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  1. Has anyone tried the 24 Day Challenge?! I just completed mine in October and lost 13 inches and 2% body fat!! I kept going eating healthy and taking my favorite products and am down a full pant size!! I'm so happy...just wondering if you ladies have ever heard of it too? Here's a video explaining it !
  2. @Nicole for havana blue we are doing the buyout option ($2500 for site rental) and we also changed the menu around a bit... Starting with a cocktail hour with small plate stations and one served entree and a dessert station 5 Platillos 3 fruit & 2 vegetable @ $175 each Live Stations @ $25 per person Station One - Cuban Sliders and Taco de Filet Station Two - Calamarai & Haute Summer Night Station Three - Habana Ensalada & Lation Trio Entrée @ $35per person Havana Pollo Mojito Skirt Steak Vegetarian Dessert Station @ $10 per person Ice Cream and Fruit Sorbets Our liquor options....are SOOO expensive since we are planning on more than 100 people its rough..so far all we have agreed upon with my parents is open bar premium package for $42 each for an hour & half Hope that helps!! Natalie seems nice so far..I really liked Kate cause we met her and skyped with her
  3. All Inclusive at the marriott is extremely expensive even in low season! For low season they told us it would be around $450-500 per night based on single/double occupancy.
  4. Thanks Beth! I really appreciate it! We knew booking it July would be hot but I dont want it to be unbearable ya know? We chose July cause most people take vaca time off in the summer so we figured people would be more likely and able to come down! Where is your ceremony ? Ours is on the seacliff terrace on the Marriott property. I've been there and its absolutely gorgeousss and so is Havana Blue! I love love it! We are going to have our room block there so for people its all in one place which should be really nice! However I really want to have low room rates but so far hasn't exactly been going that way with the Marriott! We are still far out but I'm hoping to get the block squared away in the next few months. I think we are going to do ceremony program fans I found some on etsy that are really cute. I do like the parasol idea though maybe to just have there if people want them? I'm nervous with the dancing at Havana Blue it will be soo hot but lets hope for an ocean breeze! We looked into geting those lil handheld fans too to maybe place at the tables or around the dance floor at the reception..might be kinda cool!
  5. Hello, You ladies might have missed what I was asking haha...my ceremony is outside and the reception is at Havana Blue which is open aired...so we will be outside the whole time!! We wanted that so there's no changing this haha soooo I didn't know if there was any tips or you could calm my fears about it being too hot!! Any advice I'd appreciate people who have been there Tara
  6. Amy- Wow thats so great about the charter to the BVI's! I love that idea...we might just tell everyone like we are going to Megans Bay like Wednesday if they wanan join us.... and on thursday which our rehearsal is We are going to have the rehearsal on the catamaran for the regular rehearsal ppl but then afterwards have a Welcome Cocktail Thing at Iggie's at Bolongo Bay that everyone is invited too which my fiance and I are paying ourselves..so lets pray we can actually afford that! haha We are hoping to go down for about 8 days ourselves so I'm hoping we can have time to go to St. John and snorkel and relax ourselves and not feel like we have to entertain everybodyy Which I know I will want to do once in that situation anyways I think it could be wayyy too much for me to plan anything else ya know? Everyone will be arriving different days I'm assuming and want them to feel like they can do wahteva they want Havana Blue always opens at 6pm FYI- they do not do any lunch. JQLong maybe they would open up the restaurant early for your wedding! That might be nice ya know? Then you could end up having it to yourselves for a lil while
  7. JQLong - How much is your block of rooms for people to call and book at the Marriott if you don't mind me asking? What are they paying per night for which types of rooms? I'm nervous about the rates since we haven't done that yett! Bolongo has some really bad reviews online so it scares me telling people to go there when other ppl claim its rundown and dirty ya know? Hmpinma- We are having a big reception (estimated 100-150 people) at Havana Blue..its to die for! The food is amazinggg Havana Blue deposit for the buyout requires 50% up front...not sure what it is if you aren't doing the buyout option. We are having DJ Eric Snow for the night..he has great reviews! His Deposit was $250 and we are having him from 5-11 ish. We have booked Elisha! She is soo wonderful so far and our wedding isn't until July 2012! She lets you break up the deposit so we did the initial $1,100 to book her...she is expensive but I think its worth it! We are probably going to add on a photobooth for the night, trash the dress the night day and depending on $ her husband for video.
  8. JQLong - Our wedding is exactly two months after yours at the Marriott! aha July 20, 2012! So excited and I totally hear ya on the marriott prices.. have u booked your hotel block yet? We haven't either...we are doing a welcome reception at Iggie's (bolongo bay) the night before and a sunset catamaran through them for the rehearsal dinner just for wedding party, parents etc. Havana Blue is expensive I agree and we have been working with Kate for a while so I agree with ms.foxxy! They just opened a new bar below Havana Blue called Sandbar I'm SOO excited it looks amazingg! Ms.Foxxy how many ppl are u expecting at the reception at havana Blue? are u doing the buyout? I'm a lil worried about hte dance floor but I'm hoping we can open up the provado room so its more space
  9. Hey Ladies, I'm starting my first workout tonight! Does anyone recommend how many times a week to do it to make it worth it? I'm working full time and going to grad school so my time is a little tight. I'm hoping I can do it like 2-3 times a week? The other thing is the $$..it seems really expensive! Especially at a time where your saving and budgeting everything for the wedding...has anyone else seen it to be really expensive?
  10. Just a thought... I'm thinking of having people close to me maybe take a bag like my brothers and parents..they totally wouldn't mind ya know? If we just give them the $ for the extra bag and then they will just have the normal two bags..I'm nervous bout certain things for shipping that I would be like devastated if they got lost or UPS was too slow!
  11. Kim, For the Virgin Islands this is what it said bout shipping... Easy shipping is available through the U.S. Postal Service, Federal Express, DHL and United Parcel Service. We had to send down our contract for the reception and since its a US Terriotory u can just use normal US rates at the post office! So I'm hoping this will help us as well when we ship boxes down with flat rates? ~Tara
  12. OMGGGG they are stunning GORGEOUS perfectt just like how you looked!! I lovedd all the details..honestly incredible all the colors omgg..did you use islandbliss for your coordinator? wow you have a ton of amazing pictures! the water ones are unreal!! Congratss
  13. Hey girls! I'm getting married July 2012 but want to get cracking early. I am such an emotional eater so I'm nervous when the wedding gets closer I will just be pigging out! haha but I'm serious.Of course I too want to be in the best shape of my life...not only look amazing in my dress but the whole week in my bathing suit! I signed up for a 1/2 marathon this May 1st. I've been running about 3 miles a couple times a week and now my long runs on Saturdays. I haven't seen like anyyy results...I eat fairly healthy for years now..love fruits & veggies..I'm thinking I need to actually write down my calorie intake ya know? That I am hoping will help so I don't reach for the extra bite or piece. The weekends kill me like in social settings at friends houses and out. You girls have trouble with weekend eating too?
  14. Hey Flybird! The Marriott is very very particular and won't allow any outside vendors for like flowers, photography everything so I highly doubt you can hire an outside WC for your wedding there But I'm not sure cause I've never directly asked about it. I got them to allow me to bring my photographer on site which they never let but I was very persistent on this! So you never know! Let me know how it goes if you ask!! Thankks!
  15. Hey Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has been to St. Thomas in July? I know its suppose to be one of the hottest months there...we went last August and I was simply dyingg in the heat haha Not sure how I can avoid this and do lil things so I don't look and feel sweaty on my big day? Thanks!! Tara
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