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  1. Are you interested in me? I can take up notch, it may not be airbush, but i can get the glam look. email me keshadowe@gmail.com. I can tell you this i am accepting that price because how you explain and would really like to help.
  2. if your interested I can do your make-up, you can tell what style your looking for.
  3. Hi All I am Kesha, I am a make-up Artist, that takes pride and joy in her work, I love to be the one that makes a bride looks her best on her special day. I am from Jamaica and if your having your wedding here, I am the artist for you. Please feel free to contact me via email at keshadowe@gmail.com. Kesha
  4. I am a make-up artist in Jamaica, when are you getting married, you can email me at keshadowe@gmail.com. Congrats Hun!
  5. you can contact me at keshadowe@gmail.com. if you have any other weddings or friends having a wedding. I wont disappoint.
  6. Need a make-up Artist, email me at keshadowe@gmail.com
  7. Need a make-up artist? email me at keshadowe@gmail.com
  8. Need a make-up Artist email at keshadowe@gmail.com
  9. Hi All, I am Kesha I am a Make-Up Artist from Montego Bay Jamaica, If your interested in using my services please contact me at keshadowe@gmail.com . Affordable prices awaits you!
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