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  1. Hi, you might also want to consider Moon Dance Villas or Cliffs, or Rock House Hotel, Tryall, or Round Hill. These places would also be great for a wedding of your size. Best wishes.
  2. Are you looking for a Wedding Planner in Westmoreland? Photographers? DJ's? There is a wedding planner that lives in Negril her name is Ari and her site is www.negriljamaicaweddings.com As for photographers, we are using Sun Gold for our daughters wedding (www.sungoldphoto.com) and they also have some Associate photographers (www.wpajamaica.com) If you are needing DJ's I would suggest Kevan Stewart or Paul Dilworth. Kevan's info is jaweddingdj.com and Paul's is www.weddingdjnegriljamaica.com. If you are looking for Tent's, chairs, etc. I would suggest Tents n Events in Sav La Mar. Good Luck and happy planning.
  3. We are using Sun Gold Photography for our daughters wedding. They also have Associate photographers too. I know some ladies are also using Michael Saab, they all seem great. Best of luck.
  4. Oh my goodness, your dress is adorable. What a beautiful bride. Congratulations.
  5. We were originally going to have my daughter's wedding at Sandals but were told they do not allow outside photographers. We wanted to use Sun Gold and I asked Paula about this rule and she agreed. She said she gets many inquiries for Sandals, but has to tell the Bride that they do not allow outside photographers, which I thought was weird that they don't seem to tell you this until afterwards. Thank goodness we decided not to have the wedding at Sandals but chose a place where there were less limitations. Hope this helps
  6. We are using Sun Gold for my daughter's wedding, but I know they also have associate Photographers and they work with your budget. Their photography is beautiful. Their associates are www.wpajamaica.com
  7. CHOKEY TAYLOR is amazing :) His website is, http://www.reggaefemi.com/
  8. Have you checked out photographers from wpajamaica.com ? They have pretty affordable pricing and they will work with your budget.
  9. We are using a photographer from the Wedding Photographers Association of Jamaica (WPAJ) They are Sun Gold's Associate photographers and have some really talented photographers
  10. We are using "Ronald" with the Wedding Photographers Association of Jamaica for my daughters wedding. They are Sun Golds Associate photographers.
  11. You can also use a local photographer on the island with no problems as well. I know that Sun Gold or WPAJ books in for the night (included in their pricing) which is sometimes cheaper than the 200.00 fee. Anyone staying on property of the resort is a guest of the resort and may attend your wedding as a photographer or friend (if invited . The resort cannot charge a local photographer 200.00 vendor fee if staying on property and not charge an overseas photographer 200.00 if staying on property, that would be very unfair. Hope this helps
  12. Hi Lindsayraz, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother in laws illness. I hope it all turns out so that she can travel. Skyping from the beach at Grand Palladium is going to be hard for the Hotel's Internet will not be strong enough. However in Jamaica a lot of people use a Digicel modem or Claro Modem (It's about the size of a thumbdrive) and that works well with your laptop on the beach. When I'm there, I use them both for in certain areas of Jamaica Claro works where Digicel doesn't It will cost you about 70.00 in total to set it up and to do so all you need to do is go into town and purchase the modem. There is also a company called Island Multi Media (http://www.islandms.com) who does a live video stream of the wedding. Best wishes to you.
  13. Hey Angel, my daughters photographers photograph there quite often. They just posted another wedding from there on their blog. http://www.sungoldphoto.com/blog/index.php/2011/10/30/cheryl-and-thorneil-wedding-at-iberostar-grand/
  14. Jakes is beautiful in Treasure Beach. In Mandeville I would suggest Tropics View Hotel, In May Pen, I would suggest, Halse Hall Plantation.
  15. Bellfield Great House is also another lovely location in Montego Bay for weddings off the resort. Here is the link: http://www.bellefieldgreathouse.com/
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