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  1. Hey Brides and people in the industry Do we tip? Who do we tip? And how much do we tip? I am getting married in a boutique hotel on the Coast of Costa Rica. We did a package deal and got our ow photographer The people I an thinking about tipping: Justice of the Peace Wedding Planner Makeup and Hair Artist Chef Photographer Thanks for you help!
  2. Hey Girl, I know how you feel! I lost my mom 19 years ago and couldn't think about having a wedding day without her. That's why I'm eloping in jan 2013. In honor of my mother I am having her picture on her wedding day in a gold locket that she left me. I am having it put on my bouquet stem and will have it open for the whole day. Iam having a picture of my dad on his wedding day on the other side. I hope my suggestion helps! Sending blessings your way! Lisa
  3. I am getting married January 2012 in Santa Teresa and the Red Palms Villa. We are eloping - I am loving the service I hae got so far. I love it there because they are at the very end of the beach, so our sunset wedding will be just the two of us on the beach.
  4. Hmmmm Luxe I am a little confused, say I stay at the Grand Wailea or any other hotel don't I have to use thier Wedding Planners?
  5. Anyone planning a wedding in the Pacific? I am eloping Fall 2012, no destination and no date?!!
  6. Ahhhh finally someone from the West! It seems like everyone is from the East and is getting married in Jamaica. We plan on eloping next fall so it looks like it will have to be somewhere in the Pacific, Fiji, Cook Islands, Bora Bora or Maui! Lasallebae, where are you getting married? Any helpful hints on picking a destination? Argh I wish it's was such a run around in Thialand to get married! We are off to South East Asia after Christmas and we could kill two birds with one stone !
  7. Hey npak, I am in the same boat as you. I am looking at getting married in Wailea and the Fairmount has a good package. The South seems to have nicer weather too! I am confused as I am eloping and the grand Wailea wanted $8500 for just the two of us for the cermony! That didn't even enclude a sparkling wine!!
  8. WOW! This really helps me out! I was looking at the Westin and The Grand Wailea and Fairmount in Wailea also. Now I can understand why the Westin is less expensive. It looks like the best elopement package is the Fairmount. Anyone else have some information. Maui is one place I am looking at. Has anyone looked into Fiji or the Cook Islands? Any information would be fabulous! Thanks!
  9. I am thinking about the Grand Wailea also next fall. How did you wedding go? Any pictures you care to share?
  10. Anyone getting marries in Maui, actually Wailea. I could use some advise on elopment options. I would love to stay and get married at the Grand Wailea....do I have to use the hotel planners. Not sure why my question isn`t working.....it`s been a long day!!
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