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  1. Trashing the Dress in Maui, http://www.hawaiianislandweddings.com/couples.html
  2. For the Bride who is coming to be married in Maui, Just Maui'd Slippers may be the right choice. Show up to your Maui beach wedding in style with these custom Just Maui´d Slippers! White for the bride and black for the groom. As you walk down the beach hand in hand on your Maui wedding day you leave behind the legacy of your love together as Just Maui´d marks the sand behind you. What better island wedding footwear could you sport on your Maui wedding day? Your guests will be jealous when you show up with your new Just Maui´d Slippers. You may want to order them for your entire wedding party! Just Maui´d Slippers make a great island gift and a unique keepsake from your Maui wedding. They also make a great gift for that special bride and groom for their Maui wedding. Just $25 http://www.justmauiedslippers.com/
  3. If you are expecting your photographer to take photos after dinner... cake cutting, dancing, throwing the bouquet and couple leaving, you need to include them for a meal. Weather it be at a table with your guests at the reception (usually with larger receptions) or at a separate restaurant on the property, it's always appropriate. My experience is that it's best to be with the rest of the group as he/she may have to get up and get a shot of toasting during the meal. Although, you can't ask them to just nibble on something on the run, especially if it's been a long day.
  4. Here are some reviews that you may find useful, http://m.weddingwire.com/website/hawaiian-island-weddings-kihei/bb3ec0ebead85f31/reviews.html?iframe=true See their website at http://www.hawaiianislandweddings.com
  5. Here are some reviews that you may find useful. http://m.weddingwire.com/website/hawaiian-island-weddings-kihei/bb3ec0ebead85f31/reviews.html?iframe=true Here is the website, they do all the islands and specialize in Maui & Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu. http://www.hawaiianislandweddings.com
  6. Maui is definitely best! There is so much more to do and the weather is always perfect for a beach wedding! http://www.hawaiianislandweddings.com/couples.html
  7. For those getting married in Maui. Check out the Just Maui's Slippers. http://www.justmauiedslippers.com/
  8. Thanks for giving inspiration to other couples out there! They all look great.
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