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  1. Personally, I was not impressed with how the Renova Spa girls did mine and my sister's hair. Based on that, I would not trust them to do my make-up. Just my opinion...
  2. We were not offered a rehearsal. All we did was a quick walk to the ceremony site with our WC where she told us where we would walk and where we would stand.
  3. We used "Jamaica Tours" twice while we were there and they were awesome. They are recommended by WestJet and have a desk on the second floor in the GPJ lobby.
  4. Posted my review! It's pretty half-assed...I'm sorry. But I am more than happy to answer any questions! And if you'd like me to send you pictures of anything you're curious about, I will happily do so! (If I have photos of course). All you really need to know is that the wedding was FABULOUS and the entire trip was AMAZING! <3 http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/grand-palladium-jamaica-resort-spa-all-inclusive/reviews/5895
  5. I ate at the italian restaurant when we were there at the end of March. The gnocchi was great. The pizza was not that great. The tomato and mozzarella salad at the salad bar was delicious. The fried ravioli was amazing. Also, the filet mignon at Bubba's was very good!!! Quote: Originally Posted by Alysia85 I'm just going through the menu choices for our dinner... and have a few questions if someone/anyone can help! I think we're going with the Italian restaurant menu ... thinking of this menu: salad: bacon wrapped scallops (hoping they can minus the bacon on 3 plates as 3 of us are veggies!!) app: ravioli in cream sauce soup: potato and leek main 1: some beef thing main 2: some fish thing dessert: tiramisu Has anyone had to request special instructions for a plate or two.. or 3?? We have 3 vegetarians (myself included) and I'm not sure how accommodating they will be..???? Has anyone tried to italian restaurant at all ??? or have any other recommendations for dinner ???
  6. Thanks! Will post my review tonight. Be warned, it's all over the place lol. No time to be organized. Would rather just answer questions
  7. I'm back! Wedding was amazing!!!! Will post a big review in the next few days.
  8. I got my Ring Pops at Costco. They came in a plastic box and I think I paid $12 or something. I also got my gum and nuts from Costco.
  9. Just a promo company here in Edmonton called ID Apparel. I got quotes from 3 different companies and they were all around $4 to $5 per glass.
  10. Here are my glasses, they just came in last week! Cost was $4.50 per tumbler. I figure these will be great for slushie drinks and the guys who want to use them for beer can just take the straw out So many friends of mine use these kinds of glasses all the time, so I'm hoping they will be used once everyone gets back home as well.
  11. I bought fans from Michaels and asked Omeshia (my WC at the GPJ) if she would place themon the chairs for us. She said no problem! I'm curious about the centrepieces too .... I went with Waves of Love. No clue what to expect! My weddig is on March 26th so I'll find out soon enough lol. But yeah. I'm curious if it's just the head table that gets the centrepieces, and the rest of the tables get nothing???
  12. At my Walmart (Edmonton), they were in the party section where you get party invitations, wrapping paper, treat bag favors, etc.
  13. I was at Walmart today and they had 2-packs of little water guns for 25 cents, frisbees for $1 and tons of sand toys for $1. It was all in the clearance section of the sporting goods / toys.
  14. I was wondering if the Zurielamaka show could be done indoors, since it involves fire lol. I think that is such a great idea to book it during dinner! So you thought it was definitely worth the $750? Did they engage the guests at all? Like could the guests do the limbo? Or was it more just a show to watch?
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