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  1. That's great news! Have a safe flight and an amazing wedding!
  2. We arrive on the 15th-29th. Our group keeps getting smaller, it was at 20 and we are down to 14 now, which at first I was disappointed about but it is all the important people so that is all that matters. How large is your group? I am getting excited too!
  3. @ Jackie - you are getting married 2 days before me! Are you all ready?
  4. How is everyone's planning going? Getting married July 19th, so the push is on to get all the last minute things done.
  5. Has anyone used the resort photographer? If so, did the pictures turn out ok?
  6. Finally heard back from my new wedding co-ordinator. FYI to those who booked in 2011, there are new 2012 prices for sinner menus etc.
  7. Hi everyone, I have just heard that Gara is no longer with the resort. Does anyone know if this is true?
  8. Hi Andrea, congrats on choosing Dreams! We got to choose our reception location when we sent in the deposit information. So yes, you should be able to choose the reception location now. Happy planning!
  9. Good luck!! Just finished chest and back plus ab ripper, wow I am in much worse shape than I thought. I am going to be sore tomorrow, but it is worth it.
  10. Today is day 1 for me with p90x, hopefully I can stay motivated this time.
  11. I have decided to go with p90x, I have done it before with good results, I just need to stay motivated this tme and allow myself the time to do it. Starting day 1 in 5 minutes, hope I can stick with it.
  12. We put all the details on how to book with our TA and about the deposit on our wedding website and then included the wedding website on our save the date cards. Also, as I was worried that some people might not go to the website (or have internet access!) we included a "Travel Information" letter with the Save the Date card that explained everything, and had the following notation: "NOTE: Air Canada requires a deposit of $150 per person at the time of booking to hold the vacation package. Should you choose to use the group rate, this is due no later than October 2, 2011. Because there is an Early Booking Bonus in effect, all packages have to be paid in full by Jan 6th 2012. You can make your final payment at any time prior to Jan 6th ..."
  13. Hi 2012 Brides, Really need to start getting in shape for the wedding, but not sure which DVD to do (Shred, P90X or Insanity). Any recommendations? Which one yields the best results?
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