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  1. Me again. Just back from our wedding and it turns out our mystery DJ was DJ John "Subtronic." He asked us in advance what music and bands we liked and didn't like, as well as "must plays" and do not plays. He put together a play list around our tastes and sent it to us in advance. It really took away my fears of wondering what this DJ who I've never met will play at our wedding. I even sent him an obscure file of a polka that my Dad and I danced to as our first dance (he's from Yugoslavia). It went off without a hitch. It was a blast. He was everything I could have asked for. My only complaint is that he cut our first dances short....me and my husband's first dance, me with my Dad, and my husband with his Mom. Sort of annoying. Other than that, no surprises and a great time. I danced my tail off and my throat hurt from screaming. Yep, that me was ladies.
  2. Congrats on deciding on Turks! I'm sure other brides will chime in on here in time. I just got married on Grace Bay a few weeks ago and have been to Provo many times. The weather in November is lovely. I'd avoid Thanksgiving if I were you. Certain resorts have shuttle service to and from the airport; others do not. Check with the resorts in advance. It is not standard. Royal West Indies does not offer shuttle service. How many guests are you planning on having? We had our rehearsal dinner across the island at a separate restaurant and we decided to have the resort call taxis in advance and our guests paid their own way. This may not be for everyone, but we decided to splurge on everyone's meals both nights and other details, not shuttles. Make sure whatever you decide on is well communicated in advance. Yes, most, if not all resorts have wedding packages, and a wedding planner who will work with you to work with a florist, DJ, band, caterer, chair rental company, minister, and so on. It's tough to tell if $10k is enough for your wedding without knowing how many people you're inviting/actually having attend. How much do you want to spend on food/floral/booze...are you paying for your guests' excursions? 6 nights + travel + feeding all of your guests for 2 nice dinners + shuttles + DJ + wedding package + food & booze + florals + music for ceremony + photographer + hair & make up + finishing touches = more than $10k. Now, if you're inviting 20 people, numbers change! It all depends on what you want. Start getting quotes now and try to stick to your budget. Be prepared to spend at least $3000 more. I recommend a private charter (Silver Deep) from Leeward marina to either Ft. George Key or another smaller island. Great snorkeling and a fabulous way to spend the afternoon with your guests. Also, do not assume that all of your guests will leave on Sunday. We have folks stay longer than us! Let me know how I can help! It's all very overwhelming in the beginning. Don't rush into stuff and take your time. Most of the decisions are made 4 months before your wedding!
  3. Hi Porschea, I just received a quote for my wedding day hair and make up from Sheque Perfection (www.shequemakeup.com/) that nearly knocked my socks off. It made no difference that I didn't want an elaborate "up-do," just the one side of my hair pulled back with a flower. I'm now looking into Beauty and the Beach (649-946-5093), or one of my talented girlfriends to do my makeup!
  4. I have yet to secure a DJ. I was quoted $350/hr. for an unknown DJ by our "planner" and was less than thrilled. I'm now trying to do some leg work on my own but haven't had much success. Most contact info I've found is only for bands.....
  5. I'm resurrecting this thread in the hopes that someone will offer recent reviews of T&C DJs. Any thoughts? Recommendations? I'm hoping for someone that will hopefully stick to the list of songs we provide...or even just play from our ipod (i.e. no chicken dance). Not looking for island music. Thank you in advance, ladies!
  6. Thanks, Krys. That was extremely helpful and all I needed to hear to move on!
  7. I'm hoping Krys or some of the other brides can help with this one.... We still haven't decided on a venue, and have recently read about Northwest Point Resort. Can anyone shed some light on this place? Has anyone here had their wedding there? We usually stay on the other side of Grace Bay, but would love a less crowded scene, but I'm also nervous that this is too far from town. Thoughts?
  8. Really looking forward to getting my post count up to take advantage of all the great downloads!
  9. Hi! While I don't know anything about New Horizon, I did go on a casual dinner cruise in St. Thomas aboard the Dancing Dolphin (I was prev. girlfriend of the Best Man/Groom's brother.....dodged a bullet there!). There were about 40-45 of us and it was one of the the highlights of the week, if not the highlight of the week. The catamaran was spectacular, the crew was top notch, and the food (and rum punch!) was great. I have a few pics of the cruise if you're interested in seeing them....it was in May 2008. I would LOVE to do the same for our T&C wedding if our budget will allow.
  10. Agree with avclarke - I was there for a May 8th wedding 3 years ago and the bride and groom had planned for an outdoor reception...only to have to make a last minute decision (the night before the wedding) to move it inside to a nondescript ballroom because it was entirely too hot. The short ceremony was still held outside, but we were all pretty miserable. The photos, however, are stunning!
  11. This is so good to know! We are in the initial stages of picking out which website to use....will not be using The Know!
  12. We are entertaining the idea of a November T&C wedding, and are looking for some advice regarding the weather this time of year. We've been in April, June, July, Sept, etc., but not November! No, we are not shooting for an 11/11/11 date....simply less crowded, cooler weather (but not cool), less risk of hurricanes (read - not like our Sept. trip), etc. I welcome November T&C bride comments and suggestions, please!
  13. I attended a wedding at the Frenchman's Reef and spent 8 days there....it is lovely, large and was a beautiful week. Also went to the Ritz for a couples massage on the beach and cocktails later. You really cannot compare the two. It's a Marriott and a Ritz. Frechman's Reef is closer to "town", while the Ritz is off on its own stretch of the island. If I were to go back to St. Thomas I would certainly stay at the Ritz (if prices aren't a factor, of course.) Your wedding be be beautiful!
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