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  1. Our photographer wouldn't take us into the concrete building....I think there was some shady guy lurking around up there....maybe he just wanted some $$?
  2. Some great items for your destination wedding sold as a group - Buyer pays shipping and I accept paypal 1) REALLY nice stainless steel 4x6 frames with 2D epoxy beach chair set up that stick out a bit. These can be engraved or we went to AC Moore and bought some nice scrapbooking stick ons that made them personalize for Mexico and bridal party. We used them as place settings with WORDLE (google it) inserts....really cool looking! These were close to $10 each with a 50 piece min order......THERE ARE 10 frames IN THIS LOT 2) Drink Cozy - "To have and to hold and keep your drink cold" .... 22 of these included 3) Beach Bags - 13 Bags in various bright colors. We used them as the welcome bags and our guests used them all week for beach stuff. 4) 12 plastic waterproof money holders in various colors 5) 14 plastic flip flop book marks $60 plus shipping for everything, the frames alone are worth the price. Krupin2 at gmail dot com is the best way to reach me.....Thank you for looking ~ Ken
  3. yes they have a few that live around the pool in the rocks and 2 of them are pretty big. They are tame and will just sit and look at you IF you eat at the tables near their rocks. They don't venture out of that area and they don't bother you. Its like a puppy dog begging for food but thier begging is just a blank look! They are cute....the birds on the other hand! They swoop in and eat what they can find and don't seem to mind people. Same with the angel fish in the ocean...they chased me...hundreds of them! It was harmless and pretty funny. Don't feed the animals and they wont bother you. We saw a monkey also poking around for scraps.
  4. Just had our wedding on Friday 7/15/11 (25 Guests) * Beach Bonfire rehearsal dinner * Wedding on the beach * Cocktails on the beach * Reception at the poolside gazebo ALL AWESOME! I will do a full write up soon.... Few suggestions - Do the romantic dinner on the beach ($250 but you can ask for a $100 off coupon...books up fast so make the reservation), For the cost of a bottle of wine you can dine ON the pool (Awesome!), Cecilia is awesome but she is running the show down there so be patient with her...she will impress you!
  5. We are using him in July and upgraded from the Ultimate package to his Special package 1 (5hrs). His website samples look good and I've read good things about him. The only negative I've read is he pulls a shady move at the end where he holds back some of the good pictures on an "EXTRA" DVD you can buy for several hundred dollars. Not a fan of that aspect....
  6. We are most likely using him too - we are looking at the 5hr package to get most of the important stuff.
  7. I'm considering using this company www.avispl.com but I can't find any reviews about them online? They are the suggested DJ of Secrets Maroma. Any feedback would be excellent. I'm told they use the following DJ's: Raymundo Malvaez (plays on Dubai discothèque in Cancun) and Miguel Ramirez.
  8. The resort is telling me I have to pay them $350 if I don't use thier DJ services and choose an outside vendor when thier website states the fee is $100 for an outside vendor. I'm curious to see if any other wedding parties had this fee?
  9. Has anyone used the Secret's Maroma "suggested" DJ service AVIS-PL? www.avispl.com Has anyone in 2011 used an outside DJ and if you did who was it and what did the resort charge you for NOT using thier DJ? Thank you
  10. OMG that is an AWESOME idea! Do you have any pictures??? You might have just saved me hundreds!
  11. Did you use any outside vendors for your wedding? I want to use an outside DJ and want to know if anyone else has done the same at this resort?
  12. Anyone use an external DJ at thier wedding at Secrets Maroma? The hotel's suggested DJ is telling me that if I use an outside DJ the hotel will charge me $350 "insurance" to my room? I've emailed Ceclilia and I'm waiting for a response. So far I feel like this hotel has nickeled and dimed me for everything!
  13. Congrats and good luck! What locations did you choose?
  14. I'm having my wedding there 7/15/2011 and I'm finding the hotel's "extra" wedding services are insanely over priced....$900 for a DJ for 3hrs plus $400+ for DJ lighting. I'm getting qoutes from outside DJ's for less then $1000 for 5hrs, full lights, and lots of extra's. I'm trying to find a decent florist too because the hotel wants over $100 per bridesmaid and like $80 for each groomsmen flowers....they are just taking advantange in my opinion. And we are doing the Ultimate package with 20 rooms so we are spending some $$ but they just seem to rake you over the coals for each nickel. $500 for re-usable PAPER hanging chinese lanterns.....its crazy....
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