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  1. Hello, I recently just got engaged and we decided to have our wedding in Maui in July 2012! I've browsed a few -- well a lot of websites-- and am pretty overwhelmed until I came to this site! How helpful!! My main concern/ question is the West side and South side beach weddings. I want to keep it very simple and get married right on the beach. I'm worried because we're staying on the West side and many webistes are saying that is not the best side to get married on. Did anyone do the West side, and if so where? Or did anyone stay on the West but get married on the South? Was it complicated? I was planning on a small amount of guest (like 5) until everyone said yes-- which got the guest list up to 30! I'm looking for something where people aren't going to have to drive far after the ceremony, and just do a nice dinner afterwards-- there a restuarant that anyone recommends? Thanks ladies for your help! It's so fun and excited reading everything on here! It has helped sooo much!
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