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  1. Wendvipo, your pictures are amazing! I'm glad to hear everything (well almost everything) went fantastic! I have a question, I've been scouring the internet for pictures for my hair and was having trouble finding a photo of what I want. However when I was looking at your photos I completely fell in love with your hair and it was exactly what I was looking for. Would it be okay if I took one of your photos down with me?? Thanks!
  2. So I just did the schedule up with my photographer and since our ceremony is at 5 and the cocktail hour is at 6, I just realized that we're going to miss the entire cocktail hour because we'll be getting our photos done. Is this what others are doing too? Or did you find a way around it? 18 days!!!
  3. Hey I used this email address and always got a timely response. spa.dretu@dreamsresorts.com How much time is everyone else giving themselves at the spa? I'm worried I'm rushing things. 24 days till we leave!!!!!
  4. Hey, I have some light blue tulle (2 spools of 18" x 25 yards). Never been used. Free, just pay for shipping. I live in Alberta, Canada.
  5. Cookiemunchkin, I'm so glad you had a good time! Your comment about sunwing makes me nervous though. We had booked with westjet a year ago! They recently canceled and now we have to fly with sunwing instead. I've heard nothing but bad reviews about them.......any advice??
  6. So Aurora just emailed me and told me I couldn't have my reception at the dolphin pool because someone is having theirs at seaside grill. I didn't realize how close they were. So now she said I have to have it at the other pool terrace. Has anyone had theirs here? I heard it's a lot darker. I'm really disapointed, I kinda had my heart set on the dolphin one. Also, I'm getting married on a tuesday and someone told me that they have a festival on tuesdays that is close to the relaxation pool. I'm pretty concerned, does anyone have any advice?
  7. Oh and another question, Is anyone else planning on going to the disco after their reception? I'm assuming 3 hours is not enough time to have dinner, speeches, and dancing. Or is there not really much dancing at the disco?
  8. Hey Veronica, A friend of mine just got back from her wedding there and I saw her video that they did. It was much longer than I thought, about 30mins. The first few minutes were just shots around the resort followed by them videotaping the photo session she had before the ceremony. Then they did the ceremony and then just had video of them while they were taking pictures. And that was about it. I'm wondering how it's going to work if you bring in an outside photographer though. Is he still going to follow you around and videotape while you take your pictures?
  9. Got my planning guide! Yay! Couple of questions.... To past brides, how long did the dinner part of your reception take? Does anyone know how much it is to set up? I thought it was $150 for doing everything, is that still right? We don't have too much, just bows and tulle for the ceremony and bows, centerpieces, and lanterns for the reception. I tried asking Aurora, but she didn't really answer my question, lol, I guess I didn't word it right. Thanks!!
  10. Since we only get about 3 hours for the reception, I'm starting to get a little worried that it's going to be very short. I have a fear that we're going to finish eating, dance to two songs, and they'll be trying to shut us down. Does anyone know about how long the dinner portion takes? I'm hoping someone is going to ease my mind! Haha, Thank you!
  11. I'm getting married in May in Tulum. Our wedding colour is a light purple. I'm looking for 20 chair bows and about 10 laterns. I live in Alberta, Canada. PM me if you have anything you want to sell!
  12. What is everyone getting their bridesmaids to wear for shoes for the wedding? I was going to put them in heels till I considered the sand factor, haha. Just curious what others did and are doing. Are heels a possiblility??
  13. Hello all! I'm wondering if there were others that were doing a trash the dress session, and if so when are you doing it? Do you traditionally do it the day after the wedding? Thanks!
  14. Hey thanks for posting the script for the ceremonies. I also didn't realize how religious the symbolic was. I have a question about flowers!! We are so confused about colours, we're either using a liliac or a light green as our wedding colour. But before I choose I wanna make sure I'll be able to get flowers for my bouquets to match. Does anyone know what kind of options for colours the bouquets are?? And if you have any other advice about what colour to choose....we're completely torn!! This should be an easy decision, haha!!
  15. So I just emailed Aurora and asked her the same question and she said NO! Why is so different for each bride?? I'm a little frusterated. On another note, I'm thinking of using moments that matter for photography, has any one used them? Any comments?
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