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  1. WOW- Lindy that looks great! I didn't relly car for the 1 strap flower on the origional, yours looks way better! I'm interested in the same info as the other ladies- how is the material and did you try on the origional before purchasing? It looks so beautiful!
  2. Has anyone ordered from okaydress.com?? i know that the site name does not necessarily sound the best lol. The prices are pretty affordable and they have some dresses I really like... right now it is looking like I will be ordering from dressilyme or jasminesbridalshop. I was just curious about okaydress....
  3. Sooo... I am really doing a lot of research on which and where to buy a dress. I have to particular style i want. A- line, floor length (rare so i will settle with chapel or blush train). The dresses I have fell in love with, 3 are Mori Lee Julietta Collection the my FI had spotted me looing at this last dress online and it actually got his interest (he doesnt care what i wear as long as im happy) so i am trying to find a knock off of this last dress if i can. The dress is only about $600 but when you add alterations, shoes, undergarments, etc, it adds up. So if anyone knows anything, or has any opinions, please please share!! i would love to know which you like best!! and the companies you have had the best experiences with!! Thanks so much ladies!!!
  4. I looooove your dress!! It is more more style than the origional, i think it is cleaner just more bridal. im jealous! its beautiful! i am DEF. going to look into where you purchased it!
  5. I love love love this "jasmines" dress! for whatever reason, a "champagne" colored dress does not appeal to me as a wedding gown. I love the one strap, i love how the top is laid- simple but not boring!! i am looking for something similar!
  6. badgergirl8- what is the site where you got your dress?? it is beautiful! we are having a destination wedding in august and i am looking for something very similar!!!!!!
  7. Hi ladies! My fiance and I are getting married at SMB on 8-25-11. We are booked and ready to go... already lol! We have decided though to go with an outside vendor for photography/videography. We are looking at Octavio Montes or Blue Lens Caribe. Both of them are verrry affordable compared to what I have seen. Both of thier pictures are goregous and they have rave reviews! I just want to get the most "bang for my buck" so to speak. There will just be the 2 of us so photography and videography are VERY important to us... I hope this helps you!! P.S. There is an abandoned mansion about 5 minutes south of the resort that I heard is breathtaking for photos!
  8. we also struggled to decide between a home wedding or DW. after probably a year of fighting with our families trying to get thier word in about what they want and what they think.... we decided we could spend less money, have a honeymoon and wedding all in one!!! if yuor family wants to be involved, you guys could have a going away party/reception before or after your DW. So if they aren't able to come, they could still celebrate. Thats what we are doing and i hope it helps!!
  9. I would do the gazebo would be better to block the wind. I would say the heat will probably will be in the high 80's low 90's.
  10. we also are getting married at SMB, in august though. we are getting an alternative photog and videographer. those prices are more than what we are willing to pay for what they offer. it will be just the 2 of us so we don't need more than 3 hrs max and don't need any of the extras (rehearsal dinner, dances, reception). I am looking at octavio montes (ranked # 14 on this site) and Blue lens caribe. Blue lens offers affordable packages as well as a la carte. Which really attracted me to them, since it is just the 2 of us. Octavio's packages are also very affordable! They both offer affordable video and photography so I hope this helps you! You will have to come back and share how your wedding goes! Good luck!!!!
  11. i just found this site and i love it!!!!! i know i have a while to go (313 days per my app on my phone lol ) but i am so excited!! But we are booked at Secrets Maroma Beach for Aug 19-26. I have made the initial contact with the wedding coordinator down there. I am not really concerned about the whole getting in and out of Mexico. I have found lots of tips on time saving at Customs and checking in. I'm not worried about the actual flight, even though neither my fiance' or I have ever flown. The only thing I am stressing over is the on board-seat situation.... We're flying Continental/United which I am stressing about for sure. I am a bigger girl and I am trying very hard to lose wieght. But with all the negative things I heard about this airline, it stresses me out and pretty much takes the fun out of it. I don't know anyone who has flown this airline before that could give me some input. I have an aisle seat booked, with my fiance' in the middle next to me, I just am worried about the flight attendent being overly picky and making a spectacle. I have never, ever had a problem at the movie theatre or anything else like that where there is a "standard" seat size.... Sometimes I feel I am over looking it but I have no one to really ask lol!! So if anybody has any tips or stories or advice please don't hesitate to share it!!!! Thank you so much ladies!
  12. My fiance and I also were walking into the travel agent to book our trip to St. Lucia, until we found out the flight was thousands lol! We decided on Secrets Maroma after speaking to our travle agent. She has been to this resort a few times, her son (a friend of mine) and nephew were both married there. It will just be my fiance and I down there when we do our ceremony. Photography/videography is my top priority! But the reality of it is, we just can't afford, you know an extra $1600 to spend on photography on top of room costs, my hair and all that jazz. So I am definitely looking for that elsewhere. So if you find any info please share lol! I would say book as soon as possible. Our travel agent and the wedding coordinater at Secrets Maroma has made everything so easy and we are just ready to go! Good luck on your searches!
  13. thank you so much for the information and sharing your beautiful photos!
  14. @ elizabethewald- my travel agent alreayd booked our complimentary wedding and honeymoon package. and our date and everything has been approved by Cecilia @ Secrets. So please double check on that!! i would hate for you to miss out on the oppurtunity if it's included with your room category! @ ReeRee- thank you so much for all of your help! my fiance and i will be getting married there next august! thank you!
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