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  1. Hi goddesslv4! I just wanted to say good luck, safe travels and I hope that you're wedding trip is everything that you dreamed of and more! We arrive at the resort on your wedding day and I will be on the lookout for you! I hope that we get a chance to meet and I can buy you a celebratory drink, LOL, but in case I don't get to say it in person - Congratulations!!!
  2. I love this dress but I have been losing weight and it is now too big for me! My seamstress tells me I would be better off ordering it in a smaller size than trying to alter this one. Details are below. PM me if you would like more info! - Short beach wedding dress features in Chiffon with re-embroidered lace. - Sweetheart neckline is paired with spaghetti straps and accents with exquisite pleats. - Fitted waist is accented by crystals, beads, and sequins, etc. - Cocktail skirt drapes gracefully in an A-line silhouette with hand-beaded lace motif decorated. - This dress is fully lined. Bust: 33" Waist: 26" Hip: 36"
  3. I would take some but I only need 15 as well... Janine
  4. Hi goddesslv4 and congratulations! We are arriving May 19 and getting married at The Royal Cancun on May 21, 2012!! Will you still be at the resort then? We should meet up after our weddings if possible and exchange stories! Which package did you go with? We originally chose the Classic Wedding but have been talking to our wedding coordinator about upgrading. How have you found the communication to be so far? I've read some complaints on here but so far our gal (Katia) has been good and quick to repsond. Are you using any of the onsite services (spa/photographer etc)?
  5. Hi Honeylime! Yes we are using Air Canada Vacations. We needed a minimum of 10 people booked for the bride and groom first-class seats and for every 10 people after that we get another 2 upgraded seats. That has proven to be a bit awkward because we have 22 right now but don't really expect to get 30 and how do you choose who gets upgraded?? We have talked about having a raffle or a fun sort of a "who knows the couple best trivia game" to give it away but we're going to wait and see what happens in the meantime. If we do get up to 30 people then we'll just put both sets of parents in first class. I'm not sure where you are located in Canada - our closest international airport is in Calgary, Alberta so that automatically gives us higher prices on any flights than someone that can fly out of say, Toronto. We were able to get guaranteed pricing of $1948 pp/dbl and I think that's pretty darn good considering. Have you stayed at The Royal before? We were there for a week in 2009 and it was amazing - they spoiled me for any other resorts since then!
  6. We are in Canada so we're using a CAA travel agent and our trip provider is Air Canada Vacations. I would recommend going with a AAA-approved agent. I normally do all my bookings online and on-the-cheap but I really didn't want to take any chances with my wedding!
  7. We have booked with Jose Luis Hernandez after a recommendation from one of the other brides on this forum. I contacted him for more information and he sent me sample videos and photos to look through. He gives you all the digital images which was an absolute must for me! I can cheaply and easily have prints made on my own and/or get wedding albums made on Shutterfly or a hundred other sites! The other big bonus was that he will deliver all the images & DVD before you leave! I wasn't so sure about paying and then waiting for international mail... So, Jose is doing our photos and video. His work is really nice and the prices are the most reasonable I have found. You can get more info by filling out the contact form on his site. He got back to me the same day only hours after my initial email! http://www.joseluishernandez.com/ The Royal quoted us $350 USD for their outside vendor fee (ouch) and I would be very interested in getting it waived if anyone has advice on how to do that. I have asked my wedding coordinator (Katia) and she insists that it cannot be done but... We have a travel agency looking after all our bookings and I think that is totally the way to go! Our agent handles all the details and concerns - she has arranged for connections and transfer flights for some people so that we can all be on the same flight, she has fought with the resort for guaranteed space and reduced pricing (and won!), she even takes care of the airplane meal requests & seat assignments and rooming lists. My fiance & I got an automatic upgrade to first class and we get 2 more first class seats for every 20 people. I'm sure I would have had at least three aneurysms by now if I had tried to do this on my own!
  8. Absolutely! Anything vendor-related would great! I hope to hear more about this soon! )
  9. We're getting married at The Royal Cancun May 21, 2012. We have stayed at The Royal before so I can vouch for the fact that everything there is amazing! We chose the Classic wedding package and the beach for the ceremony. We are having an early afternoon ceremony at 2:00 pm and I have Pelicanos tentatively booked for a semi-private reception "dinner" at 3:30. Does anyone have any comments or recommendations as far as which restaurant would be best? We have a small party (only 20). I haven't booked a reception venue and not sure if I will... I was thinking we could just go over to one of the bars or the Gran Caribe or even into town if we want to go dancing later. I haven't booked a photographer yet and wasn't impressed with what I saw from the resort photgrapher... Anyhow, I will keep checking this forum and I would love to hear about all your experiences and any suggestions or feedback!
  10. geniem

    Hi There!

    Just popping in to say hello! We're getting married May 21, 2012 at The Royal Cancun! I've never been a "princess" type of gal but I'm taking advantage of every opportunity from now until the wedding day!!
  11. Hi! I'm in Medicine Hat and I would love to take some things off your hands if you still have them! I am interested in the maraca tags, the rafia fans, the seashell ring holder, the necklaces and the bracelets. Send me a PM and let me know!
  12. Hi! That's my color! I would happily take them! I live in Alberta too (Medicine Hat) so I guess we'll both be waiting for the strike to end. My address is: 142 Desert Blume Cres Desert Blume, AB T1B 0A4 Let me know how much the shipping will be and how to get the $$ to you! Janine
  13. If you still have the fans I will take them! I'm in Alberta, Canada and we're in the misdt of a postal strike right now so you might not be able to find shipping rates. I understand if you take a different offer to get rid of them sooner )
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