol . Good luck ladies and i loved all your pics- engagement and wedding- so gorgeous!!!
  5. I wouldn't worry all u have to do is dispute the charge and u will be credited immediately. i ordered from them three times and i got my order so fast within 2 days and never had a payment issue. i am sure it will work out fine Antigua.
  6. That is true the front desk is very accommodating. My 3 year old niece couldn't go to the kiddie camp without a bracelet and after some persuasion by my brother they just gave her a bracelet. And the truth is after they cut off our bracelets we never even put them back on and just handed them in when we checked out 2 days later and my stepdaughter took hers off for half of the week because it was purple and she was 10 days from being 18 and they wouldn't let her drink so she walked around with no bracelet also and there was no charge to get another one. So I wouldn't even worry about it. These things work themselves out when you get there. the Moon palace people are so much nicer and better to deal with than Miami.
  7. FYI check if you can book it anyway because some of my guests that didn't book under the membership still booked this tour with the resort credits. ask that guy from the email and just tell him that you want to book that tour using the credits and don't mention the membership issue and see what happens.
  8. it has the days on the email I sent you -there are certain times but it's how many people that is the problem if you want to get everyone together. i know u will work it out girl!
  9. yep I agree this was the best tour and we also rented one van for $180 for 22 of us and had the absolute best time of our trip. I think it is a waverunner. here are 2 pics of the waverunner which you go on a half hour ride to a reef where they tie all the skis together and you go snorkeling for a half hour and there is one pic of the twister ride that was great fun and fit all of my 22 people.
  10. hey girl. I am going to email you my emails with the tour guy so you can see what you can book in advance. You should definitely book the dolphin swim before you go but you need to know exactly who is doing what. I did not book beforehand because everyone was giving me different answers and than I booked it when we first got there because it gets booked up fast and i wanted all of us to go together and I had to use my room for a few of the people that weren't there because you must have a room number for them to make the reservations. So I gave them my credits for that but it was worth having all of us together and the truth is I was too busy to use all my credits anyway. You can make all of you tour arrangements when you get there for everyone but have everyone's room numbers written down because that is how they assess the points. Try to do what you can before you go so you definitely get what you want. And the aquajungle was the most fun we had also. def do that. I am emailing you the info now. here is the guy :Xochitl Esquivel Solis email: xesquivel@palaceresorts.com Quote: Originally Posted by shan0487 Do you recent brides recommend booking tours (like the dolphin swim) right when you get there? We will be arriving on Monday and most of our guests won't be arriving until Wednesday, but I think a lot of people will want to do the dolphin swim. Can we book tours for other people? Or should we try to book our tours before? I know there is an email address somewhere on this thread for booking tours ( I think I recently saw one, lol).
  11. 168101 and 168103 sorry antigua I don't get on here much. i also didn't think too many people would wear the fuschia and pink so I got the cream and black and put them in their OOT bags and it was the biggest hit because my guests used them all week long every night and i was so glad i did black and cream. It would have been adorable in my colors at the reception but my reception wasn't until Friday and we were already there since sunday so it would have been a waste and i felt no one would wear the pinks again. best thing i gave.
  12. Thanks so much I am still looking at my pics everyday lol Steal away lol Thanks The typical one everyone uses lol maracca_badge_tag.docx
  13. Good luck to all the brides this week.... I had a 4PM ceremony and started my hair and make up at 11AM. They give you 1 and a half hour for the hair (which I needed but i have a lot of hair) and than I had a 12:30 makeup appointment which they give u 1 hour for and I needed that as well. So I was done at 1:30 and was able to watch over my daughter's makeup for a little and than go get lunch. I got to my room at 2:15 and was ready for my photographer at 3 with no sweating and rushing and I felt very calm. If I would have started at 12 like everyone had suggested i would not have been done until 2:30 and been rushing to make the [photographer at 3 and get laced into my dress and not been able to eat anything. my hair and makeup were fine in the room it was when you get to the wind blowing beach that ur hair starts getting ripped up. Just try to pick a style that will not get completely destroyed from the wind. half up or to the side or updo and you will be fine . I suggest being ready early rather than freaking out that ur late. The make up and hair took everyone the full time except for the kids. 1 and a half hours for hair and an hour for make up. Good luck
  14. Your pictures are beautiful as well. Beautiful wedding and you look radiant
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