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  1. Has anyone ever used DJ Chris Love in Puerto Vallarta????? I really need reviews
  2. Can someone who had great music please help me out? I am getting married in July in Puerto Vallarta.
  3. Hey Ladies! Can someone please help me try and find a really good DJ??? I will take any suggestions
  4. Hey Magah! I am also on a budget. We are getting married at the Vista Grill Restaurant. We have about 60 people and we are just doing a dinner, 4 hour open bar, and a DJ. I am not doing decorations either as in my opinion Puerto Vallarta is it's own decoration. It is such a beautiful spot that I feel like nothing is needed. I am however splurging on a photographer and hair and make up. Where in PV are you stsying or getting married?
  5. I have decided on an awesome photographer, but still need help with music please?
  6. Hello Ladies! I am getting married in July 2012 in Puerto Vallarta. I'm having a real hard time finding a photographer and GOOD DJ that is reasonably priced. I guess my question is WHAT is the aversage price for both and can anyone recommend someone that blew them away??? Especially with music. I kinda have a photographer in mind, but suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks girls!
  7. Franc is doing my hair. What did you think???? Did you have your make up done too?
  8. Your wedding looked fabulous!! If you don't mind me asking...What was the price per person at Le Kliff? I'm getting married July 4, 2012 in PV and I love this place!
  9. Hey Amy! I absolutely LOVE the blue heels. That is my wedding color and I am really curious where you got them or if you can give me the brand? Thanks!
  10. Hey Ladies! July 4, 2012 La Palapa, Puerto Vallarta I just got engaged October 14, 2011 and we've decided!!! I can't wait!!!! I am a bit of a worrier so this is HUGE for me. I have sent out my save-the date- letters and invitaions will follow. I already found someone to do my hair and make-up. Looking for a bakery, the music, and need to figure out my flower situation. Anyone have any recommendations???? Congrats to all! Best of luck through your planning process! Melissa~
  11. I am just looking to get 2 bouquets..1 for me and 1 for the flower girl..And 4 boutonniers..1 for the groom and I have 3 of my nephews...Any ideas? I can be flexible with the type of flowers...
  12. Oh thank you so much! I have been in contact with him via email and I think we're good to go. Next step...Cake, music and flowers...LOL
  13. Hello! I am getting married in Puerto Vallarta July 4, 2012. I am sooooo nervous about where to get my hair done. Can you tell me if Franc is close to Los Muertos beach? Either way, I will drive wherever to find him! Please help me get in touch with him as I couldn't through that other email. Thanks!
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