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  1. Here is some advice everyone for Beaches Negril....take BUG SPRAY as much as you can take!! If you are doing OOT bags put it in for your guests!!! I had bug spray and used it and still got bit up!! There are sand fleas on the beach at night and in the resturants there are mosquitos. I can't say it enough just make sure you have the spray!!!
  2. Ok so I went to UPS and they were charging around $300 to send the flowers and you had to be there for arrival. I decided to just take mine with me in an extra suitcase. Since they weren't real it was no problem. I just put bubble wrap around them and packed away! I had to reshape them just a little when we got there but they were fine! I am so happy I got my own flowers because I decided to use the flowers that Beaches gives complimentary for my flower girl and I would have been soooooo disappointed. I paid for for Bouts for the fathers and was not happy with them either...not for the cost anyway.
  3. I was worried about going through customs with my items at the airport. Since the flowers are silk there shouldn't be an issue with sending them through FedEx or UPS. I did check with my WC to make sure it was ok to send welcome bags. She said that I just had to be there on the date of arrival to sign for them. I will let you know how it works out!
  4. Hi Bride2Be143!! I am getting married August 7th at 4pm. Renee is my wedding planner as well. I know she was on vacation for a week but she should be back now. I have a small group so we aren't going to do a reception with a dj but we are getting a photo and video package. We chose to get married in the garden so I am hoping to avoid the sand fleas on that day!! I also am going to either carry my bouquets in a suitcase or mail it to the resort so it will arrive while I am there. I am so excited but stressed at the same time!
  5. Hi! Your flowers are very pretty! I went with silk flowers from afloral.The aren't considered real touch but I was surprised that they are so beautiful!! I couldn't believe the price Beaches was charging for flowers that you couldn't even bring home with you!!!
  6. I have liked shotclip on Facebook. This is a wonderful way for everyone to share photos. My top choice for camera crew is my brother. He takes the most beautiful photos of our families for special events!
  7. I am getting married at Beaches Negril August 2011. If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to answer.
  8. I will be getting married at Beaches Negril August 2011.
  9. Hello Everyone! I am getting married Aug 2011. I really want to take my own favors and OOT bags. Has anyone done this? If so how did you get the items to the resort....did you ship them or bring them with you?
  10. Hello Everyone!! I am so excited to have found this forum. I am getting married at Beaches Negril August 7th, 2011! Does anyone know if you can ship OOT bags directly to the resort?
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