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  1. Hi Laura, yes I basically printed out everything from my pinterest wedding board with how I wanted everything to look. The price Pilar gave me based on what I wanted was REALLY expensive because I had orchids and fancy flowers, so when I got there we decided to use roses instead and stuff like that to help with the cost and it turned out great. They can do exactly what you want or improvise a little also, based on your budget. But yes, bring your own color photos with you to your meeting with Pilar, she seriously does ALL the planning in the 20 minute meeting, it's so awesome how good she is at her job. You just have to trust that they will take care of you, and they will!
  2. Hi Lauren, I purchased the middle package that included the hotel photographers, so I think they let me swap my photographers in for theirs at "no cost," but I basically forfeited that part of the package in exchange for no vendor fee. I did pay for dinner for our two photographers though, make sure to include them a spot at one of your tables! I know that if you try to bring in lots of other vendors they will start charging you, but really they do a good job on-site and already have everything ready to go and ultimately I think it allows Pilar to do her job better and easier as she already has everything so streamlined. If you don't purchase a package though they will probably charge you. Trust me, I was very pleasantly surprised with the overall cost of my wedding, I was worried I was going to have to haggle over every little detail, but if she knows you're working from a budget and are willing to compromise and go with the flow I think they will work with you and you'll be taken care of well. Let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck!
  3. Yes I would definitely recommend Now Jade for your wedding! I just reread my post and I guess I was trying to give all my warnings in the review as I figured the photos would show what a great time we had and how lovely everything was. It was the best week ever, seriously. The hotel is amazing, the staff is friendly, the food is good, there's always something to do there, it's just perfect. I did the Divine package and upgraded the dinner to surf and turf and added on the DJ. The food at dinner was exceptionally good; I was very impressed. And my cake turned out beautiful and tasted great (we did white cake with strawberry filling and buttercream frosting), I know a lot of other brides had said their cakes didn't turn out that well, but just bring a few photos to have them copy and they will do a good job. I felt like Pilar and the resort really do a GREAT job of fitting everything you want into the package, and then if the cost they quote you is too high for your budget, they will work with you to get it down if you are reasonable about sacrificing certain things. For example, I originally liked all orchids for my flowers, but when I found out the cost I was like, forget it, just give me roses and make them look nice, and they did. Also, I can't stress enough how basically all the planning is done during your meeting with Pilar the day you arrive. You really don't need to stress that much before hand, other than getting all your little pritables and personal touches prepared. Try not to send her too many emails as you will realize how busy she is when you get there, and there's no way she can remember you from the emails. Just bring all your stuff, go over it in the meeting and she'll make sure it looks nice. She does an amazing job of making each wedding unique using what she is given. While there were at least 5+ other brides at the hotel when I was there, each wedding is different in size and each bride wants something different, so it's always changing. Feel free to message me with any other questions Shannon, and congratulations!!
  4. I got the middle package and upgraded the food for $5 I think. I am most concerned about the flowers and centerpieces, as Pilar quoted me $325 for one of the photos I sent her. Then I sent her another photo and she quoted $85, so there is a big difference and I just hope it turns out elegant and not tacky. I'm leaving this Thursday and not really that stressed out about it. Found a lot of stuff on Etsy and from ideas on Pinterest and the blogs. Del Sol/La Luna is my photographer, that is the only real swap we are doing in the package. Also adding on DJ Doremixx. Feel free to email me with specific questions. Acutally, I'm 1st most worried that it will rain, but whatever! More excited than anything, but I have a bit more of a laid back attitude than some. Enjoy the planning and fun that goes with making your day special! Feel free to email me with questions.
  5. Hi Miranda! I am getting married May 7th, 2012 at the NOW Jade. Would love to see what you have planned and feel free to be in touch with any questions. I haven't been in close communication with Pilar yet, still trying to get everyone booked and decide how I want things to be. Hired La Luna and a DJ, and I will be getting the most expensive package, mainly for the food upgrade. We are expecting about 45 people. My email is mendez_dana@hotmail.com, as I am irregularly on this site. I am going to do the webinar though. See you in Mexico!
  6. I have La Luna from Del Sol doing the photography, that and the DJ was the only thing I nailed down. Everything else I'm up in the air on!!!
  7. I am getting married at the NOW Jade on May 7th, 2012! I am not on here much but please feel free to email me with questions, help, etc! mendez_dana@hotmail.com. I am working on trying to figure everything out, but we should have appx 45 people. Trying to make all the other decisions now...
  8. I have La Luna booked for May of 2012! So excited and glad I found them with the help of all the brides on this site!
  9. Hey girls! Thanks for all the great info! I'm booked at NOW Jade for May 7th, 2012! I haven't done much planning yet, but I love coming on here for great tips and ideas! Keep in touch!
  10. Thanks for the photos - love your dress!
  11. Thanks for the slideshow link! I love the last photo with your family at the pool!
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