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  1. Heels will definitely sink in the sand. Keep in mind the aisle runner is only there during the ceremony, you also have stairs to climb and will have to walk on sand for photos. I wore wedges which were a little better and eventually changed into flat jewelled sandals for the reception. I was on the dance floor the whole time anyways (which is a flat flatworm). I'm not trying to discourage you from wearing heels but they will not be very comfortable. Hope that helps!
  2. I just got back from two weeks in Mexico, our wedding at Las Caletas was January 16. Everything was more beautiful, romantic and more breathtaking than I ever could have dreamed! I will write a full review soon! The only thing that went wrong was that the beach where the ceremony usually is got wiped out by the high tide! Fortunately they accommodated us in the other spot where they usually hold smaller weddings. It was almost a bit too tight we wanted an oceanside ceremony so that worked for us. Apparently the ocean was mad at at this trip, my fiancee got bit by a stingray (which are poisonous) on our honeymoon and had to get the venom taken out at the doctors. Oh well, in the end we had a beautiful wedding and a great honeymoon! Nature is nature, nothing you can do about that!
  3. Does anyone have an arras (coin ceremony) script? I did a search on here already and couldn't fine one.
  4. Thank you for posting this, it is helpful to me because we're not doing a site review. I have one question. You mentioned the marina fees, did you board at the marina in puerto vallarta or in nuevo vallarta?
  5. I have a question for your ladies: what bouquet did you use for the bouquet toss? Did you buy an extra one, use the centrepiece or other? My wedding is in two weeks and this just dawned on me.
  6. Thanks for the review! Getting really excited, we leave in 2 weeks and am starting to worry about small details so your review made me feel better.
  7. @Dazeydawl Awesome! I'm disappointed because I didn't need any of that stuff but I liked it better than the stuff I bought. Oh well!
  8. If anyone is subscribed to Hautelook, they have a LA Fresh sale on right now it ends Tuesday morning. 36 count packages of individually wrapped antibacterial wipes, facial cleansing wipes, nail polish remover wipes, make up remover wipes etc. are on sale for $8 (plus shipping). Check it out http://www.hautelook.com/index/index/mk/invite/title/LA%20Fresh/event_id/24672/event_code/24672lafreshwb/inv_code/WElias366?sid=99992 or PM me so I can send you an email invite to subscribe.
  9. Thanks Lizrmt, that's a great idea! Where did you buy the bottles from?
  10. Does anyone know where to find aloe vera (travel size)? I've looked everywhere but can't find any! Only place is minimuz but the shipping was ridiculous!
  11. Hi jreist, I have a question about the Royal Decameron Complex. Although we're not getting married there, we're staying there for our wedding coming up in January. I have stayed at Decameron hotels before so I know what to expect (love them, that's whey we chose them). But I read on reviews they don't have face clothes in the bathrooms. Is this true? I only ask because it not, I'd like to include some in our oot bags.
  12. I've looked at TONS of albums of weddings they've photographed at Las Caletas and they are all good. Plus it has to help they know the venue so well. The only reason we went with another photographer was that they offered a discount (on weekdays) and offered a ton more photos plus an additional one-hour session for the same price. Unfortunately there is a $300 fee VA charges for bringing an outside photographer in, but with the discount our photographer offered it pretty much evened out. If you're happy with your choice, stick with it! One less thing to worry about.
  13. Just found at Walmart: 3-packs of rolls of tums for $1.97. Works out to less than $1 per roll.
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